Leave him

This week, a wife went to court for throwing the spectacles of another woman into a trench because her husband was rubbing the other woman’s face.

The end of men

There has been much buzz this week about a new book, entitled “The End of Men and the Rise of Women,” by Hanna Rosin.

She will not shut up

Last week, I wrote about local female musician Jackie Hanover, who has a song out that encourages women to be independent and to make a good life for themselves.

An anthem for all women

They say art is a reflection of society. If this is true, the local female musicians are proving that the women of this nation are on a good path. 

The War on Women in the US

I seldom talk about women’s issues in the United States in this column for one very important reason: there are so few columnists (if any) in Guyana who focus on the women’s issues of this country.

The female Olympians

I have been in sports heaven this past week. I look forward to the Olympics for one reason only:  to see women athletes perform on an international stage while the world watches intently.

Celebrating men

Every week, this column celebrates women in all their glory, whether by highlighting the great things women accomplish and presenting her-story, or by underscoring the many injustices meted out to women and standing up for their rights.

Submitting to a myth

I attended a meeting earlier this year that included a good number of women who are devoted activists and advocates for Guyana’s female population.

The revolution should be feminised

As I was casually browsing the many booths with information and goods from the various women’s organisations at the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) Conference in Istanbul, Turkey last week, I spotted some T-shirts that grabbed my attention.

Feminist Economics 101

Picture this:  the world’s brightest women on economics coming together with thousands of women’s rights advocates from around the world to address the global economic situation as it applies to the female half of the world’s population.

Henry Greene’s credibility problem

Is anyone really surprised by the decision by acting Chief Justice Ian Chang to throw out the Director of Public Prosecutions’ advice that Police Commissioner Henry Greene—who has faced similar allegations in 1974 and 1994—be charged with rape?

On the credibility of rape victims

Rape victims are not always ten-year-old little girls who couldn’t possibly have done anything at all to provoke the lust of a grown man (although this week’s headlines have those, too).

When women harm women

“There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.” So said Madeleine Albright, and I agree wholeheartedly.

Oh my goddesses!

Lately, female deities have fascinated me. Having grown up as a woman in a Christian home, I sorely felt the lack of having a female deity.

Why are men pouting? 

During my work as an advocate for women, I cannot even begin to count the number of times a man has asked me, “What about the men?” Although I am a staunch believer in gender equality, this phrase always catches me off guard because it is an ironic question in so many ways.

Calling all men!

Lately, I have been reading about men around the world who are taking some dramatic steps to fight for women’s rights.

Our very lives are at stake

“You know this is not really a matter of women’s liberation, it is really a matter of survival.” This is what a friend said to me this week on Facebook.