Working-class Christmas gifts

-My government can respond, I’m sure My “working-class” here refers to the thousands of Guyanese actually holding down some type of employment in the country’s public or private sector.

Frankly Speaking…Domestic Violence, what Church?

-Bishop “Brev” – and a cane-cutter’s thoughts The primary objective herein today is to express my conditional support for the latest governmental initiative to confront, lessen or eliminate gender-based abuse, domestic violence.

Frankly Speaking…From the boardroom to Basdeo’s bedroom

-85,000 Hindus, Christians for Mash 2011 Just last Friday I had opined that the typical working-class Guyanese citizen cares little about (macro) economic issues or the more sophisticated even if necessary, questions of fiscal management – or our foreign policy.

Frankly Speaking…Victoria, Crane, Wismar, Lusignan need help too

Oh dear, here I go breaking and breaching my own self-imposed rule: “try not to join in offering  comments on current robust issues and controversies which are attracting the daily attention of those much more analytical, erudite and intellectual than I can ever hope to be, or become”.