Mary and Mothers, Virgin or Not

Loving our soldiers, cooks and cleaners...Wake up the pepperpot! C.S.O.’s

I’ve never been persuaded to become a resolute believer or activist in any religion although, from childhood, my roots were decidedly Christian.

Christmas: A lovely welcome lie?

Towards a cleaner New York?

Even though I’m edging towards seventy it cannot be “old age” that is responsible for my increasing intolerance or cynicism with respect to the once–beautiful festival of Christmas.

Violating the Environment

Sir-Lessons, Miss-Lessons

Crimes against cleanliness. Crimes against the environment. Beginning in 2004, those were captions I used to show off my grasp of the challenges and possibilities with respect to the daily, necessary and vital issue of solid waste management.

A visa, a coffin before twenty-five

Not “compromise”, the constitution!

Businessmen-cops, the “lessons industry” Except for the comments on the Procurement Commission, I’m again wearily exploring that which has attracted repeated commentaries and analyses elsewhere.

A.A. Fenty ‘speaks’ with President Ramotar

-Different Caribbean persons

The conversational encounter described hereunder is very much taken from my imagination.  The “interview” is probably merely a wish; just hypothetical. 

Christianity’s Origin, Caucasian Church?

-Not on our People’s T.V?

Today I again side-step the usual, high-profile “issues of national significance”.  Other commentators, including those professional letter-writers who command hundreds of column inches daily, are attending to those “issues”.

Jessica, Priya: Two Sunday Letters

-Organising, Empowering Civil Society

Frankly Speaking a few folks would most likely, berate me for daring to juxtapose the illustrious Jessica Huntley’s name in the same (literary) vicinity next to Priya Manickchand’s.

The FOI: Our right to know

-R. Kelly: The Blitz, The Payments

Frankly Speaking, it is no longer surprising to me that certain issues of national significance keep repeating themselves as the years roll by.

On Guns, Jail and Punishment

Respect due?

Pity that in Guyana – and the world – of today, the issues as reflected in my lead caption attract national attention to the extent that they impact on the quality of citizens’ lives in terms of security and comfort.

‘Sovereignty belongs to the people’, says who?

Is Mr Bharrat Jagdeo wealthy?

Those readers interested in this column would no recall that some six months (25 Fridays) ago, I penned a piece captioned ‘Inclusionary Democracy My Eye!’ I discussed the intent of the much-touted Article 13 of the Constitution of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana.

Admired and accepted, but corrupt and crooked

- Sparrow – and heroes recognition day

Today is preachy-sermon day. This brief is another perspective on my well-worn theme of the new morality/abandonment of acceptable, old-fashioned values and virtues.

Mr Granger’s youth lament

Citizenship—A Guyanese Trinidadian

Academic, Historian, Ideologue/Military Officer.  Now Leader of the People’s National Congress and Leader of the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – and Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition. 

Whither Black Business?

Please answer Ram, Mr Brassington

I concede, I confess, I admit: it is, perhaps, the third time in eighteen years that I’ve employed today’s caption to explore, most briefly, a favourite provocative theme of mine.

Some hoped-for Emancipation projects

-Creole Cheddi-beyond August

At the very real risk of upsetting my friends at ACDA – the African Cultural and Development Association – and other Afrocentric activists – (they could let me know that it’s none of my business”) – I, never-the-less, repeat some of my strongly-held Emancipation-Month views.

On Speakers – and falls

-Some August-month Ramblings

With respect, I repeat my own view that the typical working-class citizen of this big beautiful, but blighted land makes little time to consider the role of the National Assembly and its chairpersons, described as speakers.

Producing corrupt generation?

- August – time trivia

Senior–Citizen moralistic lamentations again? I suppose so. But if I influence only one reader, I would sleep well.

Emancipation? “You went to school in August?”

Those “Hospitals”

A reflective Emancipation weekend to all.  The point has been pounded recently: that the physical, legal freeing of the BG Colony’s slaves necessitated the arrival of all the other immigrant–labourers here. 

The Opposition as “Government”

- Guyanese Remittances: Be Not Ashamed

“The Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) team met with a group from A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC) in what will be interpreted as a growing recognition in the international community that the Opposition is in charge of the legislature.

The world’s Mandela, our constitution

-Retirement? In Guyana?

If I’m accused of journalistic laziness today, I’ll plead guilty. That’s because in recognizing yesterday’s birth anniversary of Nelson Mandela, one of the world’s foremost international Statesmen, I shall record what anyone can glean from Internet sources.

June: From Wedding to Marriage

-Annihilating mankind, managing garbage

Escapist again? Guilty!  As death by murder and mis-adventures stalk our newspapers’ front pages and as numerous commentators and columnists contend with our politics and governance in daily robust manner, I tire of such issues.

The Americans, the brigadier and the brigands

-The necessary big brother, U.S.A

As a citizen of this sorry Republic, formerly somewhat “political” and still with a lively interest in its survival, I am given to wondering: of what significance is Guyana to the U.S.A.

On Martyrs and Fathers

Our Parliament, Our Paralysis

Here I go again with my now annual lamentation and enquiry. On Sunday 16th we here get a “package of observances – one strictly local, one more universal.

My Big, Beautiful, Blighted Republic

Race- and Kissoon’s 17 questions

Quite frequently over the past decade, I have voiced, in print and on television, the habit of describing my Native Land Guyana, as “This Big, Beautiful, Blighted Land”.

Reporting the News. News?

- Our Holidays, Observances. Their Politics.

The lead issue today resides in the fact that I notice this newspaper advertising its vacancies for “Reporters” and the various reports in the dailies this past Monday regarding the fatal shooting on Orange Walk in Georgetown.

An Independence Report-Card: Regrettable?

Guyanese in the Caribbean

“… on and after 26th May 1966 … her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom shall have no responsibility for the government of the territory which, immediately before that day, constitutes the colony of British Guiana which, on and after that day, is to be called Guyana”.

Institutional respect, power and greed

Radio – then and now

It was on Sunday of this week, during a nine-hour blackout, that I persevered with the notes of this (type of) Frankly Speaking mini-lecture you’re reading here.

May Day musings, 2013

- Chronic greed? Farewell Neville

In five days’ time it will be the first of May – May Day, Workers Day, take your pick.

Bullets to the head and heart

National Radio – then and now

Oh dear me… It’s not only because Guyana’s four major newspapers now feature about a “hundred” columnists, analysts and commentators that makes me unsure, intimidated sometimes, of what new issue to confront.

The right to change one’s mind –and party

Public Service, Personalised Farewells

I suppose that, sub-consciously, it is one of my pastimes: paying attention to the criticisms by individuals and groups against their former colleagues and organisations.

National Security Strategy vs Personal Safety

Again: Stealing, Survival as Protest

I suppose that my journalistic superiors and senior political columnists (and “satirists”) will point out that the concepts or issues indicated in my caption need no “versus”. 

Young Jagdeo’s Vision? Mission Statement?

And Doses of Incestuous Nepotism

A Really Good Friday as Prophesied At my age and stage I have little enthusiasm to vilify, demonise and condemn senior public figures in our Big Beautiful Blight of a society.

Nigel’s constitution on this Women’s Day

-Parbattie and Pan

It’s the Attorney/Politician Nigel Hughes I mean.  And the Constitution in question here is the Constitution of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana (1980, with Amendments to 12th August 2003) which governs the national, even personal, lives of Mr Nigel and all citizens of the forty-three-year old Republic.

Kofi, Jefferson, Lincoln – And Liberty

Frankly Speaking.

Do you realize that it was a mere thirteen years after 1763 that the American colonists, (rather “rebelliously”), declared their break-away and independence from Britain?.

My Mashramani Moments

-Rebellions and Republicanism – Whatever?

A name sake, Allan, as in Allan Fiedkou contributed, for the consideration of Linden’s Jaycees, the description Mashramani, when that organization wanted an appropriate name for their series of events to usher in Guyana’s Republican status in February of 1970.

The American D.E.A. in Guyana

Frankly Speaking

-A Meeting of Bernie’s Bandits Ordinary, working-class, proletarian, salt-of–the-earth Guyanese citizens often miss media reports of some significant events taking place here.

African Heritage, Rampant Indianisation?

Frankly Speaking

Exploring “Transactional” Sex Recall that last Friday I tickled Afro-centric representative organizations and other leaders of the “black” Afro- Guyanese community to reveal whether they are bothering with the traditional February–Black History/African Heritage Month observance.

For Want of (Good) Prosecution

Frankly Speaking

-Fighting Crime: Some Simple Steps On Wednesday morning I decided that I would use this theme (above) to, lazily but appropriately repeat some views.

Jesus’ working-class parents

In 2013, Hug your woman, hide your ego

– In 2013, Hug your woman, hide your ego We are still in the midst of the season or Festival of Christmas.