Brexit: the crisis facing Britain

Such is the revolutionary fervour of those now in charge of Britain’s government, they are testing to its democratic limits the cohesion of a country with no formal constitution.

Boris Johnson

Britain’s uncertain future

In a  few days’ time about 160,000 members of Britain’s Conservative Party – largely white, male and in their late fifties – will elect a new party leader and so appoint Britain’s next Prime Minister.

Sargassum: a continuing challenge

It was not to be. A ‘Sargassum Summit’ to develop a multinational response to the worsening problem of the sargassum seaweed washing up on some of the best beaches in the Caribbean has had to be postponed.

CARIFORUM-UK EPA offers new opportunities

A few days ago, the British government published the text of the CARIFORUM-UK Economic Partnership Agreement (UK EPA) that will govern trade in goods and services with the Caribbean, assuming Britain leaves the European Union sometime later this year.

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