Searching for leadership

Our nation searches for the kind of leadership that lifts us, that causes us to delve deep into our character and believe in building our society, community by community, village by village.

We lack skills to care for our blind kids

Skills shortages show up everywhere across the country. The crisis is crippling. Such a pervasive shortage of this crucial national resource base, our human capital, causes all manner of problems.

Nurturing gifted entrepreneurs

Private businesses struggle to lead in generating our economy. Despite lots of thriving private businesses, and a new class of nouveau riche with questionable origin of wealth, the national economy struggles firmly in the grips of State bureaucrats.

The worst crime

Dave Martins embodies the unique Guyanese culture. Our body politic, after nearly 50 years of political independence, has developed a culture that identifies us as a distinct nation in today’s global village.

Our body politic rots at the soul

Shakespeare’s ‘Coriolanus’, Girard’s scapegoat theory offer us key insights for solutions

We start the year 2012 with the hung Parliament hanging over our heads, as the political parties bicker and quarrel in acrimony and strife over the Speaker’s chair.

Designing 2012

Time marches on with such rapid haste. As we usher in 2012 in a couple of days, the global village settles into its stride to tackle the enormous challenges facing the 21st century human family.

Feeling responsible

Living in this country could be such a beautiful experience. The natural environment of breezy warmth, the sunny weather bathed in lush tropical rains, the leafy greenery and fertile land – these offer a lifestyle of tranquil beauty, of a quietude of the soul.

People want State action

-on crime, corruption and the constitution

Listening to people voice their concerns across this country shows voters want urgent action on three fronts: rampant State corruption, pervasive organized crime, and promised Constitutional reform.