Poems of Succession and ‘The When Time’

To mark the anniversary of Martin Carter’s passing on December 13, 1997, Gemma Robinson looks at Carter’s Poems of Succession, published 40 years ago this year.

OK to criticize Venezuela, but turn a blind eye on Honduras? Not really

At a time when the United States should be going out of its way to stop a dangerous regression toward dictatorships in Latin America, the Trump administration — which to its credit has denounced the power grabs by the leftist leaders of Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua — should be equally critical of the slide into authoritarian rule by the conservative president of Honduras.

Co-ed schools

Photos and interviews by David Papannah and Dreylan Johnson

This week, the man and woman in the street share their thoughts on the co-education system and whether there is a need to return to separate  educational institutions for boys and girls.

The 2020 Jubilee–and-oil Elections

Likely “socio-electoral” realities

Sexual misconduct: His Excellency is aware With maximum respect to all, I lay claim at being among the first- if not actually the first to describe National Elections 2020 as the Jubilee–Oil Elections.

Zimbabwe: a nefarious proposal

In 1972 Julius Nyerere, one of Africa’s iconoclastic leaders, stated that the African position in relation to southern Rhodesia ‘is now, as it has always been, the attainment of independence for Zimbabwe on the basis of majority rule, and under conditions which allow the development of human dignity for all citizens.’ (http://www.juliusnyerere.org/ uploads/after_the_peace_ commission_1972.pdf).

Haiti we’re sorry for this latest disgrace, from a CARICOM member no less: Jamaican Government confers national honours on Dominican President Danilo Medina Sánchez

By The Clement Payne Movement, Barbados The ‘Clement Payne Movement’ was founded in Barbados in 1988 by David Commissiong along with such colleagues as Trevor Prescod, Sally Comissiong, the late Martin Cadogan, Joy Workman, Onkphra Wells, David Denny, Gregory Noel, and the calypsonian Herring among others.

Abuse and broken leadership

By Naicelis Rozema-Elkins   It is about time, past due in fact, that the problem of sexual assault by teachers in our school system is addressed.

Giving thanks for Minister Jordan’s $500

-Pensions – and growing old in Guyana

-His Excellency as Comrade-Leader There are occasions when you are quite aggressively upset with a generosity, a gift, even advice offered when you should accept “philosophically” (as in “calmness of temper and judgement”).

Focus on Guyana’s National Budget 2018

Focus on Guyana’s National Budget 2018 represents the twenty-eighth edition of this Ram & McRae annual publication which highlights, reviews and comments on the major issues surrounding and raised in the National Budget.


Focus 2018 begins with a correction of a statement in Focus 2017 that Budget 2017 was the earliest national budget ever been presented in post-independence Guyana.


2017 FactsGrowth in Real GDP of 2.9% compared with initial and revised targets of 3.8% and 3.1% respectively.

Review 2017

Financial Review Current Revenue for 2017 is projected at $192,673 million, exceeding budget by $6,651 million or 4%.