Words of power

Something is indeed rotten in the state of our nation. We’ve got so much going for us, with natural resources including quality gold and diamond, expensive wood and lumber, golden sugar and rice,

A society of vital friends

What kind of society do we live in? I am friends with a former senior St Lucia government official and top businessman there who, when he heard about the gross corruption rampant here, said business-state corruption riddles Caribbean societies.

Let’s find a President of wisdom

“Where shall wisdom be found?” This question forms the title to a probing book by literary critic Harold Bloom that seeks to investigate where humankind may find the fundamental answers to life’s fundamental challenges.

Originality of thought and creative minds

-where does the national budget stand?

How Government spends public money generates controversy year after year. While ministers came out of Parliament on Monday applauding themselves after Finance Minister Ashni Singh’s Budget speech, most of the nation yawned in knowing boredom.

We make a global nation

Small village living comes easy to us. Big global thinking comes hard. Marshall McLuhan taught literature as an eccentric professor for most of his life in Toronto, Canada.

Designing our social spaces

Think design – life design: I could design my life the way an architect designs a building, for aesthetic beauty, for creative flair, to be a human being of value, living to transform my world into a just social space.