Rawle Lucas

Rawle Lucas

Confronting 2017

(Conclusion) Rice Last week’s article discussed the things necessary to achieve stability and durability in the national economy. 

Confronting 2017

Part 1

Focus and attention The national economy is usually divided up into four sectors, namely, agriculture, mining, manufacturing and services.

The 2017 budget

(Conclusion) Continued attention and support In last week’s article, I indicated the reason that low-income workers appeared unenthusiastic about the relief that the 2017 budget has brought them. 


Capital assets In less than one week, trading in the Guyana Stock Market will enter the final month of the year. 


Curiosity Prior to the appointment of members of the Public Pro-curement Commission (PPC)  this year, the question that comes to mind is what was the responsibility of Cabinet in the award of contracts over $15 million? 

A profile in spending (Part 1)

Most important drivers Guyanese households spend the most money in the economy with the result that their spending contributes the most to the gross domestic output (GDP) each year. 

Economic efficiency of government

Conclusion Labour productivity As noted in the first part of this article, six inputs based on physical units or items of expenditure were selected to form an opinion of the stewardship of the previous administration over the affairs of the nation. 

Technology and higher incomes

Complex technology When someone examines global trade statistics, one thing that jumps out at the reader is the difference in export revenues between primary commodities and manufactured goods.