VAT on education

Colin Kay Colin Kay: `They should tax private education simply because the schools are charging a fee so it should be taxable, whereas you go to the public schools, you pay no charges so there is no fee.

Paid parking

Interviews by Oliceia Tinnie, photos by David Papannah This week we asked taxi operators about their views on the parking meters.

The parking meters

  Arlo Layne, Vendor ‘I think the parking meters are something good but I do not think that a person should have to pay for it all day, every hour you top up your meter.

Tattoos in the workplace

By Dreylan Johnson and David Papannah This week we asked the man/woman in the street their views on tattoos in the workplace and the military.

New Year’s resolutions

What Lindeners say about…

Photos and interviews by: Oliceia Tinnie and David Papannah Leslie Barnwell- Security ‘My new year’s resolution is to ask God almighty for health and strength, prosperity and success in the future and the future years to come.

Plans for Christmas

Shondell Peters Shondell Peters, University Student: ‘I don’t really have any plans for Christmas because I’m at the university and I have exams until Wednesday.

Plans for the Christmas season

What the people say about...

Photos by Shabna Rahman   Ignatius Jones Ignatius Jones, self-employed, ‘I just plan to have a normal Christmas with my aunt who lives with me.

What the people say about…

VAT on utilities

This week we asked the man/woman in the street what they thought about the government’s budget proposal to implement the value-added tax on water and electricity where bills exceed $10,000 and $1,500 respectively.

The food they eat

Interviews and photos by Dreylan Johnson and David Papannah This week we asked the man/woman in the street about their eating habits; whether they consider their diets to be healthy, what they can do to improve it and if a family history of diseases such as diabetes and hypertension influences their diet in any way.

Use of the internet

Kevin Thomas `I mainly use the internet for the usual social media things, like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Restaurant experiences

Photos and interviews by Dreylan Johnson and David Papannah

Restaurant Week will be celebrated later this month. This week we asked the man/woman in the street if they eat out at restaurants and if so, how often and what their experiences have been like?

Recent blackouts

Photos and interviews by Oliceia Simon-Tinnie and David Papannah This week we asked the man/ woman in the street about the blackouts that have been occurring.

The coconut industry

Interviews and photos by Jonelle Fields and David Papannah

Last week, a coconut festival was held in Guyana to highlight the potential of the industry.

Six months maternity leave

Interviews and photos by Dreylan Johnson and David Papannah

This week we asked the man/woman in the street for their take on the proposed six months of maternity leave for women.

Rupununi residents speak out

What the people say…

Interviews and photos by Shabna Rahman This week on What the People Say, residents of Rupununi, Region Nine commented on issues affecting them and what they would like the government to change.

Facebook posts

What the people say about….

Photos  by Jonelle Fields This week we asked the public’s opinion on whether or not workers should post comments about fellow co-workers on Facebook or other social media   Jameel Grahame ‘It is my opinion that the principle of freedom of expression is grounded in controversial commentary.

The President’s call for a five-member authority

What the Toshaos say about …

Photos by Mariah Lall   With the National Toshaos Council (NTC) five-day conference having concluded at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre, participants were asked for their opinion on President David Granger’s recommendation for the establishment of a five-member authority to implement and monitor decisions made by the NTC.

The Olympic Games in Rio

Interviews by Dreylan Johnson with photos by Keno George This week, we asked the man and woman in the street for their thoughts on the Caribbean’s participation in the Olympics, the performances of the Guyanese athletes and what has been the highlight of the Olympics for them so far.

Uses for the oil revenue

Interviews and photos by Dreylan Johnson and David Papannah   Given Guyana’s recent oil find and preparations to begin exploiting it in five years the man and woman in the street were asked to say what areas should be focused on and what projects should be embarked on by the government once Guyana begins receiving revenue from oil.