The View From Europe

The pandemic offers the opportunity to transform tourism’s role

Despite the understandable desire by some in tourism to talk up a ‘return to normal’, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that the industry’s recovery from the pandemic will be slow and uncertain, largely because infection rates in the region’s principal overseas markets continue to rise.

Why vaccine nationalism should concern the Caribbean

How well prepared is the Caribbean to respond to the politically led emergence of ‘vaccine nationalism’, an approach likely to see countries with advanced bio-pharma facilities initially restrict the availability of a COVID-19 vaccine?

A cold wind is blowing from the north

Whether it chooses to take sides or not, the Caribbean is about to find itself swept up into the now almost inevitable superpower confrontation between the United States and China. 

Tax holidays can help aviation and tourism recover

After years of failing to find a way to reconcile whether LIAT, the Antigua-based carrier, primarily serves the interests of shareholder governments by providing tax revenue and employment or is a genuine for-profit operation rather than a form of monopoly, a moment of truth has arrived.

Responding to US policy in the Americas

Later this year we will know whether President Trump has won a second term in office or if his fellow septuagenarian, Joe Biden, has ended the most disruptive US presidency in living memory.

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