The view from Europe

Europe needs to establish a better arrangement for obtaining a Schengen visa By David Jessop In a matter of months the Economic Partnership Agree-ment (EPA) with Europe will be signed in Barbados.

Guyana and the wider world

Concluding observations on the Cariforum-EC, EPA By Dr. Clive Thomas  18 weeks later When I started this evaluation of the Cariforum-EC, EPA on January 20, I had not envisaged that I would still be at it 18 weeks later. 

Pet Corner

Hookworms By Dr Steve Surujbally Continued from last week Supportive treatment It is logical that the treatment of hookworm infestation should mirror the symptoms of the disease, in addition to concentrating on the eradication of the ‘perp.’ (You see how American-isms can invade even science.


Eye donation: The gift of sight Part II By Dr Neeraj Jain, MBBS, MD (ophthalmology), DNB, MNAMS In last week’s article, we covered the concept of eye donation, how eyes can be donated, who can donate and what should be done in order to donate.

Consumer Concerns

The Health Facilities Licensing Act Eileen Cox On Sunday May 4 we learnt that Dr Leslie Ramsammy, Minister of Health, had been elected President of the World Health Assembly.

A Gardener’s Diary

Gardeners are great optimists By John Warrington Last week I mentioned the wisteria growing on the wall of my house in England. 

The race for the White House

‘Country road, take me home’ As the Clinton campaign has done of late with each state they anticipated winning, Hillary Clinton announced in advance that last Tuesday’s Democratic primary was going to be ‘a game-changer.’ It was; but not in the way she meant.


DDL Topco tournament begins today With Errol Tiwari The DDL Topco Juices Independence eight round swiss system chess tournament begins this morning at 10 am at the Kei Shar’s sports club in Hadfield St.

Frankly Speaking…

On protests and perceptions Organising “spontaneous” outrage  This short commentary was inspired by the street protests “mobilized” by the People’s National Congress (PNC) over two days of the last weekend.

History This Week

Establishment of the PNC/UF Pre-Independence Alliance By Dr. Mellissa Ifill This article is the first of two that examines the circumstances surrounding and the implications of the formation of the PNC-UF coalition that formed the government in the immediate pre-and post independence period.

China’s perfect storm

By Jamie F. Metzl New York – A perfect storm is brewing that could threaten China’s relations with the world.

In The Diaspora

Breadbasket Dependence and the End of Cheap Food By Tony Weis     Rapidly rising food prices around the world are casting tens of millions into increasingly desperate circumstances of malnourishment and hunger.

Guyana and the wider world

Using the space created by the interim EPAs By Dr Clive Thomas Collateral damage of the EPAs Beyond the three markers (signposts) of the roadmap sketched in last week’s column, there are a number of economic, legal and other technical considerations, which are vital ingredients for forging a successful way forward in 2008 and beyond.

Ian On Sunday

Hard to imagine how unremembered we all become By Ian McDonald Which of us does not every now and then wonder about time, what is it, how can it possibly be described, what is a moment of it, what is an eternity of it?

Consumer Concerns

We should appreciate our tropical environment By Eileen Cox It occasionally happens that a brilliant student chooses his profession, travels abroad, qualifies in the chosen field, then returns to Guyana to find to his dismay that there is no opening for him in that field.

Through a woman’s eyes

An unlimited way of being By Cheryl Springer I swiped the headline for this week’s column from a book by a man named Harold W Becker, which I stumbled on while doing research in order to try to have the last word in an argument about religion: the one topic about which I had always sworn I would never argue.

Arts On sunday

Arrival Day was imaginative this year By Al Creighton Guyana’s Arrival Day was commemorated on May 5 with a series of events leading up to the weekend in celebration of Indian Arrival. 

Remembering Wordsworth

By Stanley Greaves Wordsworth Albert MacAndrew is among those I refer to as a “Guy-anist,” one who exemplifies to a high degree love of country and all its people without any exemptions or reservations.

Pet Corner

Hookworms By Dr Steve Surujbally I suppose all worms are, in one way or another, pernicious.

The View From Europe

Jamaica’s government is showing vision and leadership over CubaBy David JessopOn May 4, Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, plus the island’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kenneth Baugh and its Ministers of Tourism, Agriculture, Housing and Health travelled to Havana.


Eye donation: The gift of sight By Dr Neeraj Jain, MBBS, MD (ophthalmology), DNB, MNAMS What is eye donation?

The race for the White House

Covering the coverage By Wayne Brown It’s what the media often does: hype a story out of all proportion; fall to believing its own hype; and then be deeply dismayed to discover its audience has moved on, leaving it enisled in its own vaporous excitement.

A Gardener’s Diary

It’s wisteria and honey suckle time in England By John Warrington It’s wisteria and honeysuckle time in England.

Frankly Speaking… By A.A. Fenty

A job – and dignity                   And Eric’s illiteracy On Sunday night I heard the Afro-European-American Democratic contender, senator Barack Obama explain that when his (eventual) father-in-law obtained a job in one of America’s depressed communities, probably during the depression, “the job did not only give him a pay cheque, it gave him dignity!” What a noble and accurate thought based on the old-time values of the poor but proud of my grandmother’s time.

History This Week No. 2008/16

Around the museums of (Part 11) By Lloyd F. Kandasammy The Linden Industrial Heritage Museum The Linden Industrial Heritage Museum, one of the most recent additions to the cultural landscape of Guyana is located in the historic Mackenzie Recreation Hall, which was used in the past for concerts, dances, meetings and other social events.

A human rights crime in Gaza

By Jimmy Carter Atlanta — The world is witnessing a terrible human rights crime in Gaza, where a million and a half human beings are being imprisoned with almost no access to the outside world by sea, air, or land. 

The war against Iraqi women

Zeina Zaatari is senior programme officer for the Middle East and North Africa for the Global Fund for Women.  

What the people say about

The Mavado, Bounty Killa ban Interviews and photos by Gaulbert Sutherland and Shabna Ullah   Do you support the ban on Mavado and Bounty Killa from performing in Guyana?

In the Diaspora

A Tribute to Wordsworth Wordsworth McAndrew, who recently passed on after a brief illness in the United States, was born and grew up in Georgetown.

The View From Europe

Caribbean nations need to create consensus-driven models of development By David Jessop (Executive Director of the Caribbean Council for Europe) ‘International NGO knocks EPA’; ‘Caribbean EPA held up as a model’; ‘Bernal departs Caribbean Regional Negotiating Machinery’: so read just three of the many thousands of headlines that accompany the hundreds of thousands of words about the Caribbean’s soon to be signed Economic Partnership Agreement with Europe.


With Errol Tiwari Demerara Distillers Limited will sponsor an eight-round Swiss System chess tournament this month for junior and senior chess players in recognition of Guyana’s 42nd independence anniversary under its popular Topco Juices label.

Arts On Sunday

Derek Walcott: Distinguished Guest at Carifesta By Al Creighton’s As the focus on Carifesta X, to be hosted by Guyana in August 22-31, 2008, intensifies, there is increasing interest in what the highlights of the festival are likely to be.

A Gardener’s Diary

The advantages of grafting By John Warrington Looking back through one of my journals I read a note I made a few years ago about my Pandanus baptistii screw pine which had finally died.


Wordsworth McAndrew, November 22, 1936-April 25, 2008 (Wordsworth Albert McAndrew, folklorist and journalist, died on April 25, 2008, aged 71.) Wordsworth McAndrew used to state his core beliefs plainly.

The race for the White House

‘Et tu, Brute?’ The CW among American commentators is that anything a candidate or his/her surrogate does or says is ‘political.’ (Given that they mean ‘calculated, insincere,’ it’s bemusing how often this constitutes an admiring assessment.

Consumer Concerns

The law should be changed to protect citizens against dangerous dogs  By Eileen Cox Much has been said and much written about pit bulls and dangerous dogs.

Pet Corner

Roundworms By Dr Steve Surujbally (Continued) Today we’ll look at the specific symptoms of a roundworm infestation of our canine/feline wards, as well as comment on the possible treatment schedules associated with this scourge.


Limb lengthening A weekly column prepared by Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital Inc. By Dr Suhel Kotwal, MBBS, MS (Orth) A variety of conditions can render the limbs of an individual unequal.

Guyana and the wider world

Can the EPAs be re-strategized?  By Dr. Clive Thomas Re-cap This series of articles assessing the CARIFORUM-EU, EPA sought to establish early on that the agreement rested on several contentious planks as a result of being based on: 1) lack of empirical evidence supporting several theoretical propositions implicit to its formulation;  2) several of the evaluations, assessments and interpretations utilized in the EPA are in strong dispute, lacking consensus among analysts and scholars and 3) design and architectural flaws, including those embedded in  its negotiating modalities.

Ian On Sunday

Planning for the good life   By Ian McDonald Having retired after 52 years in the sugar industry, including working closely with governments and regional institutions along the way, if there is one thing I have learned it is the extreme frailty of all grand plans.

Frankly Speaking… By A.A. Fenty

Yesterday’s May Day               Critchlow, Cheddi and Chand – and Melas It was Labour Day again yesterday.

History this week

“East Indian Immigration, 1838-1917 in Guyana” By Tota C.Mangar May 5, 2008 commemorates the 170th Anniversary of the arrival of East Indian indentured immigrants in Guyana the former colony of British Guiana.

Wednesday Ramblings

The pill that cures everything “How do you spell phsycofrenia …scizo ….dammit …spell check spell check schizophrenia?

The globalization of science

By Bruce Alberts SAN FRANCISCO – Science provides an invaluable source of guidance to individuals and governments.