Frankly Speaking A.A. Fenty

From the routine deception of commercial “giveaways” and the numerous promotions to increase sales, to the occasional real offers of gifts; from the varied forms of exploitation of labour by greedy unscrupulous employers to the threat by under-performing public abilities to deprive the poor of their services, you just know that the “Season” is upon us.

Medellin moves to Africa

An unfamiliar country keeps popping up in press reports about drug trafficking: Guinea Bissau.

History this week No. 46/2007 Part 1

By far the most intensive and painstaking explorations of Guyana, the former colony of Britain, were those conducted in the third and fourth decades of the nineteenth century by the German, Sir Robert Herman Schomburgk.

Installment Fifty five

Q: I know more than one person who is involved in a sham marriage just to get a visa.

Sadat’s journey, 30 years after

TOLEDO – If “one man of courage makes a majority,” as Andrew Jackson said, then 30 years ago, in November 1977, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was such a man.

A new holy alliance?

LONDON – The recent meeting in the Vatican of the “Custodian of The Holy Places,” King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, and Pope Benedict XVI was a seminal event, particularly as it comes at a time when radical Muslims are decrying the role of “crusaders” in Middle East politics.

Wednesday Ramblings

Minister of Foreign Affairs Rudy Insanally was involved in a vigorous verbal battle last night over the relevance of CRNM in rapidly evolving trade talks.

The myth of decoupling

PALO ALTO, CALIF. – The fact that America’s economy is slowing is bad news for Europeans, regardless of claims that Europe’s economy has successfully decoupled itself from the United States.

What the people say…

Do you eat healthy foods? Do you pay attention to whether foods are low in fat and sugar?

In The Diaspora

In the Diaspora (this is one of a series of fortnightly columns from Guya-nese in the diaspora and others with an interest in issues related to Guyana and the Caribbean) The desires of many Guyanese to head north-yearning for the perceived opportunities of security and wealth in Brooklyn, Queens, Toronto, London, and the like, reflect the influence of how the thrust of American and European economic might have shaped the consumer realities and political imaginaries of many Guyanese.

Financial Hypocrisy

This article was received from Project Syndicate, an international not-for-profit association of newspapers dedicated to hosting a global debate on the key issues shaping our world.

Frankly Speaking By A.A. Fenty

A few weeks ago, I had conceded that I, and quite a few thousands of other adult Guyanese, I suspect, paid little attention to issues related to one of our “most huge” natural resources – our vast forests.

Stay the course in The Hague

WASHINGTON DC – After eight years on the job, Carla del Ponte is about to step down as the chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague.

History This Week

Guardians of the past, they testify to the ordeals and exploits of those who worked in them.

Uncertainty shifts to China

Now that the dollar has dropped 43% from its high against the euro, the process of global financial rebalancing is seriously underway.

What the people say…

How have you found food prices? Have you had to make changes in what you purchase?

Humpty Dumpty and Global Financial Imbalances

This article was received from Project Syndicate, an international not-for-profit association of newspapers dedicated to hosting a global debate on the key issues shaping our world.

Frankly Speaking… By A.A. Fenty

Former American Vice-President Al Gore has done his significant bit to heighten our awareness of the clear and present dangers of global warming and climate change generally.

History This Week

Two years ago the University of the West Indies (U.W.I.) honoured Mary Noel Menezes, a former head of the Department of History at the University of Guyana, by awarding her an honorary Doctorate Degree for her invaluable contribution as an academic and philanthropist.

Wednesday Ramblings

This was the Week of Unbounded Self Congratulation. Why not? There is really nothing more important to do at the moment what with the traffic crisis “condignly” solved.