Issues to be addressed

As Toshaos from across the country gathered at the Liliendaal Convention Centre for the annual Toshaos Council Meeting last week, we asked them what were some of the difficulties faced in their community and what are their expectations coming out of the meeting.

The national conversation on domestic violence

Photos and interviews by David Papannah Given the tremendous impact it has been having on our country, a team including government officials is going around the country talking to people about the domestic violence situation in Guyana.

What Berbicians say about…

The proposed introduction of the $5,000 bill Interviews and photos by David Papannah This week we asked the man and woman in the street around the New Amsterdam and Rose Hall markets for their views on the planned introduction of the $5,000 bill in Guyana: Anita Paul, self-employed – ‘I do not see the need to bring out a $5,000 note.

Private schools doing better than public schools at Grade Six exam

This week we asked the public their views on the recently released results of the National Grade Six Assessment which showed that most of the top scoring students attended private schools rather than public schools and their suggestions to the relevant authorities. 

The ‘Pick It Up’ campaign

What Berbicians say...

Interviews and photos by David Papannah In the wake of the recently started ‘Pick it Up’ campaign which encourages persons to clean up and take pride in their community, we asked some men and women in Berbice what they thought of the campaign and whether they would want to be part of it.

What Berbicians say about…

Corporal punishment in schools Interviews and photos by David Papannah Minister of Education Priya Manickchand has been holding consultations on corporal punishment in schools in the wake of several violent incidents in the school system.

Enmore issues

This week we asked the residents of Enmore about issues in their community that are affecting them.

Life in Moraikobe

By John Richards and Lakhram Bhagirat with photos by Anjuli Persaud and John Richards This week we asked the residents of Moraikobe village, Mahaicony Creek  to tell us what life is like in Moraikobe as well as what are some of the difficulties they face and how they think life in their village can be improved.

What the people say about…

Photos and interviews by Cathy Richards

Linden Town Week Linden celebrates its 42nd anniversary as a town with the festivities of the Linden Town Week 2012.

The CTO conference

This week we asked the delegates at the 13th Annual Caribbean Tourism Organization Conference their thoughts on the presentations.

What the people say about…

The budget debate and VAT Photos and interviews by Frances Abraham and Alva Solomon This week we asked the man and woman in the street about their views on the budget debate and the Value Added Tax.

Power bills going up

This week we asked Lindeners about the announcement in the budget that power bills will be going up as the government subsidy will be gradually removed.

Landline phones and mobiles

Interviews and photos by Shabna Ullah This week on What the People Say we asked persons in Berbice if they have landline telephones or if they want one as well as how many mobile phones they have and which network they use.

The upcoming budget

This week we asked the man and woman in the street of their expectations of the budget which is scheduled to be presented on Friday.

The Science and Technology fair

This week persons at the Ministry of Education’s Science, Mathematics and Technology Fair held at Diamond Secondary School spoke about how the initiative has benefited them, what they have learnt and what can be done to improve the exhibition in the future.

What the people say about…

The progress women have made Photos and interviews by Frances Abraham and Lakhram Bhagirat In anticipation of International Women’s Day which will be observed on March 8, we asked the man and woman in the street what their thoughts are about the progress women have made over the years, their roles in society today and to identify one woman who should be recognized for her outstanding contributions.