The education COI: A perspective

Even allowing for the fact that the Com-mission of Inquiry (COI) into the state of education in Guyana required a good deal of investigatory leg work (and a good deal of contemplation and analysis, as well) that would have taken the Commissioners into the various remote corners of the country, it took too long (a year or thereabouts) before we finally arrived at the juncture of a preliminary report on the findings of the undertaking.

GPL’s blackouts and losses

For the year 2016, the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) again failed to meet pivotal benchmarks including those pertaining to overall systems losses and the number of blackouts and their duration.


Venezuela is at a dangerous political juncture. One possibility is that President Nicolás Maduro could finally retreat from what is an untenable position, and allow the return of genuine democracy.

Redemption Songs

Four days ago, inmates of the Frederick Street prison in Port of Spain held a poetry reading.

Political will needed to improve circumstances of elderly

As was noted in yesterday’s editorial, a collaborative workshop by the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Social Protection and the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) announced the impending development of a Strategic Plan for the care of the elderly in Guyana.

Looking out for the elderly

A report last week that Guyana was moving to draft a strategic plan for elderly care was welcome news, especially the knowledge that said plan would ensure that seniors’ rights are respected and upheld.

National Library

A cloth banner, about eight feet wide and four feet high, attached to the wrought iron grillwork fence of the National Library at Church and Main streets reads: The National Library in collaboration with the University of Guyana and other special libraries celebrates Library Week 2017 April 23-28 “Facing the Future Information Literacy in a Changing Technological landscape” The last three words of the theme “changing technological landscape” suggests a change in the function of the library in the future.

Can the present UG administration deliver the institution from its political prison?

No astute witness to the cataclysmic decline of the University of Guyana over the years would seriously challenge the view that the prevailing conditions at the institution are, in large measure, a function of the debilitating diet of crass political intervention that it has had to endure and much of which has manifested itself in some of the most unenlightened and counterproductive feuding between the country’s two main political parties.

Nurse Marks and Ms Joseph

As stated in yesterday’s editorial, the complaint by nurse, Ms Sherlyn Marks against the former Region Five councillor Ms Carol Joseph raises issues as it relates to protection of whistleblowers and whether the transfer of the nurse was a blatant attempt to punish her for being forthright.

Whistleblowing and transfers

Last week we reported on the case of a Berbice nurse, Ms Sherlyn Marks, who was transferred from the Fort Wellington Hospital after her complaints relating to a Region Five Councillor, Ms Carol Joseph became public.

Tilting at Pyongyang

President Trump’s imaginary ”armada” – a description that suggests a certain historical illiteracy – has set the stage for a genuine military confrontation with North Korea.

KSM Investments factory

On April 15, 2017 a new multi-million dollar investment was unveiled in Guyana, uniquely labelled as both “state-of-the-art” in terms of the technology involved, and “first of its kind” indicating its singular presence in Guyana and the Caribbean.

Day of the Sun

Last Saturday, 15th April was the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, founder leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (commonly referred to as North Korea), and observed as the Day of the Sun, the most important national holiday in that country.

Gold mining and the environmental tradeoff

Nothing has happened over the years to persuade informed observers that government is even remotely close to securing the upper hand in the fight against serious environmental transgression by mining operations in remote regions of Guyana to which, as a general rule, we pay less than merited attention.   


In a blunt statement in response to a column in the Guyana Chronicle by presidential advisor on the environment, Rear Admiral (ret’d) Gary Best, the Director of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative, Per Pharo has set out in stark terms what decisions have to be made by the government here to access monies accrued under the 2009 forest protection partnership.

Grade Six Assessment

A former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education under the PPP/C administration, Mr Hydar Ally, had a letter published in this newspaper on Good Friday.

Bureau of Statistics

For the first time since its establishment in 1957, Guyana’s Bureau of Statistics has moved into its own dedicated building – the former Customs House on Main Street.

Lip service

Just how gullible the government thinks Guyanese are was revealed on Tuesday in the news that the Cabinet had decided that the Value-Added Tax (VAT) would remain applicable to private school tuition fees, but would be reviewed in the preparation for next year’s budget.

China and Tibet

As the spring thaw continued, it was an interesting week in the world of politics.

Seizure of computers from Enmore NDC

On Thursday, the eGovernment Project Execution Unit, accompanied by the State Assets Recovery Unit (SARU),  descended on the Enmore/Hope Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) and seized 15 computers.

Missionaries in schools

Last month through letters to this newspaper, the public’s attention was drawn to visits to some of our secondary schools by a US missionary group called the Faithful Word Baptist Church, led by Pastor Steven Anderson.

Red Lines in Syria

As President Trump announced his decision to authorize a “targeted military strike” against “Syrian dictator” Bashar Al-Assad on Friday morning, he spoke of America’s “vital national security interests” in responding to the use of chemical weapons in Idlib earlier this week.