What the people say about…

This week, we asked the people of Berbice: What are some of the problems that affect you and what would you like to see changed in the New Year?

Pakistan after Bhutto

This article was received from Project Syndicate, an international not-for-profit association of newspapers dedicated to hosting a global debate on the key issues shaping our world The assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has brought Pakistan’s state of turmoil to new heights.

Frankly Speaking

I suppose it had to happen. My personal limitations? Or choices and preferences?

The `Browning’ of African Technology

Forget MIT. Hello, Tsing Hua University. For Clothilde Tingiri, a hot young programmer at Rwanda’s top software company, dreams of Beijing, not Cambridge, animate her ambitions.

Christmas: Splurge time for West Berbicians

With flickering fairy lights and well-decorated homes, many non-Christians in West Berbice, join in the celebration of Christmas and splurge on their shopping while sharing the joy with gifts and goodies.

A Santa for all seasons

Herman Vangusty had good reason leave Georgetown seven years ago. Many reasons made him “migrate” to the “Ancient Country” town of New Amsterdam.

Old time Manchester Christmas

As a youngster growing up in Manchester Village with my grandmother, Christmas was always the best time around.

St Joseph corrected 91 cleft lip, palates this year

Over the past year, the St Joseph Mercy Hospital Wishbone Project conducted 91 surgeries, including cleft lip and palates, among other surgeries, and a total of 260 surgeries since 2004.

Death and tobacco taxes

A global killer is ripping through the world’s poorer countries largely unchecked. Within 25 years, it will cause 10 million deaths a year worldwide -more than malaria, maternal deaths, childhood infections, and diarrhea combined .

Over 50 `Stamp it out’ meetings held

More than fifty “Stamp it out” consultations were held across the country since early November and as it nears the wrap-up date, persons are being urged to still make contributions.

What the people say about…

What are the must-have things for Christmas this year? We asked several persons in the street this question and these were their responses.

In The Diaspora

For many Queen’s College alumni, the recent passing of Clem Yhap, known affectionately as “Balance”, in Halifax, Canada at the admirable age of 91, invoked moments of deep personal reflection and sadness.

New Hope on Climate Change

The world has taken an important step toward controlling climate change by agreeing to the Bali Action Plan at the global negotiations in Indonesia earlier this month.

Barack Obama’s American Revolution

For eight years, George W. Bush has managed to incarnate and reinforce all the prejudices and negative stereotypes the world has of the US.

Frankly Speaking… By A.A Fenty

Okay the caption might come off as trite and hackneyed. But my “Christmas Is with Us Again” is actually the title of one of my favourite local Christmas time songs.

Fear of flooding

As the seasonal rains begin to really make their presence felt there is no mistaking the jitteriness among villages along the East Coast corridor.


Eighth Installment Part V Conclusion Where did the revolutionaries go wrong? The first revolutionaries were surprisingly successful.


From the time of its emergence as a sovereign state in the international community in 1966, Guyana proclaimed three paramount and permanent national interests: the security and survival of the state; the pursuit of the social and economic development of the people; and, the need to develop and strengthen the infrastructure, institutions and mechanisms for national unity.

The environment

Part II By Aubrey C Norton In the first part of this article which appeared in the November 2007 issue of the Guyana Review, I profferred the view that the “national response has to proceed in the context of international realities and must include a diplomatic strategy that makes the international environment conducive to the promotion of the national interest”.


As recent as five months ago it would have seemed insane. Yet, at the time of writing, the benchmark crude oil, West Texas Intermediate (WTI), was trading at an unprecedented US 99.28 $/bbl.


263. We soon reached Bartika Grove again, but left it by next morning in spite of the entreaties of brave Bernau, who wanted us to stay a few days longer.

Wednesday Ramblings

Dear valued citizens of the Guyanese Diaspora. On behalf of the Ministry of Dubiously Tabulated Tourist Arrivals, we wish to welcome you home and to say, a very Merry Guyanese Xmas!

The operating system that stole Christmas

Before asking for a new Windows PC this holiday season, remember the old adage: “Be careful about what you wish for.” In the best of all worlds, we would all benefit from the so-called “network effects” that result from most people using the same software: everyone could easily communicate with each other and teach each other how to use the software efficiently.