The Minority Report

Pride in visibility

Over the years, the celebration of Pride month in the Caribbean has slowly been morphing from one that has operated in hushed spaces, towards one that is steadily visible in all of its flamboyant glory.

No liberation for the individual

“While we need organizing that is anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist, our organizing must also be anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, and against all forms of exploitation, subordination and discrimination.”

Achieving herd immunity

As the tepid battle against COVID-19 continues, the push for achieving herd immunity through vaccination has been one enthusiastically adopted by local, regional and international governments.

Neglect of teachers

Long before the arrival of COVID-19, teachers within the public service have had to deal with disrespect for their profession.

Food security and the climate crisis

While the region continues to face the threat of a mounting pandemic that will most likely stay with us for quite some time, we are also in the midst of an increasing climate crisis.

Drug treatment

It is no secret that Guyana has a drug problem. The increasing creativity and scope of its drug operations has found its way into local and international entertainment.

Parliamentary assault

In the halls of power, anything goes. So frequent are accusations of physical and economic violence that both politicians and the public have adopted a blasé attitude towards it all.

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