The Minority Report

The cult of thinking pink

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here, can you tell? If you have somehow managed to miss its announcement through the bombardment of pink ribbons, promotions and fundraising events, chances are that you live in an area where bringing awareness to you might not necessarily be economical to those involved.

My stint at the `Liquid love’ bar

In June 2019, it was reported that Savita Persaud, owner of the “Liquid love” bar in Station Street was sentenced to ten years imprisonment for the sex trafficking of two Venezuelan women.

Attacks against the free press

By Akola Thompson Given its powerful role in the political realm, the media has long been regarded as the fourth estate or the fourth branch of government.

Produce or perish

Once brimming with innovation and hopes of an economy bolstered by our own industries, the vibrant ambitions concerning our manufacturing sector seem to have long been shelved.

A bridge of woes

Once famed as the world’s longest floating bridge at the time of its construction, the Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB) has served as the transportation link between West Bank Demerara and Georgetown for over four decades.

Territory: Our Body, our Spirit

The year is 2019. We are drowning in our own pollution; the ice sheets are melting at unexpectedly rapid rates and one of the world’s most important ecosystems is dangerously close to major damage.

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