The economic discontents of the masses

Development Watch News coming out of Guyana over the past two and a half years point out that money is not being circulated, the expression often used by the man and woman on the street to describe their economic feelings.

The proposed Public Service Staff College: Shaping a Developmental State?

Recently the Stabroek News (Feb 28, 2016) reported President Granger saying: “I have no interest in having an unprofessional Public Service… I also said that I did not just want an efficient public service but an ‘unbribable’ public service; professional people, people who can do their trade and people who are prepared to do their jobs without fear or favour.” It is good to hear a Guyanese Head of State finally making such a comment.

The cycle, the trend and Budget 2016…and beyond Part 2

Part 2   The previous column argues that old-fashioned textbook Keynesian macroeconomics, in terms of budget stimulus, will not be very effective in a country like Guyana that exports most of what it produces and imports a large percentage of what it consumes.