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Life in Moraikobe

By John Richards and Lakhram Bhagirat with photos by Anjuli Persaud and John Richards This week we asked the residents of Moraikobe village, Mahaicony Creek  to tell us what life is like in Moraikobe as well as what are some of the difficulties they face and how they think life in their village can be improved.

What the people say about…

The progress women have made Photos and interviews by Frances Abraham and Lakhram Bhagirat In anticipation of International Women’s Day which will be observed on March 8, we asked the man and woman in the street what their thoughts are about the progress women have made over the years, their roles in society today and to identify one woman who should be recognized for her outstanding contributions.


What Berbicians say about

In this week’s edition of What the People Say, residents of Berbice commented on issues affecting them and about the recent flooding due to heavy rainfall and what the councils in Regions Five and Six could do to help the situation.

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