Rawle Lucas

Rawle Lucas

The revenue challenge

(Conclusion) Properly and effectively In the second part of this article, this writer observed that revenue collection was not at its optimal position.

The revenue challenge Part II

Functions The tax structure is used to collect the revenues that the government utilizes in its programmes, and is a function of the historical experience of the country.

That ministerial salary increase

Public Outcry Ever since it was discovered that the new administration had increased the salaries of its ministers and parliamentarians, there has been a public outcry and groundswell of criticism for taking the action.

Stimulating the economy

Early concerns The early concerns that the Guyana economy has slowed down and that the growth for 2015 would at best be sluggish remain valid even after a round of salary increases.

Rethinking the public-private partnership model

Controversy The experience with the Berbice River Bridge and its relationship with the investment made by the government seem to make people leery about using the public-private partnership investment model in the construction of projects in the future.

The 2015 budget and the people of Guyana

Complicated In a process complicated by the prorogation of parliament and the holding of elections after the mandatory budget approval period had passed, the Granger administration had to put together a budget for 2015.

There are no free lunches

Submersible The change of government and the aggression shown by Venezuela towards Guyana have brought the PetroCaribe energy agreement into sharp focus.