July-August school holidays. Holidays?

-On sovereign wealth and state assets

(First of all, I’m hoping that this offering is one of my lazy-days, time-out pieces.) Hundreds of thousands of Guyanese citizens live in the United States of America and Europe.

Caricom: Some history, many realities

Challenging the cocaine: The DEA and US

It really was a bit of a co-incidence finding a batch of my “historical” notes on CARICOM, along with a related newspaper clipping of a few years ago.

Carifesta is coming, but why bother?

That Cummingsburg Valentine affair

I suspect that I’ve “grabbed” your attention with my lead caption. Because that’s what I intended: to arrest your interest for the next eight/ten minutes.

Being “One”? Unity? A Myth! I Tire…

-One Minister’s Bank Accounts, Investments, Wealth

Hello there my nationalistic, patriotic Guyanese friends, please try to tolerate my vastly different view and perspective – perhaps provocative – on the issues mentioned in my lead caption today.

The Presidency. The Transition, the Honeymoon

A close election: The Jagdeo effect?

This man-in-the-street, 23-year-old column welcomes the Presidency of David Granger, as well as his brand-new administration which should be unfolding, personnel-wise, as you read this.

The PPP’s enemy within?

-The likely President Granger?

I hinted at this intriguing editorial which appeared in the State-controlled, PPP-oriented, government-friendly Guyana Chronicle of last week Tuesday (April 28, 2015).

Campaigning in the local media

-Elections miscellany

I am not surprising myself today – my penultimate piece before our May 11 D-Day-when I am finding it challenging to write on something different and relevant at this time.

As May looms: Arrivals and departures

- Exploring a PYO mind

Next week Friday is Labour Day. If ever one of Guyana’s too–numerous Public Holidays was justified and valid it is this national occasion which recognizes and celebrates the local and global contributions of the working class to a nation’s development and sustenance.

Post-Nomination Day : Cheated?; Not Defeated?

-Dayclean breaks for the Coalition

As I wrote and promised three columns ago, today’s very brief piece is another contribution from me to GECOM’s and the political parties’ Voter Education process and efforts.

Cheddi’s sugar workers, as voters

-On Jesus, Christianity and Easter

“At the graveside the emotional outbursts of the windows and relatives of the deceased had been intensely distressing and I could not restrain my tears.

The Politics of Perks

-Homer’s cocaine – and God

Months before the 2011 elections, I wrote a very short piece in this column which carried the same caption as the lead today.

Being simple, effective, about voter-education

-Guns – and Fenty’s Agricola-again

Hello you electors/voters. Perhaps I’m impertinent enough to dare to present a few pointers/discussion points with respect to elements of current voter-education initiatives now being contemplated, or implemented – But I do so never-the-less.

Women in Politics, Ladies in Government

A Government as a Cartel

I trust I’m not guilty, today, of editorial laziness, content-wise. Because I know I’ll be guilty of using Elizabeth Anne (Lis) Harper’s Prime Ministerial candidacy as a kind of reminiscence relevant to female Guyanese who dared to enter the robust world of both routine and electoral politics over the years.

Personal, Professional Integrity

Serving the Nation – and the devils

Since Sunday, after the PPP’s announcement identifying President Ramotar’s Prime Ministerial running mate, speculation has been vigorously rife on two fronts: Why and how was that quiet-spoken, charming professional chosen?

Hey, it’s African History Month, remember?

What The PPP wants – and will do

-Are Banks allowed to be naughty?I spared myself a day or two before finally deciding that I would dare offer a reminder–comment to the populace, generally, and to African-descended Guyanese specifically that February is usually deemed African History Month.

Our four newspapers at this time

-When Nurse Barkot delivered baby Barrot

– ISIS: A global threat? I suppose it’s no irony; just his many assignments and publications which resulted in Historian David Granger- currently the political Opposition Leader- producing a booklet on a summarized history of Guyana’s (earliest) Newspapers.

Our Guyana, a narco safe-haven?

- My Free Campaign Tips

We’re 22 today! Let’s do a layman’s “analytical” breakdown of the elements, institutional assistance experts, expertise, environment and other personnel needed to deem a society, a country, a State, a narco- friendly place.

In the mind of a PPP Minister

A layman wonders about local aviation

Greetings. Today might very well be one of those times when I venture into an ocean of human behaviour but certainly out of my depth.

Issues just fade away… (Our Role)

-Prolonging Power, Political Audacity

I’m hoping that I should be thankful for the young amongst us. Because I’m trusting that – either on their very own, or with guidance from elders – they become aware of national issues even as they prepare themselves for a very adult existence in a very challenged society.