Subverting Democracy and Dark Money

It is an often repeated story that a prominent businessman donated the sum of one hundred million dollars to the 2015 elections war chest of the Coalition.

Who Gets What in 2019

Analysis of expenditure Introduction Properly executed, the Policies and Targets are reflected in the allocation of available funds via the various Ministries and other Budget Agencies.

Upturning the VAT

Widely regarded as an invention of Continental Europe, and its paternity in 1954 attributed to France, VAT is an indirect tax collected mainly by businesses but borne by consumers.

Budget 2019 Measures

In this section we consider the measures announced by the Minister, analyse them, evaluate their impact and discuss the extent to which they provide useful economic benefits to stakeholders.


The annual drumbeat of bigger Budgets has appeared to have some inherent virtue.

Shouldn’t we grieve for Georgetown? I do

Mother 33, daughter 15

Have a “cautious” Christmas (Again, I leave Crime, Corruption, Cricket, Traffic Accidents, LGE and the Budget to others.) Instead, the recent City Hall Inquiry, the now-usual threat by the main Garbage Collectors to withdraw and the now-evident chaotic Vendor-Invasion, all combined to prompt the following heart-felt lament.

Fighting for identity

When director David Mackenzie’s kinetic, bloody war epic “Outlaw King” landed the prime opening night spot at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September, it seemed to signal great things for Netflix and for Mackenzie, whose previous work, “Hell or High Water,” was a critical hit a couple years ago.

London Fix has outlasted its time

Guyana Gold Board happenings

(Editor’s note: Stabroek News has agreed to carry occasional columns from the Guyana Gold Board on matters of public interest.

The song of the wind

With no television around, and none in sight, for decades, even remotely, in the south Georgetown backstreets I and my varied pals haunted, we children regularly begged adults to relate scary “stories.” Experiencing another prolonged blackout, books few and nearly impossible to read against the thin, tired flame of a slumping paraffin candle, we would remember the expensive batteries being forever too low to power the sputtering Radio Demerara.

Low voter turnout in local elections

Generally, there is high voter turnout at elections where the results matter. Unfortunately, in most countries people do not see local elections as particularly important and thus voter turnout is usually lower than at national elections.

Stylish crimes

Steve McQueen’s “Widows” premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September as the much-hyped and much-anticipated follow-up to his Oscar winning “12 Years A Slave”, from 2013.

Soul Funeral

There are many cultures where the dead are celebrated. Many Guyanese celebrate Halloween, but some may not know the origins.

Local Government Elections

Interviews and photos by David Papannah and Shamar Meusa With Local Government Elections a week away, we asked the man and the woman in the street if they are prepared to exercise their vote and about the issues that are affecting their communities.

Election apathy

Unenthusiastic, unconcerned and uninformed are just a few words to describe some of the outlooks on the upcoming Local Government Elections.

His Excellency – not fit? Not proper?

-Jonestown’s 40th – personal notes

-Permanent Pavement People (PPP) I suspect these are my final comments for some time on this issue – the choice and presence of a chairman for our national elections body.

Towards an ethnic non-democratic state?

Recently, Israel’s constitution (Basic Law) was changed to described the country as ‘the national home of the Jewish people’ and Jerusalem, even the parts claimed by the Palestinians, as the ‘complete and united … capital of Israel.’ Needless to say, the Palestinians and human rights groups around the world condemned the changes that, to some, merely constitutionalised the de facto apartheid that they claim already exists between Jews and Arabs.