The Turkeyen tragedy

No one who is familiar with the faltering academic standards and squalid physical conditions at the University of Guyana’s central Turkeyen campus should have been surprised at the desperate tone of Vice-Chancellor Dr James Rose’s address to the 40th convocation congregation.

National security advisers

Does the President need a national security adviser to analyse the abundant amount of raw information that passes through his office and to coordinate the myriad security agencies and programmes in the country?

Reality show?

Racial slurs targeted at famous Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty on the popular Channel 4 television show in Britain, Celebrity Big Brother, have been around the world and back and the issue has since taken on international proportions.

The Kindness of Strangers

The world grew a little colder, and larger, last July when the BBC revealed that “‘six degrees of separation’ may be the academic equivalent of an urban myth.” The phrase had come from a famous 1967 experiment in which the sociologist Stanley Milgram asked a random sample of people in Kansas and Nebraska to deliver a letter to a ‘target’ in Boston, using only people they knew on a first-name basis.

The Mazaruni menace

More of a quaint, 19th century, Victorian heritage site than a national maximum security penitentiary, the Mazaruni Prison has once again become the scene of an escape of some of its desperate inmates.

Another prison break

Friday afternoon’s escape of nine inmates from the Mazaruni penal facility and the shooting of four members of the joint services is just another manifestation of the precarious state of the nation’s security.

The Health Facilities Licensing Bill

Partly owing to the contretemps over the Gambling Prevention (Amendment) Bill which seeks to legalize casinos, the Health Facilities Licensing Bill perhaps did not receive quite the same degree of publicity last week which it otherwise might have done.

Political correctness

Last year, the Amerindian People’s Association attempted to have the National Assembly alter the title of the Amerindian Act by using the term ‘Indigenous’ rather than ‘Amerindian.’ The African Cultural and Development Association similarly passed a resolution calling upon the authorities to use the term ‘African’ rather than ‘negro’ or ‘black.’ To some, these demands might seem frivolous but language is powerful and ought not to be used to cause offence, particularly to ethnic and cultural communities, to denigrate and disparage disadvantaged groups or to undermine the dignity of persons.


Having crossed into the new year and VAT land no one was expecting that the experience was going to be smooth.

Citizen security

Responding to the surge in violent crime over the last six years, the Administration adopted a multi-dimensional approach that relies not solely on the Guyana Police Force but also on creating parallel schemes based on the greater involvement of citizens and their communities.

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