Arresting corruption in food safety system

The announcement last week that the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) had intercepted a boat containing cargo (foreign chicken and mosquito coils) seemingly intended for illegal placement on the local market, makes two points; first that the GRA, through its enforcement mechanisms, now appears more determined to thwart customs evasion by smugglers and to improve on the collection of such revenues as accrue to the state.

Yonette McPherson’s ‘Eat to Live’ Achars

UncappeD Marketplace

Yonette McPherson typifies the dogged determination of the thousands of Guyanese comprising the agro-processing community, whose pursuits are shaped, mostly, by a necessity to make a living that is both honest and adequate.

Guyana produces 80,000 tons of fruit annually

It was Guyana’s abundant supply of a range of tropical fruit and their value-added potential that largely influenced the decision by vintner, Warren Douglas to part company with the United States and return home.

Watermelon exporter aiming to reap benefits of NAREI research

At least thrice monthly, the local company, Biso Investments exports shipments of fresh fruit and vegetables, including pineapple, watermelon, ground provision, and pumpkin to Barbados under an arrangement with two supermarkets on the CARICOM island.

Paddy Prices

As a service to Guyana’s rice industry the Stabroek Business has agreed to publish,weekly, beginning with this issue, prices paid to farmers supplying paddy to Mills in the various regions of Guyana

Market prices

(Prepared by the Guyana Marketing Corporation and published by Stabroek Business as a public service) *Prices only represent the average Wholesale Farmgate and Retail Prices at the above mentioned markets and are NOT prices set by the Guyana Marketing Corporation or Ministry of Agriculture.

Kitco Market Data

Gold Prices for the three day period ending Thursday May 03, 2018 Kitco is a Canadian company that buys and sells precious metals such as gold, copper and silver.

The advent of Guyana Manganese Inc

With high unemployment – particularly in the non-coastal areas of Guyana being one of the national challenges which we have been unable to sufficiently roll back, news of the planned commencement of operations of Guyana Manganese In.

Guyana must take responsibility for loss of US catfish market – Business Minister

-says issue will be righted `within a few months’

Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin has conceded that Guyana must take full responsibility for the circumstances that led the country’s loss of its multi-million-dollar United States catfish market but says that government will work towards satisfying the conditionalities necessary for that market to be regained.

Essequibo tourism positioned for boost from Supenaam Waterfront Project

-hotels, resorts could ‘come alive’

Prospects for transforming Essequibo into a key tourist hub are likely to be significantly enhanced with the completion of the $89 million Supenaam Waterfront Development Project, the centerpiece of which is expected to be the remake of the existing stelling facility to house a range of modern conveniences.

When profits trump the health of a nation…

Lessons for Guyana from effects of fake food imports into Africa

Even as Guyana persists in what, over the years, has been a far from successful effort to stave off the proliferation of fake food imports resulting from illegal relabelling and transactions involving the lucrative importation of ‘cut price’ fake foods, mostly from parts of Asia, reports from Africa, particularly, suggest that others, as well, are paying a high price for their failure to fend off illegal fake food imports.

UncappeD marketplace all set for Sunday

-free participation for vendors in Providence Stadium event

Having seemingly set its sights firmly on creating an enhanced level of local market acceptance for the local manufacturing sector, the Guyana Manufacturing & Services Association (GMSA) was this week finalizing arrangements for the staging of UncappeD 11, the second of what is envisaged as a series of marketing initiatives aimed at popularizing locally manufactured products.

Times of Plenty

No matter how diligently we searched during our photographer’s visit to the Stabroek Market last week, we could find no evidence of any vegetable on sale at a unit price of above $100.00.

GMC initiative pushing local cereals, porridge preparations

With the country’s major food outlets now – perhaps more than ever before – swamped with an overabundance of regional and extra-regional cereals and porridge preparations, the Ministry of Agriculture says that the Guyana Marketing Corporation’s Robb and Alexander streets Guyana Shop is being pressed into service in an effort to accelerate the popularization of similar local foods.

Creating a secured transactions regime

Ministry of Business Column

The   Government   of   Guyana   is   currently   working   to   develop   a Secured   Transaction    Framework (STF) to enhance the credit environment in Guyana.

Kitco Market Data

Gold Prices for the three-day period ending Thursday April 26, 2018 Kitco is a Canadian company that buys and sells precious metals such as gold, copper and silver.