The drop in the Region Six population

The last census report reflected a reduction of the population in Region Six and residents shared their views on this issue below:  Godwyn Allicock, self-employed, ‘I think people from this region are moving out because they are not getting jobs.

Migration from Berbice 

Interviews and photos by The last census report has pointed to a reduction in the population due to migration, especially in Region Six.

The 2012 Guyana census

This week we asked the man and woman in the street what they thought of the 2012 census draft report, which recorded a decrease in the population.

The National Grade Six Assessment results

Interviews and photos by Desilon Daniels This week we asked the man and woman in the street what they thought about the recent results of the National Grade Six Assessment examination.

The pulling of the third Test Match from Guyana

Interviews and photos by Dacia Whaul This week the man and woman in the street shared their thoughts on the decision by the West Indies Cricket Board to pull the third Test of the New Zealand vs West Indies series from Guyana.

Local Government Elections

This week we asked the man/woman in the street about the absence of local government elections over the last 20 years.

Improving the environment

This week, we asked New Amsterdamers: What would you like to see improved in your environment?

The posting of corporal punishment on Facebook

In the light of the recent incident where a Trinidad and Tobago mother beat her daughter and posted a video of it on Facebook, after she found out that the 12-year-old had sent partially nude pictures to an older boy, the man and woman in the street were asked to share their views: David Adams, student – ‘I saw the video and I thought the girl deserve the whipping, because for a 12-year-old child to be taking those kinds of photos is very inappropriate.

The National Science, Mathematics and Technology Fair

Interviews and photos by Kenesha Fraser The National Science, Mathematics and Technology Fair 2014 was held last week at the Anna Regina Secondary School, Essequibo Coast in Region Two under the theme ‘Science, Mathematics and Technology: Providing Solutions for the 21st Century’.

Easter plans

Today, Easter Monday, traditionally being a day when families picnic and fly kites at various venues around the country, we asked the man/woman in the street how they planned to spend the Easter holidays.

The cause of accidents

Photos and interviews by Desilon Daniels With road accidents continuing unabated, quite a number of which are fatal, we asked the man/woman in the street what they thought was the cause of so many crashes.

The budget

Photos and interviews by Dacia WhaulLinden Isles – student: ‘I listened to the budget presentation on the radio and read a little print media.

Rockstone’s problems

Sylvan Williams, Chairman, Rockstone Community Develop-ment Council (CDC): `I’m living in Rockstone for twenty four years now and I was elected Chairman on 7 April, 2012.

Reducing the rate of suicide

Interviews and photos by Kenesha Fraser Given the continuing suicides, we asked people along the Essequibo Coast what more they feel needs to be done to reduce the rate of suicides.

Phagwah today compared to years ago

This week on ‘What the People Say’ persons commented on the Phagwah celebration now as compared to years ago:  Photos and interviews by Shabna Ullah David Armogan, Region Six chairman: ‘I find that years ago the celebration was much bigger than it is today.

What women on the Essequibo Coast say about… Women’s rights

Interviews and photos by Kenesha Fraser Having just observed International Women’s Day on Saturday last, we took the opportunity this week to ask some women along the Essequibo Coast whether they felt enough was being done to promote gender equality.

Mash in Berbice

With the Mash celebrations still in the air, persons in Berbice commented on how they spent the day.

What the people say about…This year’s Mash

Photos and interviews  by Dacia Whaul Yesterday, we asked the man/woman in the street what they thought about Mashramani 2014 which was celebrated under the theme `Cultural Folklore, Celebrating 44’.

Their plans for Mash Day

Interviews and photos by Kenesha Fraser With Republic Day less than a week away, we asked the man and woman in the street along the Essequibo Coast how they planned to enjoy the Mashramani celebrations.

Life in Plastic City

Interviews and photos by Jeanna Pearson and Arian Browne Stabroek News recently visited the Plastic City Squatting Area, West Demerara and residents were eager to speak about life in the swampy mangroves.

The $5000 bill

This week we asked the man and woman in the street about the new $5,000 bill.

Old Year’s Night

  Photos and interviews by Desilon  Daniels Lovern Blair,  teacher: `I spent my Old Year’s Night at church with my family.

Their Christmas plans and preparations

Interviews and photographs by Kenesha Fraser With Christmas just days away, we asked the man/woman in the street on the Essequibo Coast about their plans for this most-anticipated holiday and whether they had completed their Christmas shopping.

Blackouts on the Essequibo Coast

Massive power outages on the Essequibo Coast starting last week Tuesday have resulted in huge losses to businesses, especially those dealing in perishables.

What the people say about…

The impending ban on Styrofoam products Interviews and photos by Dacia Whaul and Desilon Daniels In the wake of an announcement last week by the government that it would impose a ban on polystyrene (Styrofoam) in its bid to clean up the environment, we asked the man/woman in the street whether they thought this would help to address the dire situation, especially in the city.

Firecrackers at Diwali

Photos and interviews by Kenesha Fraser Every year there are numerous complaints about banned firecrackers being used at Diwali time, but the practice continues.

Neglect of children

This week on `What the people’ say we asked members of the public about the neglect of children by parents and guardians.

Youth engaged in crime

What Berbicians say about…

This week on ‘What the People Say’ persons share their comments on the recent upsurge of crime in Berbice where young boys were involved.

UG turning 50

This week we asked attendees at a University of Guyana event to commemorate the university’s 50th anniversary for their thoughts on this milestone.

Problems in St Cuthbert’s Mission

Interviews by Erica Williams with photos by Arian Browne This week we visited St Cuthbert’s Mission, an Amerindian village on the Mahaica River in Region Four.

Bringing back large buses for public transportation

This week we asked the man/woman in the street for their views on the return of large buses, given the number of fatal accidents involving minibuses, and whether it would alleviate the transportation problems which many people face on a daily basis.

Dealing with domestic violence

Interviews and photos by Shabna Ullah This week on What the People Say we asked persons to comment on what can be done to fight domestic violence, whether they have intervened to save victims and what are the major contributing factors.

The back-to-school shopping

Interview and photos by Rayon Harrinandan and Arian Browne On Thursday,  Stabroek News asked vendors what items were in demand for today’s back to school and how sales were doing.

Back to school bargains

This week Stabroek News asked several vendors about their back to school bargains and what their sales have been like:Photos and interviews by Rayon Harrinandan and Tifaine RutherfordNalo and Ricky/Y and N Variety Store, Vreed-en-Hoop Stelling Road: `We sell mostly bags, so if you are buying bags depending on the price we will give you a discount.