Rawle Lucas

Rawle Lucas

Semantics or substance

More weight In reading about small business in Guyana and elsewhere, quite often one encounters the words “entrepreneurship” and “small business” used interchangeably.

The quiet retreat

Hive of Activity All eyes have been plastered on the behavior of gold over the last few years as the price of the commodity created enormous buzz and stirred many to invest in the industry in Guyana. 

The 2013 tax concessions

Sudden willingness Without getting into the merits or demerits of the case, it is reasonable to say that the 2013 Budget has an unusual orientation towards the individual taxpayer.

Small, but useful

Small Flame As Guyanese gradually settle into the New Year and the trading season for 2013 gets on the way, it is a good time to review the performance of the Guyana Stock Exchange (GSE) during 2012. 


LUCAS STOCK INDEXThe Lucas Stock Index (LSI) recorded a gain of 0.08 per cent in the final week of trading in the year 2012 to end with a period gain of 38.79 per cent.

The GRA and the Internet

Access updates The Guyana Revenue Authority employs the internet plentiful in its administration, management and enforcement of the revenue activities of the country. 

Defying Newton’s Law

Motion Sir Isaac Newton helped us to gain a better understanding of the world in which we live when he explained what happens to an object that was in motion. 

Corruption: a public-private partnership

Infamous Offenders Even as a reconfigured parliament begins the slow but necessary process of forcing changes to the bad management practices of the government and bringing increased accountability to the use of public funds, Guyanese must again endure the embarrassment of being among some of the worst perpetrators of corruption.