Complexities and Contradictions: CARICOM and Haitian Elections

By Kevin Edmonds Kevin Edmonds is a freelance journalist and graduate student at McMaster University’s Globalization Institute in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Editor’s Note: Next week we will return with the concluding column on Edgar Mittelholzer The upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Haiti on November 28th highlight the complexities and difficulties of intergovernmental organizations which seek to chart foreign policy positions outside of the umbrella of American regional power and influence.

Remembering Edgar Mittelholzer: Part 1

(This is one of a series of weekly columns from Guyanese in the diaspora and others with an interest in issues related to Guyana and the Caribbean) By Colin Rickards Colin Rickards is an author, journalist/broadcaster and Caribbeanist with long connections to Guyana and its authors.

Sex Tourism and Trafficking: Not one and the same

Megan Rivers-Moore did her doctoral work on sex tourism in Costa Rica. She is currently a research fellow at the Institute for Women and Gender Studies, University of Toronto By Megan Rivers-Moore Latin America and the Caribbean are characterised by a long history of migration into, out of, and within the region.

Plenty talk, little action? NGOs, HIV-AIDS and Caricom Impacs

Alissa Trotz is editor of the In the Diaspora column For the past two weeks the Caricom Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (Impacs) has been featured in the Diaspora column, in which Arif Bulkan brought to public attention the organisation’s requirement that prospective employees undergo HIV tests in clear contravention of international best practices.

The Hypocrisy of CARICOM

Arif Bulkan lectures in the Faculty of Law at the University of the West Indies The following story was brought to my attention almost two years ago, involving a CARICOM national who was offered employment within a CARICOM agency, but which offer was subsequently withdrawn.

Black Jacobins past and present

Selma James, who celebrated her 80th birthday two weeks ago, has  been campaigning against sexism, racism and capitalism for more than six decades. 

Despatches from the Mainland I: Tolerance

As Caribbean nationals (a group of women and men) whose stays in Guyana have in the past ranged from two decades to two years, we are constantly surprised by how differently Guyana sees itself compared to how the rest of the Caribbean sees it, yet how similar we all are in a wider sense.