Stock market updates

Notes 1 – Interim results 2 – Prospective EPS: earnings per share for 12 months period to the date the latest financials have been prepared.

Our farmers cry out “Help…Help…Help…”

Overview: The low coastal plain represents the main area agricultural activity in Guyana which lies 1.5m-1.0m below sea level and extends from Pointe Playa to the Corentyne River.

Guitar Rising is going places

Last week I had the immense pleasure of attending the Game Developers Conference held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

Compensation for logging transgressions allowable under the law …Forestry Commissioner

The monetary penalties imposed on a number of delinquent loggers by the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) are permissible under existing forestry legislation and fall within the regulations of the Commission and operators in the country’s forestry sector are well aware of those regulations, according to GFC Commissioner James Singh.

20 per cent of food importers evading safety, standards tests …Collins

An estimated twenty per cent of importers of foods into Guyana are in contravention of the law on account of their non-registration with the Government Analyst Food and Drug Department, a circumstance that raises concern that some of the country’s food imports may, through evasion of vital health and safety standards inspections, pose a threat to the health of consumers.

Digicel in the Caribbean for the “long haul” …Head of Marketing

Newly appointed Head of Digicel’s marketing operations in Guyana Donovan White has refuted what he described as suggestions that the company’s business interests in the region are short term and that it is simply seeking a “quick score.” “The level of commitment that we have made to the Caribbean and to the wider region is not indicative of that position.

Stock Market Update

Notes 1 – Interim results 2 – Prospective EPS: earnings per share for 12 months period to the date the latest financials have been prepared.

DIGICEL Mahdia cellular site launch steps up local telecommunications competition

Chief Executive Officer of DIGICEL’s Guyana operations Mark Linehan has told Stabroek Business that last Sunday’s launch of the company’s GSM cellular service at Mahdia reflects the company’s conviction that the creation of a competitive environment in the telecommunications sector offers more choice to Guyanese consumers while providing greater opportunity for the economic advancement of the country.


Long before the February 12 on-line issue of The Economist magazine reported on the Lusignan massacre of January 26, countries around the world would have already learnt by one means or another of the dastardly act.

GT&T/Government monopoly talks should be professional, cordial …Singh

The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company is expecting that the much-anticipated talks with the Government of Guyana which are expected to conclude with the termination of the monopoly which the company now holds in the local telecommunications sector will proceed in an atmosphere of professionalism and cordiality.

“For whom the bell tolls”

On Thursday January 31, I found myself in a business meeting in the United States trying to explain the events of the Lusignan horror.

THAG seeking strong Guyana representation at inaugural Caribbean tourism ‘summit’

The first ever Caribbean Tourism Summit scheduled to take place in Washington from June 21 – 25 offers an outstanding opportunity for Guyana to refine its understanding of the challenges and potential of the tourist industry and to revalue its approach to the development of the sector according to a senior tourism sector official.

My Business Perspective

Overview: In modern times, the only times Governments are involved in private sector operations and revenue generation, other than taxes, are in the few remaining socialist, communist, or dictatorial countries.

Loggers to mount legal challenge to Forestry Commission fines…Source

The $275m in fines imposed on several loggers by the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) for breaches of its regulations are yet to be paid and according to an informed source in the forestry sector the loggers are likely to move to the courts to challenge the fines.

All of our products are open to health and safety scrutiny …Ragaman distributor

The Managing Director of Top Brandz, one of the larger distributors of imported beverages and household items has told Stabroek Business that the company has no interest in distributing “questionable brands” or products that cannot withstand the scrutiny of whatever health and quality standards testing they are exposed to prior to distribution in Guyana.

Stock market updates

Notes 1 – Interim results 2 – Prospective EPS: earnings per share for 12 months period to the date the latest financials have been prepared.

The scrap metal industry

Following many months of complaints by the utility companies that thieves were raiding their installations and making off with quantities of metal, wreaking millions of dollars of damage in the process, the government finally decided in 2006 that it would move to bring the problem to an end.

Dealers association pressing for charges in latest scrap metal theft, smuggling cases

Faced with the imminent threat of closure of the scrap metal industry arising out of official charges that metal thieves are destroying millions of dollars worth of telecommunications, water and electricity infrastructure, the Guyana Scrap Metal Dealers Association (GSMDA) is claiming that its commitment to cooperating with the authorities to stamp out metal theft is being frustrated by the mixed signals being sent by the police in instituting charges against offenders..

Scrap dealers fear industry closure may be imminent

Scrap metal dealers have told Stabroek Business that they are now “gravely concerned” over the likely future of the industry in the face of “clear indications” that official moves may be afoot to discontinue the trade.


In the February 1 issue of the Stabroek Business we reported that Scotia Bank had recorded a record profit of $1.4 bn, for 2007 representing a 33 per cent increase over 2006.

Uncomfortably numb

This is the dark time, my love, All round the land brown beetles crawl about The shining sun is hidden in the sky Red flowers bend their heads in awful sorrow This is the dark time, my love, It is the season of oppression, dark metal, and tears.

Creeping chaos

Some months ago the City Engineer’s office expressed concern over the various transgressions of the building code arising out of the virtual transformation of the appearance of ‘commercial’ Georgetown.

vendors peeved over state intervention to lower rice prices

Even as consumers continue to agonize over the recent spate of increases in rice prices, retail vendors were this week bellyaching over official intervention to provide the commodity at a price below the current market price.

Telecoms monopoly talks to start Tuesday

President Bharrat Jagdeo recently informed the National Competitiveness Council (NCC) while chairing a meeting of that body that negotiations with the incumbent telecommunications operator, Guyana Telephone & Telegraph company, will be commencing on Tuesday.

art and craft production group using Carifesta X to pursue commercial take-off of ‘subsistence’ industry

A group of local art and craft producers set up to promote the local and international promotion of Guyana’s craft industry has disclosed that it will engage state agencies and the commercial banking sector with a view to securing financial support for creation of a sustainable arts and craft industry in Guyana Kulture Ambassadors – the leading promoters of Rastafarian art and craft in Guyana – is seeking to use the occasion of Carifesta X which will be held in Guyana in August to create “a permanent and viable craft industry on a sound business footing,” according to David Morrison (Ras Daweed) owner of the Kulture Embassz, a craft enterprise opened late last year in Kitty.

GTTA gets ITTF boost

The Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) has been approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) to receive a grant worth approximately US$7000.00, GTTA general secretary Godfrey Munroe said yesterday.

Prime Minister to commission GT&T’S multi million dollar Mahdia GSM service next Wednesday

The Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Company (GT&T) is citing the completion of its new multi-million dollar GSM cellular service facility at Mahdia as “another concrete example of the company’s commitment to providing easy and reliable communication services between coastal and interior Guyana.” On Wednesday January 30 Prime Minister Samuel Hinds will officiate at a ceremony to mark the commissioning of the new service the cost of which has been estimated at around US$250,000.