Is cheese better than butter for heart health?

(Reuters) – Doctors and nutritionists have long  recommended avoiding all animal fats to trim cholesterol, but  Danish researchers say cheese may not be so bad, and probably  shouldn’t be placed in the same category as butter.

Poor states have less wiggle room as risks rise: IMF

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A sharp slowdown in world growth would increase the risk of recession in poorer countries, whose budgets have barely recovered from the last economic slump just two years ago, the IMF said yesterday.

Monti to wind up consultations on Italy government

ROME (Reuters) – Italy’s Prime Minister-designate Mario Monti concludes consultations today to form a new government, one he hopes will last until 2013 and sort out Italy’s deep economic problems.

Yemen’s Saleh says ready to step down in 90 days

SANAA (Reuters) – Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh said yesterday he was ready to step down within 90 days of reaching a deal on a formal process for implementing a Gulf initiative aimed at ending the nine-month-old crisis in his country.

Syria faces growing world pressure to halt bloodshed

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Jordan’s King Abdullah told Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad yesterday he should step down and the European Union added pressure with more sanctions after the Arab League’s surprise suspension of Damascus for its violent crackdown on protests.

EU ministers postpone decision on new Iran sanctions

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European Union foreign ministers spoke out in favour of tougher sanctions against Iran yesterday, but decided to wait until their next meeting on Dec 1 before taking further action.

Obama, Hu air economic disputes at APEC summit

HONOLULU, (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack  Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao presented duelling trade  agendas at a Pacific summit on Saturday that underscored growing  tensions between the world’s two biggest economies.

Canada eyes Asia after U.S. delays Keystone project

HONOLULU, (Reuters) – Canada will try to sell more  of its energy products to Asia after Washington delayed a  decision on whether to approve the Keystone XL Canada-to-Texas  oil pipeline project, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said.

Monti named to head new Italy government

ROME, (Reuters) – Italy’s president appointed  former European Commissioner Mario Monti yesterday to head a new  government charged with implementing urgent reforms to end a  crisis that has endangered the whole euro zone.

Arab League suspends Syria, demands end to killing

CAIRO (Reuters) – The Arab League suspended Syria and called on its army to stop killing civilians in a surprise move yesterday that some Western leaders said should prompt tougher international action against President Bashar al-Assad.

China’s Hu urges bigger voice for emerging nations

HONOLULU (Reuters) – President Hu Jintao sought to soothe the nerves of foreign businesses over market conditions in China  yesterday and vowed to boost his country’s global role amid growing uncertainty and trade protectionism.

Berlusconi resigns, crowds in Rome celebrate

ROME (Reuters) – Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi resigned yesterday, ending one of the most scandal-plagued eras in recent Italian history amid the jeers of thousands of protesters gathered in central Rome to celebrate his departure.

Huge blast kills 17 at Iran military base

TEHRAN (Reuters) – A massive explosion at a military arms depot near the Iranian capital Tehran yesterday killed 17 Revolutionary Guards and wounded 15, a spokesman for the elite fighting force told the semi-official Fars news agency.

Papademos sworn in to lead party-packed Greek cabinet

ATHENS, (Reuters) – Technocrat Prime Minister  Lucas Papademos took office on Friday to save Greece from  bankruptcy, heading a coalition cabinet filled with many of the  same politicians who led the nation into crisis and pushed the  euro zone to the brink of collapse.

Cuba seeks Brazil aid to boost farm production

SAO PAULO,  (Reuters) – Cuba is seeking a credit of  $200 million from Brazil to import agricultural machinery and  technology in hopes of increasing food output and reducing its  reliance on imports, a Brazilian official said yesterday.

MF Global bust erodes trust in brokerages

NEW YORK,  (Reuters) – Almost two weeks after the  bankruptcy of commodities firm MF Global, customers at rival  firms are all asking the same question: How safe is my money?

Reuters World News Highlights

ROME – Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is expected  to resign on Saturday, making way for an emergency government  and ending one of the most scandal-plagued eras in Italy’s  post-war history.

Ireland’s former richest man declared bankrupt

BELFAST,  (Reuters) – Ireland’s former richest  man, Sean Quinn, was declared bankrupt yesterday after having  bet the family fortune on the shares of Ireland’s most  notoriously profligate bank just before it collapsed.

Papademos named PM to claw Greece out of crisis

ATHENS, (Reuters) – Greece named banker Lucas  Papademos as head of a new crisis government on Thursday, ending  the country’s chaotic search for a leader to save it from  default, bankruptcy and expulsion from the euro zone.   

New review questions benefit of cutting down on salt

LONDON,  (Reuters) – Reducing salt in the diets of the  general population may not have an overall positive health  impact, according to a review of more than 160 scientific  studies published yesterday.