Citizens taking action

In the face of stunning failures at State level to transform our nation, we must applaud the few citizens who envision and lead private initiatives to make a defining difference for Guyanese.

Facing ourselves

In our quest to create the kind of future we aspire to, we must cultivate the ability to know the root cause of why we are where we are today.

Rethinking our society

We fail to audit the real results of our efforts at developing our society.

The media as voice of the body politic

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

The global Guyanese

Facing critical challenges in the Guyanese homeland, like our shortage of skills and lack of a world class human resource capital pool, we need to exercise creative thinking to find solutions.

Society and the individual

We imitate the society around us. This social theory, which the French thinker Rene Girard expounds with particular eloquence, explains why we behave the way we do, and why society stumbles into its blind spot of a default future.

Young people initiate citizen solutions

- Aim to solve national literacy crisis in face of lethargic Ministry of Education

Young people, the new generation now coming of adult age, feel they must take responsibility for the state of the society, and launch citizen initiatives to solve crushing problems.

Building a world class Guyanese society

Scanning our society for the focal point, the cornerstone of our development potential, the foundation pillar on which we build everything else, the critical key that allows our people to develop into a world class society, we come to one answer: our people.

Plant literate lifestyle in Parliament

Without strong reading and writing skills, we cannot develop this nation. We may build massive hotels on the edge of the ocean with imported Chinese labour, but we cannot harbour a refined culture, cultivate our creative energy, or reap intellectual innovation, if our reading and writing remains poor.

UG solution to literacy crisis

Facing our society’s vice-grip of gross illiteracy, with the Education Ministry failing to install a sound literacy strategy, citizens must confront our social decay before the rot becomes unworkable.

Our way of being

Raphael Trotman’s call for a Council of Elders to mediate decency and good sense in our nation, as inspiring as the idea is, does not consider the contribution, talent and wisdom of our gifted young.

Being unconscious

In exploring who we are as a nation, where we want to go as a people, and how to get there, we must find a way to delve deep into our creative reservoir, to look inside ourselves.

The Burnham factor

In awarding its highest national honour, the Oliver Tambo Award, to the late President Forbes Burnham, South Africa recognises a crucial integrity of character in us as a nation.

Generating solutions

We see stormy waves kick up every so often as frustrated citizens demand justice, fair play and equal access to the corridors of power.

A disengaged people

People  across this land go about their daily life oblivious to the shenanigans of their Members of Parliament, who this week engage each other in an exercise filled with acrimony, strife and distrust.

Signs of hope

Ways of Looking and Feeling

Hope for our future as one nation, with one destiny, stirred our hearts this week when House Speaker Raphael Trotman and former Speaker Ralph Ramkarran echoed each other in scolding their quarrelling colleagues, while calling for good conscience to govern public behaviour.

Shaping our self-image

Ways of Looking & Feeling

How could we motivate and inspire our fellow citizens to live their best, to wake up every day believing in the Guyana Dream, to tackle the task of self-development with zeal and gusto?

Independent thinkers

Ways of Looking & Feeling

News reports in the State media show that senior Government officials persist in branding independent thinkers in this country as agents of the “opposition”.

Our negative leaders

Ways of Looking & Feeling

How could we build a decent society if our leaders sap their own energy, inspiration and initiatives with constant strife and quarrels?

Our outstanding citizens

Ways Of Looking & Feeling

Inspiring people, accomplishing amazing feats, live all around us in our nation. Role models accomplishing feats of excellence inspire us, causing us to believe in ourselves and our nation.

Expecting that ‘lil raise’

Ways of Looking & Feeling

We used to be a generous, kind, friendly nation. Today, however, we harbour a sort of cynical hardness of heart, with economic exploitation for personal gain, sadly, an accepted norm.

Neighbourhood elections promise hope

Ways of Looking & Feeling

Electing leaders for villages, towns and the city offers Guyanese exciting prospects. Such opportunity, denied the citizen for close to 20 years, offers everyone the personal power to determine who governs their neighbourhood.

Creating a visionary Foreign Service

Ways of Looking & Feeling

High Commissioner of Guyana to Canada, Harry Narine Nawbatt, and Sattie Sawh, Consul General in Toronto, Ontario, hosted a New Year’s get-together at the Guyana Consulate office in Toronto last Friday.

Reflecting, and resolving

Ways of Looking & Feeling

Looking forward to a brand new year, and looking back at the last, we want as a nation to both resolve to make 2013 our best year yet, and reflect on 2012 with sober wisdom.

Our international profile

Official world reports continue to paint an awful picture of our homeland. We make it on the global brain-drain list for our alarming level of skills depletion stemming from our extreme migration pattern; we appear on the global index of State corruption year after year; the US State Department lists us as violators of human rights, citing us for extra-judicial killings and other problems in the law-enforcement sector.