The curse of the Kiwis

The Kiwi bird is a real odd ball. It is classified as a member of the Apterygidae family and a member of the ratite group, a set of large flightless birds. 

BCGI’s Russian management

A full year and more after the then Minister of Social Protection Volda Lawrence had announced that with effect from October 2016 workers employed by the Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc (BCGI) the majority Russian-owned bauxite company would be exempt from taxes on overtime and premium hours worked, the management of the company has finally agreed to leave the monies where they belong, (with the workers’ wages) rather than disdainfully brush aside the directive of a Minister of Government and remit the deducted amounts to the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA).

Four budgets later

While it has been agreed broadly that this year’s budget is unlikely to create major dissent, its holding nature raises serious questions about whether its fiscal and policy prescriptions are underpinned by any larger vision or even conviction.

Going green

No one ever accused the PPP/C of being endowed with any great sense of aesthetics, let alone a sensitivity to our material heritage.

A surreal presidency

Earlier this week US President Donald Trump shared inflammatory anti-Muslim videos, originally circulated by an ultranationalist British group, without comment or explanation.

Standard Operating Procedures

The United States led invasion of Iraq which began in 2003 saw the Abu Ghraib scandal emerging as one of the more infamous fallouts of that war.

It’s on us

The first official report on a series of rare and unusual illnesses causing death in young men was published by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on June 5, 1981.


We have often heard the terms ‘right time, right place’ and ‘timing is everything in life,’ but do we ever take the time to sit and reflect on these sayings, or do we just not have the time, or simply cannot be bothered to make the time?

The sexual grooming disclosure

To say that the recent reports of the sexual grooming of students of the Bishops High School by a male teacher triggered a level of public response that, at times, came perilously close to a social media feeding frenzy, is not to suggest in the slightest that the disclosure does not warrant a serious and decisive official response.

AFC’s capitulation

While the AFC’s capitulation to APNU/PNCR on the GECOM Chairmanship and constitutional reform has left it divided and struggling to stay relevant, an even bigger loss to national politics and public life is the cynicism that will now attend attempts by any political force or civil society group to carve out space to expand dialogue and representation.


After almost a week of public allegations of sexual abuse in one of the country’s top schools, some decisions were arrived at on Friday by a committee set up by the Ministry of Education. 

Free speech in a global village

In 1942 large numbers of American GIs were posted to Britain, forcing the world’s two leading English-speaking cultures to take stock of each other.

The Smart Classroom

As technology advances generally, and developments in information technology in particular, continue to refine the way we live, it is no surprise that the concept of e-Learning has taken hold in classrooms of many countries of the world.

Allegations of misconduct in the local education sector have been around for years.

Change the culture

Allegations of misconduct in the local education sector have been around for years.

Lost World

The borders of Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil collide at the site of Mount Roraima, the tallest of the Pakaraima Mountains.

‘Calling time’ on Robert Mugabe

In a matter of days Zimbabwe has drifted from decades of stable government, albeit undergirded by de facto one-party rule and a President who, after thirty-seven years in office, appeared likely to govern the country for as long as he pleased, to a condition bearing a suspicious resemblance to a Kafkaesque farce.

Coalition relations

With the GECOM chairmanship now to be adjudicated by the courts and the likelihood of appeals, it is worthwhile addressing what the controversy has disclosed about the governing coalition, particularly the relationship between the executive/presidency/APNU and the AFC.

Suriname and health meetings

Disease is no respecter of borders, which is why a regional meeting of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) comprising representatives from Guyana, Brazil and Suriname convened early this month to discuss indigenous health in their common border areas.

The destruction of Yemen

On the eve of the 2016 US election, the UN envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed warned reporters in the capital Sanaa that: “People are dying … the infrastructure is falling apart… and the economy is on the brink of abyss.” At the time, Yemen – the region’s poorest country even before its civil war – had endured more than a year of airstrikes by a Saudi-led and US- and UK- supported coalition.

Cannabis and the trend towards legalisation

Scientific name: Cannabis, it is also known as hemp, marijuana, ganja and “weed” (particularly in Jamaica and the Caribbean) among a host of other aliases.

Do the right thing

A little over a week ago, secondary school teacher and actress Kescia Branche was found unconscious at the side of the road; she died a few days later without regaining consciousness and even now detectives are retracing her last steps so as to find the person or persons responsible and bring them to justice.

Second warning

Two days ago, on Monday, November 13th, the World was put on notice for the second time in twenty-five years by the Union of Concerned Scientists. 

Time for Central Government to ‘call out’ City Hall

News late last week that City Hall is seeking a government bailout in excess of $400 million to liquidate its indebtedness to the two companies which, up until recently, had been the capital’s two biggest waste disposal entities, bares the full extent of the travails of the municipality.

PSC proposal for Enmore

The disclosure that the Private Sector Commission (PSC) has tendered a proposal to take over the running of the Enmore Sugar Estate is most welcome.