Contemplating the region’s coconut sector

Driven by a health and wellness trend, the global demand for fresh coconuts, coconut-based products and value-added products are at an all-time high and is projected  to  continue to grow exponentially.

More oil, more optimism?

Ten strikes and counting…

With last week’s disclosure by ExonMobil of a tenth oil find offshore Guyana since May 2015, international investor interest in the country as potentially the next ‘high flier’ in the global oil and gas industry persists.

Market prices

(Prepared by the Guyana Marketing Corporation and published by Stabroek Business as a public service) The New Guyana Marketing Corporation has agreed to provide us with the above information which we will publish on a weekly basis subject to receipt.

Oil and gas, aviation sectors to be ‘inducted’ into workplace safety alliance – Scott

-Lewis takes Minister to task on workers’ rights issues

The oil and gas and aviation sectors are to be included in an “alliance” created by the Ministry of Social Protection in an effort to curb the incidence of accidents in the various sectors, Minister in the Ministry of Social Protection Keith Scott told the National Assembly in his post-budget presentation earlier this week.

Guyanese cuisine and the essence of Restaurant Week

These days, you get the feeling that an increasing number of Guyanese are prepared to ‘shell out’ good money to ‘eat out,’ if the menu is reflective of the best of the Guyanese cuisine culture.

Willing the season to come

Seasonal Notes

By Tuesday of this week the evidence on downtown Regent Street pointed to the non-arrival, up until now of what we in Guyana describe as the Christmas spirit.’ Part of it  is usually manifested in the jousting for space on the pavement between shoppers and vendors, each group animated in their separate preoccupations – .with shopping and vending, respectfully.

Kitco Market Data

Gold Prices for the three day period ending Thursday December 6, 2018 Kitco is a Canadian company that buys and sells precious metals such as gold, copper and silver.

Small Business Bureau tagged for key role in 2019 budget

With the provisions of the 2019 budget  pointing in the direction of a major focus on small business development in the new year, government appears to have handed the Small Business Bureau (SBB) a major role in positioning the sector as a factor in ensuring economic growth and employment generation in the new year.

The Department of Labour’s safety and health ‘alliance’

Taken at surface level Minister Keith Scott’s disclosure in his post-budget presentation in the National Assembly earlier this week regarding the creation of an “alliance” designed to help curb the incidence of workplace accidents in the various high risk sectors is an interesting one particularly since, outside of mining and the traditional areas where workplace accidents occur with some regularity, the Minister has also based on his presentation in the National Assembly embraced the oil and gas and aviation sectors, which, going forward will assume an increasing prominence in the country’s economy, as part of the alliance.

Stock market updates

GASCI ( Nº 223-6175/6) reports that session 802’s trading results showed consideration of $30,282,757 from 403,961 shares traded in 14 transactions as compared to session 801’s trading results which showed consideration of $7,612,693 from 82,031 shares traded in 11 transactions.

Budget signals focus on more robust agricultural sector

As ‘first oil’ draws closer…

Seemingly seeking to heed  the persistent warning that Guyana should not allow the advent of oil and gas to result in a neglect, or worse, a wholescale abandonment of those sectors that have historically sustained the country’s economy, the APNU+AFC coalition administration this week used the presentation of its budgetary proposals for 2019 to set out plans for what it says is “production, transformation and agricultural transformation” which, it is envisaged, will coexist with the historic move with the recovery of ‘first oil’ in 2020.

The Balance: Waiter service aiming to add elegance to seasonal revelry

Two close school friends who first met each other in First Form at Charlestown Secondary School have not only retained their friendship through their teen-age years and into adulthood but have now pooled their resources and their talents to create a business for themselves and jobs for other young people through The Balance, a professional waiter service that appears destined to make a mark in one of the country’s fast-emerging sectors.

Nand Persaud & Company taking rice industry’s challenges in its stride

-as it embarks on new market-seeking ventures

For all its challenges associated with weak infrastructure, high investment costs, unfavourable weather and an unpredictable global market, Chief Executive Officer of one of Guyana’s most successful investors in the sector, Nand Persaud and Company, Rajindra Persaud firmly believes that over the long haul the rice industry has been a stayer, a success and that it has proven itself to be very much the front runner in the country’s still highly valued agricultural sector.

The 2019 Budget: Implementing undertakings

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As has been pointed out in our lead story on government’s proposals for the agricultural sector in 2019, there appears to be a deliberate effort to send a message in the 2019 budget proposals that approaching ‘first oil’ will not have the effect of placing agriculture, a sector that has, historically, served the nation well, on the back burner.

Eighty-four thousand empty hotel rooms nightly hurting tourism sector – CHTA Director General

If the Caribbean is truly keen on significantly increasing its earnings from the region’s tourism sector one way of doing so is through the launch of an aggressive marketing initiative that targets the filling of its thousands of hotel rooms that remain vacant every night, Chief Executive Officer and Director General of the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA) Frank Comito says.

Gold prices

Kitco Market Data Gold Prices for the three-day period ending Thursday November 29, 2018

The 20% state contract allocation for small businesses should be in place now

Two years ago, almost to the day, Finance Minister Winston Jordan told Guyanese in his 2017 budget presentation that it was the intention of the Government to preside over the full and effective implementation  of the provision in the Small Business Act allowing for small businesses to have access to 20% of state contracts which are within their competence to execute.  

Kitco Market Data

Gold Prices for the three day period ending Thursday November 22, 2018

GASCI Market Journal

GASCI ( Nº 223-6175/6) reports that session 800’s trading results showed consideration of $49,095,166 from 661,171 shares traded in 16 transactions as compared to session 799’s trading results which showed consideration of $81,667,314 from 330,248 shares traded in 9 transactions.

Stock Market Updates

Stock Market Updates  GASCI ( Nº 223-6175/6) reports that session 798’s trading results showed consideration of $22,450,430 from 305,719 shares traded in 8 transactions as compared to session 797’s trading results which showed consideration of $14,492,957 from 212,184 shares traded in 19 transactions.

UG’s “purpose built” Institute of Food and Nutrition Security offering degree from January

Next year’s formal commencement of tuition by the University of Guyana’s Institute of Food and Nutrition Security (IFANS) is inextricably linked to his administration’s objective of fashioning a university that is directly responsive to the developmental needs of the country, University of Guyana Vice Chancellor, Professor Ivelaw Griffith has told the Stabroek Business.

UMAMI raising the bar in agro-processing

-upgraded factory operations targeting expanded overseas market

At thirty six Chris Persaud could easily be mistaken for a laid back, carefree post-graduate hopeful with a host of ideas and a dream of one day taking a tailor-made place within a niche suited to his talents…………except that Chris may have already found his niche in business  through a company which he built from ground up and which in a few short years has moved quietly close to the very top of Guyana’s agro-processing sector.

ExxonMobil hunting next Guyana ‘find’ in Africa

Having realized nine oil finds offshore Guyana since 2015, oil and gas reported on Wednesday that the global oil giant ExxonMobil is eyeing western and southern Africa as potential locations for a comparable oil bonanza.  

Puerto Rico’s revised fiscal plan approved over government opposition

SAN JUAN,  (Reuters) – Puerto Rico’s federally appointed financial oversight board on Tuesday unanimously approved a revised fiscal reform plan meant to put the bankrupt island on a path toward solvency, but faced opposition from its elected government for being too strict.