One of the things which makes Guyana such a challenge for any newcomer is the absence of civility.

Building national pride

Guyana is a country that has been so blessed geographically and culturally that it is usual to refer to it as having rich potential in terms of its mineral wealth, its flora and fauna, and its people, who have been known to excel in all fields of endeavour in countries where they have taken up residence.

Uniforms: Identity, pride and discipline

Police officers, soldiers, firemen, nurses, security guards, scouts and guides, as well as prison officers wear uniforms which make them easily recognizable in a professional setting.

Blueprint for local sports organisations

On the 29th April this year the Department of Tourism within the Ministry of Business held a Sports Tourism/Workshop which brought together sports associations, business and tourism entities, and the diplomatic corps with the aim of identifying the lines of action needed for the development of a successful sports tourism industry.

An opportunity for local athletics

It may well come as a surprise to many Guyanese to know that Sports Tourism – international travel to participate in or view sport-related activities is reportedly worth an amount in excess of US$600 million a year, and has been growing at the rate of around 6 per cent annually over the past decade or so.

Responsibility for July 9th

Whenever your main penitentiary is obliterated by arsonists within and the main plotters make a clean escape and haven’t been recaptured a week later, the country faces a major problem.

July 9

After a week has passed, citizens still do not know exactly what happened at the Camp Street Prison last Sunday, or the timeline of events.

Liu Xiaobo’s courage

In the final weeks of his life, Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo was granted a brief respite from the usual rigours of his 11-year prison sentence for “incitement to subvert state power.”  His relocation to a prison ward in Shenyang brought him the company of his beloved wife Liu Xia, but left time for little else.

Electronic prison records

On a mundane Sunday afternoon on July 9 last, a remarkable thing occurred: the deeply ingrained inertia and reactionary mindset that characterises the current administration was suddenly and dramatically exposed.

Maximum security

Guyana’s season of fear has had an unnecessary, though not totally unexpected extension wrought by Sunday’s well-planned, well-executed prison breakout where fire was used as a diversionary measure.

Garbage crisis

It strains credulity to think that two by no means large local private sector companies have been able to remain in business in circumstances where, together, they are owed amounts totalling well in excess of $300 million for essential services which they have been rendering to the capital for years.

Getting to the truth of the $632m drug purchases

Step by step the country is being brought closer to a clear understanding of the whopping single-sourcing of $632m in supposedly emergency drug purchases by the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) earlier this year.

The failed bank robbery

The name of the third deadly sin rolled off many a commentator’s tongue following the abortive robbery on Republic Bank last Tuesday.

America’s distracted media

Last week, with his habitual lack of concern, President Trump tweeted a link to an Internet meme which remixed footage of him at a WrestleMania event so that he appeared to body-slam someone with a CNN logo superimposed on their head.

Business and taxation

At the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) dinner held last month, Minister of Finance Winston Jordan, in his delivery to those assembled, more than hinted at an inertia gripping the private sector in terms of innovation when he charged them with, “Don’t wait for the government to lead the way; you, the private sector, are the proverbial engine of growth.

The next big thing

In our Tuesday edition, we ran a column by Miami-based Argentinian writer Andres Oppenheimer in which he bemoaned the lack of innovation emanating from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Aubrey Williams’ Timehri murals

In February, 1970, some members of the Caribbean Artists Movement (CAM), a group based in London, England travelled to Guyana for ‘A Caribbean Writers and Artists Convention’, organized by the government as part of the country’s celebrations on becoming a republic.

Minister Broomes’s house rental 

Embedded in the house rental for Minister Simona Broomes are two important questions for the government: the basis on which decisions are made on emoluments for its senior officials and having made these decisions, whether it is prepared to be fully transparent about them.

Grade Six Assessment

The Grade Six Assessment results were announced on Friday, and as in previous years the high-flyers recorded a truly impressive performance.

The Muse of History

Today Canada marks 150 years of Confederation with lavish firework displays, celebrations and concerts.

Standing still

There are several disturbing things that the current rainy season has forced into the spotlight.