Juvie centre fire a cautionary tale

On Monday last around 6 pm accused offenders housed at the Juvenile Detention Centre in Sophia, Georgetown, somehow managed to set a mattress on fire, which resulted in minor injury—from smoke inhalation—to three inmates of the facility.

The Chenapau arrests

The arrests of 20 persons two weekends ago in the Region Eight village of  Chenapau and the subsequent decision not to have charges pursued against them exposes the clumsiness and disorder in the government, not dissimilar to what preceded it.

Special court

It would be safe to say, given the low population of Guyana, that domestic violence has become a major scourge of this nation, contributing, along with suicide and wanton criminality to a loss of ethos.

Waste not, want not

In April, the Stabroek News Business section had reported on a glut in greens and vegetables on the local market. Prices were so low as to tempt consumers to buy more, but greens and vegetables are perishable items, which do not last long even when refrigerated.

Ministerial travel

A recurring theme in the broader political criticism of the Burnham and Hoyte administrations by the then opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) had to do with what the PPP felt was the high cost to the nation of financing the diplomatic service as it related to frequent travel, salaries and allowances in addition to the residential costs of keeping a number of diplomats at post in foreign counties.

Procurement blunders

Some of the procurement bloopers presided over by the current administration just couldn’t be made up. An “emergency”  purchase of Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) under the Ministry of the Presidency is still to be delivered 17 months after it was ordered for no less than the National Intelligence Centre.  

Referendum and discrimination

This government has done some strange things since coming into office, but there can be few more bizarre than its most recent proposal to put to referendum whether or not a minority group should continue to be discriminated against in law.

Reality show politics

This week in Israel, President Trump told  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a roomful of Israelis that, “As you know, Rex, the Secretary of State, has done an incredible job, we just got back from the Middle East …” Most of the room was too tactful to express their surprise at the statement, but in a moment of exasperation, Israel’s ambassador to the United States covered his face with his right hand.

‘Commercial hubs’

At the inaugural Municipal Conference 2017, held recently, President David Granger challenged Mayors of the nine local municipalities to transform their municipalities into “commercial hubs”,  putting into sharp focus the lack of sustainable development planning that has plagued literally all municipalities in Guyana over the years.

Less than sweet

Among the wars raging in the world the latest is the war on sugar. With research having proven that sugar is largely to blame for the pandemic of obesity and its spinoffs – chronic non-communicable diseases like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and some cancers – many developed countries are moving to tax foods which contain certain amounts of this ingredient.

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