University under pressure

Guyana Review talks with newly elected President of the University of Guyana Students Society Joshua Griffith GR: Yours has been an inherited position since you were elected Vice President rather than President of the UGSS.

Shiv on the shore

Courtesy of The Cricket Monthly from ESPNcricinfo   By Rahul Bhattacharya   One day Khemraj “Cowfly” Chanderpaul got vexed.

Talking shop

Edited Address by Brigadier (rtd) David Granger, Leader, to the 18th Biennial Delegates’ Congress of the People’s National Congress Reform at Congress Place, Sophia, Georgetown on July 25, 2014.

On leadership

Guyana Review talks with youth leader Astell Collins   GR: When you look at the various challenges facing Guyana how do you see your own ideas on leadership making a difference?

The Edge of Night

By Ian McDonald   Watchman by the seawall koker twenty years I met him on my walks seawind and sunset I see recalling him.

The Caribbean Premier League

After two seasons of the Limacol Caribbean Premier League T20 tournament, this particular version of the game is still on trial in our part of the world.

School and September

September ought to be the most significant month in the lives of school children and in the entire school year.

Our splendid democracy

Things have not been the same since the general elections in November 2011, though, as Guyanese would say, the outcomes – or at least the majority of them – were hardly anything to write home about, anyway.

Two nations

By David A. Granger Hinterland Guyana comprises over three-quarters of this country’s territory.

Caricom’s inertia: Who’s to blame?

Address by Dr. the Hon. Ralph E. Gonsalves Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Chairman of CARICOM at the Opening of the Twenty-Fifth Inter-Sessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government at Buccament Resorts, St.

Implementing decisions: ‘The Secretariat is not CARICOM’

Once I had read and re-read Dr Ralph Gonsalves’s address to the opening of the Twenty Fifth Inter-Sessional Meeting of the Conference of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Heads of Government it was inevitable that it would be set aside for publication in this issue of the Guyana Review.

Talking media

Capitol News Director Enrico Woolford shares his views on media issues with the Guyana ReviewGR: When you think of media freedom what do you consider to be its key elements?  

A remarkable life of magic realism and urgent relevance

Boyd Tonkin recalls a recent pilgrimage to the former home of Gabriel Garcia Marquez in Cartagena and marvels at a writer whose fantasies helped define a country and continentLast September, I might easily have died in Cartagena de Indias.

Goat milk ice cream

Evaluation of nutritional, chemical, textural and sensory characteristics of goat milk ice cream manufactured with three different levels of Caprine milk fatNew research has been launched at Fort Valley State University for development of goat milk ice cream and its quality evaluation.

Deborah Backer

Deborah Jan Osman-Backer, Attorney-at-Law, former Deputy Speaker and Member of the National Assembly, died on Friday March 21, 2014, at the age of 54.

Terrence O Holder

Veteran Guyanese broadcaster and media administrator, Terrence O. Holder died on Wednesday Janauay 8, 2014 following a prolonged illness at the age of seventy- three.

Dr Laurence Clairmonte Clarke

Born sixty-two years ago in the East Coast Demerara village of Plaisance, Clarke attended Queen’s College from 1962-1969 where he established a reputation as an outstanding student and a know sportsman.

Delivering education: Realizing effective parent/teacher teamwork

The vast majority of parents send their children off to school every day hoping that they would do well though a smaller number actually address the formal education of their children from the standpoint of a carefully laid out plan designed to – as far as possible – ensure that they do well.

Education: Something to celebrate

The Caribbean Examinations Council marks 40

The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) began its 40th Anniversary celebrations with a series of Interfaith and Thanksgiving Services across the region.

Politics: The political culture and the will of the people

The significance of the outcome of the November 2011 general elections – at least as far as the electorate was concerned – reposed in what we  describe as the “one seat majority,” that is to say the single-seat numerical advantage which the parliamentary opposition holds over the executive in the National Assembly.

Education: The Caribbean Examinations Council at 40:

A Testament to regional assertiveness

By Dr Didacus Jules This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the establishment of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC), It is a significant watershed, perhaps insufficiently observed in the Caribbean. 

Society: Apartheid in the Americas: Are you Haitian?

The implications of the ruling of September 23 by the Constitutional Tribunal of the Dominican Republic, stripping citizenship from the offspring of non-resident Haitians born in the Dominican Republic, where nationality is conferred jus soli, by place of birth, are only beginning to be understood by the international community with the OAS, Amnesty International, and the governments of Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, St Vincent and the Grenadines, openly condemning the violation of human rights it represents.

Gender: Entrapped

The concerns expressed by this teenaged victim of sexual harassment have led us to exclude her name from this story and to otherwise disguise our approach to the interview to protect her identity.

Books: Shipwrecked

Amos Sarrouy’s conversation with 2013 winner of the Guyana Prize for Literature, Ruel Johnson

The records that were available to me indicate that the first book ever published about Guyana was The Discoverie of the Large, Rich, and Beautiful Empyre of Guiana (With a Relation of the Great and Golden Citie of Manoa (Which the Spanyards call El Dorado) and of the Provinces of Emeria, Aromaia, Amapaia, and Other Countries, with Their Riulers, Adjoyning by Sir Walter Raleigh, an Englishman in 1596. 

People: A Conversation with Ras Leon Saul

Guyana Review: Take us back to your formative years as a writer. Ras Leon: I was first a primary school teacher, then an Accounts clerk in the Ministry of Health before becoming an Information Officer in the Ministry of Information and Culture.

Frontiers:Gunboat diplomacy

Venezuela’s threat to Guyana’s fourth frontier

By David A Granger MP, Leader of the Opposition   The expulsion of an unarmed, seismic survey vessel from Guyana’s exclusive economic zone by a Venezuelan naval corvette was a dangerous and egregious exhibition of gunboat diplomacy.

The Guyana Review story, 1993-2013

The Guyana Review news magazine celebrated its 20th anniversary in February 2013 and, in so doing, set a record for longevity in the local periodicals industry.

Guyana Review: Keeper of the shrine

“In discussing our contemporary shambles, almost every visitor to this country ultimately comes round to asking about local publications of the nature of this one. 

A crisis of child abuse in Guyana

By Karen De Souza Most adults in Guyana agree – without even thinking about it – on how to treat very young children.

An unlikely heroine

It would not be altogether surprising if it transpired that the Government of Guyana finds it discomfiting the United States Secretary of State John Kerry has deemed Guyanese woman miner Simona Broomes a “hero” for her efforts to try to suppress the practice of Trafficking In Persons (TIP) in Guyana.

Fighting HIV/AIDS in our workplaces

Launched in May 2005, the Guyana Business Coalition for HIV/AIDS continues to strengthen the foundation created under the first phase of the Guyana HIV/AIDS Reduction and Prevention (GHARP) Programme. As part of its ongoing public awareness effort the coalition agreed to be interviewed by The Guyana Review about its thrust and its accomplishments over the years.

Q. Have you been able to measure the impact which the Coalition has had on employer responses to HIV/AIDS at the workplace?

What makes a convivial investment climate?

Address by Canadian High Commissioner David Devine at Guyana Investment Forum June 27, 2013 Globally, the demand for investment dollars is becoming increasingly limited and competitive. 

Jean Kingston: Talented Theatre Teacher

Long before she begun to attract wider attention for her work with schoolchildren participating in the Ministry of Education’s National Schools Drama Festival, Jean Kingston had been pursuing a love affair with the theatre.

Intimate partner violence in Guyana: Who cares anyway?

  There is something frighteningly repetitive about media reports regarding women… wives, paramours, girlfriends, all of whom   share the common fate of having been brutalized, abused and often slaughtered in the most heinous ways by intimate partners.

Lessons from our Tenth Parliament

After the results of the 2011 general elections and the consequences for the mathematics of the National Assembly had become clear, a fairly sizeable constituency of Guyanese roundly applauded the verdict of the electorate.

Patois in Trinidad and Tobago

From John Jacob Thomas to Lawrence D Carrington

Dr Jo-Anne S Ferreira   Many popular myths surround Patois (known to linguists as French Creole or French-lexicon Creole), one of which, is that it is not a ‘real’ language, or that it lacks a ‘real’ grammar, or that it cannot be written, or that it is ‘simplified’ French.

Recollecting Courtney Gibson

It surprised me considerably that the turnout at the St. Sidwell’s Anglican Church Memorial Service for the late Courtney Gibson included few of his contemporaries; I wondered whether it was that news of the event might not have reached them up to that time; but then it occurred to me that we live in a society where word gets around and once I got to thinking that there was probably no good reason why news of the event did not get around the circuit of Courtney’s contemporaries, I begun to reflect on times past and how different it was ‘in those days.’ News of Courtney’s death had reached me via Bert Wilkinson.

Archibald Moore – A CXC Architect

“The history of the Caribbean Examina-tions Council cannot be written without the name Archibald Moore occupying a stellar position.

Towards a local publishing house

By Barrington Braithwaite The issue of publishing and the national ethos has never been treated with deserving seriousness.

A wanderer’s tale

Canadian traveller Amos Sarrouy who is visiting Guyana as part of his journey of discovery writes about his soujourn in South America

When I first came to South America I wasn’t sure what to expect.