Interesting times?

There is an ancient Chinese curse that reads, “May you live in interesting times.” Those words do not immediately summon any thoughts of foreboding, but when we consider the events that have occurred since the beginning of 2017, and we are scarcely three months in, it becomes obvious even to the casual observer that very “interesting times” are indeed upon us here in Guyana.

Righting the wrongs

One of the most inexplicable things in this country is that regardless of how often or how long power outages are, there is never a commensurate reduction in one’s electricity bill.

Wherein lies the truth?

Truth is stranger than fiction, or is it the other way round nowadays? Whenever one looks at, or listens to the news today, one ‘s immediate tendency is to lightly absorb any political news since the following broadcast will provide alternative facts to it, or dismiss the prior announcement as fake news.

West Indies cricket…again

After the ignominy of the West Indies’ utter humiliation in the last of their three-game limited overs encounter against England on Thursday, the BBC TV sports news on the following day didn’t even trouble itself to report on the outcome of the game.

Emergency procurement of $605m in drugs

In Wednesday’s edition, Stabroek News reported that the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) had applied to the Chairman of the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) for approval for the emergency purchase of a whopping $605m worth of drugs from Trinidadian conglomerate ANSA McAL.

Phagwah and Diwali

As we reported yesterday, the Department of Culture held its own celebration of Phagwah on Friday with singing, dancing, tassa drumming and a presentation on the significance of the event.

Who can solve the North Korean crisis?

The scandal-driven dismissal of South Korean president Park Geun-hye could not have come at a worse time. Not only has the Democratic Republic of North Korea (DPRK) recently flaunted its long range missiles, but its assassination of the supreme leader’s exiled half-brother – which South Korea correctly described as an act of terrorism – shows that Kim Jong-un is in no mood for diplomatic compromises.

Private education VAT

President David Granger, as we have noted in these columns before, appears to prefer to give his ministers free reign to fully manage their own ministries, and he himself has said on occasion that he does not “micro-manage”, with reference to the affairs at City Hall and also with respect to the operations of the Guyana Police Force.

Less talk, more action

At the beginning of this week, the Guyana Police Force held a ceremony to launch five training sessions for officers under the theme, ‘Forging Ahead with Professionalism and Intelligence-led Policing in Collaboration with Stakeholders’.

The mega farms MOU and regional food security

Up to about three years ago, there had been a great deal of intra-regional chatter about the need for the Caribbean Community (Caricom) to move to significantly reduce the extent of its spending on extra-regional food imports and focus more policy attention and resources on increasing agricultural production.

Third term

In 2009, a mysterious campaign got underway to elect then President Bharrat Jagdeo to a third term. The election was due in 2011, and Mr Jagdeo was barred from standing as a presidential candidate for the PPP because the Constitution limited presidents to two terms, which he would have already served in full by that time.

Valuing Snapchat

Two days ago the parent company of the popular messaging application Snapchat, ended its first day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange 44 per cent above its initial offering price.


Last month the issue of vigilantism and justice was once again brought sharply into focus when police charged no less a personage than a regional councillor and two other persons for allegedly murdering a young fisherman, who attempted to snatch a shoulder bag from a young lady.

Sea of fabrication

Years ago, when anyone wanted to get at (or get back at) someone for a perceived wrong or as a result of envy, the trick was to find whoever the worst gossip in the community was and start a rumour.

Kim’s nuclear toys

The American President, Donald Trump’s war with the media over ‘fake news’ may be attracting the attention of the world on a daily basis, but on the other side of the globe the Kim dynasty  and their stranglehold on power in North Korea  continues to grow as it approaches its seventh decade.

Public Service CoI recommendations’ delay

Immediately on his assumption to office in May 2015 President David Granger signalled his concern that the quality of the service delivered by the Guyana Public Service be enhanced to better match the national need by setting up a Com-mission of Inquiry (CoI) into the Public Service of Guyana.

Cabinet’s no-objection

After great expectations that the long-awaited Public Procurement Commission (PPC) would immediately relieve government of the responsibility of giving the green light to contracts over $15m, the public has now been told differently.


Tomorrow will mark the 254th anniversary of the outbreak of the 1763 uprising.  It did not start on the 23rd February, as is popularly supposed, and it did not have its genesis on Plantation Magdalenenburg in Canje, again as is popularly supposed.

The long view

Two days ago, during a trip to Lebanon that was intended to strengthen her foreign policy credentials, the leader of  France’s National Front party paid a visit to the Grand Mufti of Beirut, the country’s leading religious authority.

Lead from the front

Just before the 2015 general election, then Opposition Leader David Granger made a speech about changing the political culture in the country noting that the coalition had come together because the nation was at breaking point.


On Sunday the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall was the scene of a ferocious competition.  There was no ball in play, no fistic fury and the competitors armed with sticks did not physically engage each other at any time.

A bad time for grandstanding

Between them, it took the coalition administration and the Private Sector Commission (PSC) a little over a day to confirm what had long been apparent, that is, that the relationship between the private sector and the government, post the 2015 general elections, has never really come to be characterized by any real warmth. 

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