Guyanese Culture in a Globalised World

-Black History, African Heritage

The Ministry of Culture has attempted to make good on its pledge to “widen the menu of activities” that it was sponsoring or endorsing as part of its official Republic Anniversary programme this year.

Do you relate to Mashramani?

On Judging Creativity

I’d guess that, at the minimum, half of our population is aware of the origins and reasons for the annual festival that is Mashramani.

Protect the People’s Money

Frankly Speaking

Don’t  Plunder the Public Purse Today’s offering, in one sense, may be considered as a tribute, of sorts, to the Kaieteur News, the other acknowledged private “independent” newspaper in this country.

Nyron at nineteen

And Photos On Phones. Why?

After proudly chalking up eighteen (18) years of this column, non-stop, last Friday, I’m taking one of those “time-outs” to be most brief today.

My Favourite Moral Dilemma

Frankly Speaking

And Purely Personal, After 18 years Ironically, I’ll understand if readers turn to something else after just a minute or two of glancing at this.

Frankly Speaking

Assessing your nominees and candidates

This is, or should be, serious business.  I mean choosing a candidate; then ultimately, voting for a party’s ‘Head of List’ who may end up as Guyana’s president.

Elections (mischief) cometh

Frankly Speaking

-Some response from GAWU Because I agree with Eric Phillips – ACDA official, one-time consultant in South Africa (How did that go?), Pan Africanist, ABC Founder, White House scholar – I quote him: “It is that time of pre-elections realities when the true feelings

The garbage of life

- the President and GAWU

I give thanks for being allowed to be alive with you in these first weeks of a new calendar year 2011, according to how we in this portion of the planet keep count of time.

Still a Guyana to love

Frankly Speaking By A A Fenty

– our president, my prognostications I suppose this will forever be my own patriotic position: The land of my birth, where I’ve decided to live all my years (left) – Guyana – will always be a land to love – despite… Despite and notwithstanding the bungling by its political managers which threaten to reduce it (further) to a socioeconomic mess and into an untidy, health-challenged home and even though I harbor strong doubts about them … about us … from time to time, I can’t see our Guyanese people allowing any professional political pretenders

Don’t die for Christmas

Frankly Speaking

-Sealandia’s Pots and Kettles Again eschewing the more profound, the cerebral and analytical, I caution instead those citizens willing to be reasonable, or conservative, for this “Season”.

What are we to believe (Ian)?

Frankly Speaking

-A white Christmas – Forever? -Oh, Thanks President Santa…Perhaps I can justify using this “season” of a rather universal virtually-invasive Christian celebratory festival, to cogitate upon Ian Mc Donald’s last Sunday Stabroek column.

Working-class Christmas gifts

-My government can respond, I’m sure My “working-class” here refers to the thousands of Guyanese actually holding down some type of employment in the country’s public or private sector.

Frankly Speaking…Domestic Violence, what Church?

-Bishop “Brev” – and a cane-cutter’s thoughts The primary objective herein today is to express my conditional support for the latest governmental initiative to confront, lessen or eliminate gender-based abuse, domestic violence.

Frankly Speaking…From the boardroom to Basdeo’s bedroom

-85,000 Hindus, Christians for Mash 2011 Just last Friday I had opined that the typical working-class Guyanese citizen cares little about (macro) economic issues or the more sophisticated even if necessary, questions of fiscal management – or our foreign policy.

Frankly Speaking…Victoria, Crane, Wismar, Lusignan need help too 2

Oh dear, here I go breaking and breaching my own self-imposed rule: “try not to join in offering  comments on current robust issues and controversies which are attracting the daily attention of those much more analytical, erudite and intellectual than I can ever hope to be, or become”.