The perils of the third party

Since independence several third or independent parties – UF, WPA, ROAR, GAP/ROAR and AFC – have won enough votes to have seats in Parliament, but none was able to win the election outright.

Saving Guysuco

The purpose of this column is to propose a non-exhaustive list of possible solutions for the crisis facing the sugar industry, a crisis mainly brought about by several political decisions over the years.

Some Recent Trends in the FX Market

Introduction Foreign exchange (FX) markets in the emerging market economies are under pressure as economic growth in China slows and the Federal Reserve scales back asset purchases (takes liquidity out of the economy).

Corruption perceptions in Guyana

Development Watch – Tarron Khemraj Each year Guyana’s position in the world is made known by indices and data put together by global organizations such as the IMF, World Bank, Transparency International, The Economist Intelligence Unit, United Nations and others.

The Private Sector and National Unity

Introduction Many tend to believe, including yours truly, that if we can just chart a new constitution to promote some form of power sharing, establish the Public Procurement Commission, re-establish the Ombudsman, and similar good institutions the country could be on the path of economic certainty and national unity.

Money, Inflation and Conflict

Introduction Recently the Bank of Guyana introduced a $5000 dollar note. Some see this as the result of inflation, while others see the move causing inflation.

On the Sustainability of Guyana’s Debt

Development Watch

Introduction A controversy has emerged on whether Guyana’s external debt is sustainable. I would therefore suspend my “Politics and Guyana’s Underdevelopment” series and give a few thoughts on the Guyana external debt.

Politics and Guyana’s Underdevelopment

Development Watch

– Part 1 Introduction The previous Development Watch column (SN Jan 9, 2013) presented the idea that voters from one ethnic group face a great uncertainty problem as to how the voters of the other ethnic group will vote.