Having to move to open tarmac

What the People Say

The overseer from the Bath/Woodley Park Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) has informed vendors from the Bath market that they would have to relocate to an open tarmac that government has constructed nearby.


What the people say about

Interviews by Tiffny Rhodius and photos by Jules Gibson This week we asked the man and woman in the street whether they listen to the radio drama Merundoi and what are their thoughts on the show.

Removal of vendors from Stabroek Square

What the people say about

This week we asked the man and woman on the streets what they thought of the Stabroek Market Square following the demolition of stalls and removal of vendors.

Expectations for the New Year


Interviews by Tiffny Rhodius and photos by Jules GibsonIt’s a New Year and this week we asked the man and the woman in the street what their expectations were for the New Year.

The ‘No Child left behind policy’

Interviews and photos by Cathy Richards, Tiffny Rhodius and Candace Phillips

Last week the headmaster of the Wismar/Christianburg Secondary School Cleveland Thomas was taken to task when he refused to promote children who had not passed their exams contrary to the Ministry of Education’s new ‘no child left behind policy’.

Their challenges and achievements

What the differently-able say about...

This week more differently-able persons speak of their challenges and accomplishments and how being part of the National Disabled People’s Network (NDPN) has helped them.

What the Toshaos say about…The challenges they face

As Toshaos from across the country gathered at the Liliendaal Conference Centre for the annual Toshaos Council Meeting last week, we asked the leaders what were some of the difficulties their communities face and what they hope to come out of the meeting.

What the people say about -The new ID cards

The Guyana Elections Commission had earlier announced that continuous registration would begin on September 6, and had urged persons who had already registered to uplift their identification cards, 7,000 of which have not yet been collected.

The Building Expo 1

What the people say about… Interviews and photos by Candace Phillips Myron Tucker – student ‘I saw a few new construction models which can be applied to the building industry.