First Published February 9, 1992

New TV operator calls for co-operation

MANAGER of the Little Rock TV Communica­tions and Hotel proprietor Rockcliffe Christie is calling for a working relationship among TV Communica­tions operators in Guyana for the benefit of all Guyanese.

First Published February 8, 1989

Electricity Crisis Triggers...

Panic Buying AS THE country prepares for a possible total shutdown of electricity, there have been reports of abnormal purchasing of food supplies.

First Published February 7, 1990

The Small Businessman

Collin Sells Here and Abroad PAINSTAKING, dis­gusting at times is the art. Collin Maloney makes and sells finished products made of Tibisiri, Mockru, Cooper and Nibbi materials on the western side of the Water Street pave in front of the National Bank of Industry and Commerce (NBIC).

Date First Published February 6, 1987

Stabroek Exclusive.., Gregory Smith Talks With Sharief Khan How Did Rodney Die? THE June 13, 1980 car bomb-blast death of well-known politician and historian Dr.

First Published February 5,1991

The Small Businessman

Doodnauth aims to be major furniture manufacturer Many youngsters nowadays are opting out of well paid jobs in the public and private sectors and opening small businesses where they can be self-employed and at the same time earn a decent living.

Date First Published February, 4, 1969

Page One Comment THE country faces a national disaster. A complete shut­down of the electri­city supply which seems fated to hap­pen, is hardly con­ceivable in the mod­ern world.

Date First Published February, 3, 1988

Sydney Gonsalves – Guyana’s Memory Man By MARGARET KENDALL SYDNEY Holbert Gonsalves, also known as the ‘Memory Man,’ is something of a legend in Guyana.

Date first published January, 31, 1990

Mohan Favours Durability Over Style The Small Businessman “I HAVE been a carpenter/joiner for 24 years and my advice to customers is not to sac­rifice durability for style,” Mohan says.

First Published January 30, 1987

Missing Tables

By SHARIEF KHAN MYSTERY stalked the Parliament chambers last week Tuesday and walked arm in arm with fashion as the House was thrown into confusion over a case of some missing documents.

Date First Published January. 29. 1991

ATN closes deal Improvements likely in two months By Sharief Khan AFTER several postponments, the US Virgin Islands-based ATN telephone company yesterday closed the deal to immediately take over the running of the local telecommunications network.

First Published January 28, 1989

A Dangerous Crossing

Urgent Need for Life jackets PASSENGERS making the Parika-Supenaam river crossing in motor boats, have accused operators of endangering their lives because of overloading, lack of life jackets and reckless sailing.

Date first published, January 27, 1988

New Skipper Full Of Confidence… We’ll Retain Championship JERRY ANGUS was born at Belladrum on the West Coast of Berbice on May 12, 1960 and although he may have harboured dreams of making it to the top, he could have never guessed that he would have done so in this manner.

Date first published, January 26, 1992

Mayor plans shopping mall for Bourda Green CITY Mayor Compton Young says he plans to set up a two-storey shopping mall on Bourda Green, which will in­clude a bank, cinema and two restaurants.

Date first published January 25, 1989

Conditions worsen at UG UNIVERSITY of Guyana Vice-Chancel­lor Dr. George Walcott said yesterday the in­stitution has been forc­ed to use its own money to speed-up re­habilitation work on the campus, following delays in the Inter-American Development Bank rehabilitation pro­gramme.

Date first published, January 24, 1990

Bicycles May Arrive From February TWENTY thousand ladies and gents bicycles are expected here within the next five months, providing relief for Guyana’s existing transportation difficulties.

Date First Published January, 21, 1989

Stamp Out Corruption at Municipality – Green By Larry Jaskaran PRIME MINISTER Hamilton Green this week dealt with corrupt practises, constancy and priorities at the City Council when he delivered the main address at the conference of em­ployees of the Muni­cipality of George­town.

Date First Published January, 20, 1988

Fire Equipment Below Efficiency – Loncke THERE ARE fourteen operational fire-fighting vehicles in Guyana, accord­ing to Chief Fire Officer Mr.

Date First Published January, 19, 1992

PPP denies receiving KGB funds THE opposition PPP is denying claims by the PNC that it had been funded by the former Soviet KGB while in power in the early 1960s and is challeng­ing the ruling party to prove “its false allega­tion”.

Date First Published January 17, 1990

Deputy Mayor Warns Of Noise Nuisance Danger To City THE noise nuis­ance in and around the city, described by Deputy Mayor, Herbert Harper, as an annoyance, is to get the ‘Number Two Citizen’s’ spec­ial attention.

First published January 16, 1987

Spare Engine For TU154M Coming From Cuba (By Bert Wilkinson) JOLTED by a re­cent top manage­ment shake-up and problems with its only jet aircraft, the State-owned Guy­ana Airways has said that it is moving to have its TU-154M aircraft back in ser­vice at the end of the week or early in the next.