Syndicates awaiting official ‘green light’ on land for gold mining

Local gold mining syndicates are awaiting a commitment in writing from Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman which an official of the umbrella body administering the affairs of syndicates says should kick start operations by the groups comprising hundreds of small miners.

Value-added processing plant to be mooted at Gov’t/manufacturers roundtable

A joint public/private sector initiative to realize the setting up of a multi-purpose agro-processing plant in Guyana will be high on the agenda of the second Inter Ministerial Roundtable discourses between government and the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA), Stabroek Business has been informed.

Prospects for the industry going forward

Beyond Guyana’s first ever coconut festival…

By Raymond F. Trotz ITC Liaison, Guyana: Coconut Industry Development for the Caribbean (CIDC)   It has been almost a year since the staging of Guyana’s first Coconut Festival and there have been many queries on its outcome and possible repetition.

Students for mining, oil and gas orientation programme

At least thirty young Guyanese from various local communities will shortly be experiencing a novel learning opportunity designed to equip them with skills that will open up possible employment opportunities in the country’s mining and oil and gas sectors.

T&T financial sector pushing accelerated diversification from oil and gas

-Gaskin supports Guyana following suit

Even as Guyana becomes increasingly preoccupied with the 2020 timetable for the commencement of oil and gas recovery, the ongoing efforts of Trinidad and Tobago to diversify its economy away from the fossil fuel ought to be an object lesson for the new kid on the block as far as the fossil fuel sector is concerned.

Stock market updates

GASCI ( Nº 223-6175/6) reports that session 739’s trading results showed consideration of $1,807,000 from 51,200 shares traded in 5 transactions as compared to session 738’s trading results, which showed consideration of $345,800 from 12,700 shares traded in 2 transactions. 

Guyana Marketing Corporation

(Prepared by the Guyana Marketing Corporation and published by Stabroek Business as a public service) *Prices only represent the average Wholesale Farmgate and Retail Prices at the above mentioned markets and are NOT prices set by the Guyana Marketing Corporation or Ministry of Agriculture.

STEM GUYANA launching competitive league for schools, groups

STEM Guyana, the local science and technology body which, earlier this year coached a rookie Guyana team to a creditable and entirely unexpected tenth place finish at the first ever Global Robotics Competition in Washington, DC has announced that it will shortly be launching three Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Leagues in Guyana.

Gold mining syndicates

Arising out of an aggressive lobby by small miners some of whom complained of being hostage to a regime of exploitative landlordism under which they were compelled to mine gold on lands controlled by the ‘big players’, we have witnessed, recently, the emergence of Mining Syndicates, essentially cooperatives that bring together groups of small miners to ‘work’ areas of land allocated to them by the Guyana Geology & Mines Commission.

Manufacturers, gov’t teaming to stage Agro Processors Festival

Guyanese flavour uncapped!

-GuyExpo not on this year The Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) is teaming with government in the latest high-profile initiative designed to invigorate demand for locally produced agro-processed goods, much of which have continued to play second fiddle to imported products on local supermarket shelves, various previous initiatives to boost demand, notwithstanding.

Small Business Bureau still to produce comprehensive report on stewardship

Almost four years after launch...

Almost four years after the then President of Guyana, Donald Ramotar, launched the Small Business Bureau at the International Convention Centre in October 2013, the state-run small business support agency is yet to place a comprehensive report on its stewardship.

NAREI backing sweet potato chips project

Rayburn Jones is one of a community of farmers plying their trade at Mocha on the East Bank of Demerara without the sort of high-profile publicity usually associated with farming in some of Guyana’s more prominent agricultural communities.

Designer lauds encounters with Italian fashion industry at CARIFESTA

Artist and craftswoman Carol Fraser believes that one of the more meaningful developments to come out of CARIFESTA X111 for the creative industries was the encounter between nine regional fashion designers and experts from the globally recognized Italian fashion industry, not least, the fashion workshops, fashion shows and business meetings that resulted from the encounter.

Island Style re-launching tomorrow

Chilean, Italian wines to complement Caribbean cuisine

With Guyanese, as much as representatives of the international community living and working here, clamouring for more variety in the range of entertainment offered in Georgetown and its environs, what, up until today is the Island Style Café and Juice Bar will, after a rebranding ceremony tomorrow, become the Island Style Café and Wine Bar.

Local, Trini trainers offering gourmet baking courses

  The Institute of Engineering Geophysics and Offshore Development Services and the Central School of Culinary Arts, Guyana, is a collaborative business initiative that combines the specialist skills and talents of John and Angela Applewhite-Hercules, a Guyanese couple with an ambition to grow and to give.

Gouveia criticises grounding of shuttles

In the wake of three recent interior air mishaps…

-cites plethora of weaknesses in aviation regime The decision by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority to effect a temporary suspension of interior shuttles following three recent aircraft accidents, the first and the last of which took the lives of the pilots, has elicited a strong response from one of the country’s most experienced pilots who is advocating that an improved safety regime in the domestic aviation sector depends largely on upgrading facilities and raising standards.