What the people say about… 1

How do you dispose of your plastic bags and plastic bottles? Do you know that many plastics are not biodegradable?

Wednesday Ramblings

“I think we need more PVC paste,” suggested President Jagdeo a little miffed he was doing the plumbing for the hotel only hours before the Rio summit was to open.

Gambling with the Future

The recent passage of the Gambling Prevention (Amendment) Bill, in spite of the serious reservations of religious leaders and the opposition political parties, has brought an entire series of questions about Guyana’s future to the fore.

Frankly Speaking…

This nation, such as it strives to be or become, indeed the whole world of nations, cry out for serious commentary, intense, informed analyses based on the study of the humanities, the philosophies and other rigid academic disciplines which human history has evolved for itself – and profound thought and conclusions which some other prolific writers seem capable of offering us.

What the people say about

Rezena Sukram, sales clerk – ‘I’m not satisfied with the investigation so far into the disappearance of the missing weapons because they have only found a small amount.

What the people say?

John Limerick The team is good at playing football but they are not scoring goals.

Vat Corner

Dear Editor How should amounts of VAT less than a dollar be treated, should they be rounded up, down or some other treatment?

Frankly Speaking

This pointedly brief piece published on this day is my own way of expressing unqualified solidarity with the Stabroek News and Sunday Stabroek in their issue with the Government regarding the latter’s withdrawal of State advertising from the two ‘papers.

Vat Corner

VAT is imposed by section 9 of the Value-Added Tax Act 2005 on every taxable supply by a taxable person in Guyana.

Ask the Consul

Q: Why was my immigrant visa refused? What do I do now? U.S.

History This Week

The first two instalments of this article examined the performance of the West Indies senior cricket team in 2006 in both Test and Limited-Over cricket.

VAT Corner

Our entity supplies services to a company that has an agreement with the Government of Guyana under which it is exempted from all taxes.

The VAT Corner

Dear Editor, I can’t say Happy New Year (too much pressure shopping). When is comes to VAT it is clear that this tax was implemented by Government with the express purpose of collecting more money (revenue) from the Guyanese people.

VAT Corner

Dear Editor, Whatever the motivation for zero rating split peas while retaining a consumer tariff on black-eye peas, the implicit associations with the ethnic usage of those products and their post VAT consumer costs should not be ignored or even discarded.

Ask the Consul

Q: Why are some people ineligible to enter the United States? There are many reasons someone might become ineligible to enter the United States.

History This Week

The first installment of this article examined the performance of the senior West Indies cricket team in 2006 in both limited-over and Test Cricket.

Wednesday Ramblings

Jim Lampley: Welcome back viewers to what must be the longest delay to a championship bout I can recall.