VAT Corner

Dear Editor, Whatever the motivation for zero rating split peas while retaining a consumer tariff on black-eye peas, the implicit associations with the ethnic usage of those products and their post VAT consumer costs should not be ignored or even discarded.

History This Week

The first installment of this article examined the performance of the senior West Indies cricket team in 2006 in both limited-over and Test Cricket.

Ask the Consul

Q: Why are some people ineligible to enter the United States? There are many reasons someone might become ineligible to enter the United States.

Wednesday Ramblings

Jim Lampley: Welcome back viewers to what must be the longest delay to a championship bout I can recall.

What the people say about

Zaimoon Ramjohn, fish vendor – `I am a poor woman. Everything in the shops raise.

Frankly Speaking

Why, oh why, do I choose to begin the Western folks’ “New” year like this?

Ask the Consul

Installment Thirty Four Q: What type of visa do I need to become an academic student in the United States?

History This Week No. 2007/1

(Part 1) It is useful at the end of each year to assess the state of West Indies cricket at the highest level.

Wednesday Ramblings

Jim Lampley: Welcome to HBO Boxing and we are back in Guyana. I never thought we would return given that the last fight between Corbin and Jagdeo ended up in a full out brawl.