GT&t’s cable theft losses could be as high as $20M for 2007 – Parker

Five recent incidents of theft of cable from Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) ‘land line’ installations in sections of the city would appear to signal the return of the ‘bad old days’ of 2006 when persistent theft of the company’s copper-based cable sparked tough official measures against the country’s scrap metal industry.

GFC testing 15 lesser-used woods

The Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) is testing 15 varieties of lesser-used wood species to identify the criteria for their processing and marketing to reduce stakeholders’ demand for the popular ones.

No plans to ban importation of energy drinks

An Official of the Government Food and Drug Analyst Department has told Stabroek Business that the department has no intention of moving in the direction of issuing a ban order on several imported energy drinks which it says are potentially injurious to human health.

New multi million dollar pizza outlet awaiting CHPA building renovation approval

Work could commence shortly on the renovation of a city building earmarked to accommodate a new multi million dollar pizza outlet which is to be established at a cost of between $60m and $90m.The building, situated south of Church’s Chicken at the corners of Camp and Middle streets has been awaiting the approval of the Mayor and City Council and the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) ever since separate applications were sent to the two entities in June this year.

Street vendors

With less than two weeks remaining before Christmas the perennial army of street vendors seeking to ‘cash in’ on the seasonal demand has ignored the tough line taken by the city police for more than a year now and have returned to the streets in force.

Seasonal amnesty?

Whether the Georgetown City Council has simply been ‘worn down’ by the sheer persistence of street vendors or whether the Council has decided to embrace the spirit of Christmas and grant the vendors a seasonal ‘amnesty,’ street and pavement vending has returned to the capital with a vengeance.

Business Perspective

For most businesses seeing this title, they would most likely say it doesn’t apply.

Georgetown Chamber of Commerce Column

At home the astute businessman gets ready to leave for the store. He locks the front door and enters his garage parked car, turning off the electronic alarm of the vehicle and drives out the open door – he had taken the time yesterday to park the car with the front facing outward to allow for such ease of safe exit.

Stock market updates

Notes 1 – Interim results 2 – Prospective EPS: earnings per share for 12 months period to the date the latest financials have been prepared.

Roraima celebrates fifteenth anniversary

The Roraima Group of Companies is to establish a new boutique hotel at Timehri as part of what the Company’s Managing Director Captain Gerry Gouveia says is a move “to further commit Roraima to Guyana’s travel and tourism industry.” “Our services to Suriname and Venezuela will require Roraima Airways to use the Cheddi Jagan International Airport as a transit point for people travelling to the Caribbean and North America.

Easing the VAT squeeze

Towards the end of 2006 as public debate raged over the imminent implementation of the Value Added Tax President Jagdeo declared that government would be seeking toke measures to cushion any ensuing rise in the cost if living particularly in terms of its impact on the economically disadvantaged section of the population.