Plans for the New Year

In the last few days before the New Year we asked the man/woman in the street about their big plans and hopes for 2015.

The Berbice River Bridge malfunctioning

This week we asked Berbicians to comment on the malfunctioning of the retractor span of the Berbice River Bridge which left countless persons stranded for hours on both sides of the river last Friday.

Fresh produce as opposed to fast food

In view of the ongoing calls for attention to healthier eating so as to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases, the man and woman in the street were asked whether their go-to-meal would be fresh produce or fast food and the reason for their choices.

‘Eat What You Grow’

Interviews and photos by Kenesha Fraser Agriculture Month, which was observed last month, placed much emphasis on family farming.

The planned motion of no-confidence

Interviews and photos by Shabna UllahThis week on What the People Say we asked persons about the no-confidence motion that the opposition is planning to move in Parliament against the government.

Problems at St Cuthbert’s Mission

Just over a year ago on September 30, 2013 Stabroek News paid a visit to St Cuthbert’s Mission on the Mahaica River and interviewed the villagers about their livelihood.

The Free Bus System instituted by the government

Last week, in response to hikes in fares and at least one strike by minibus operators plying an East Coast Demerara route, the government instituted a free bus system along different routes using large buses hired from the Knight Rider bus company.

The no-confidence motion

This week we asked members of the public to comment on the motion of no-confidence which is to be moved by the opposition in Parliament against the government.


Last week, the Health Ministry reported that there are 76 confirmed cases of Chikungunya, the mosquito-borne disease that causes acute joint pains and fever.

Danielstown homecoming

The Concerned Citizens of Danielstown located across the Diaspora held their Anniversary & Homecoming Celebra-tions August 9-16, 2014. 

The drop in the Region Six population

The last census report reflected a reduction of the population in Region Six and residents shared their views on this issue below:  Godwyn Allicock Mr.

Migration from Berbice 

Interviews and photos by The last census report has pointed to a reduction in the population due to migration, especially in Region Six.

The 2012 Guyana census

This week we asked the man and woman in the street what they thought of the 2012 census draft report, which recorded a decrease in the population.

The National Grade Six Assessment results

Interviews and photos by Desilon Daniels This week we asked the man and woman in the street what they thought about the recent results of the National Grade Six Assessment examination.

The pulling of the third Test Match from Guyana

Interviews and photos by Dacia Whaul This week the man and woman in the street shared their thoughts on the decision by the West Indies Cricket Board to pull the third Test of the New Zealand vs West Indies series from Guyana.