Regular congestion at this junction

Dear Editor, I have been caught up several mornings in the congestion that occurs at the junction west of David and Sheriff streets.

Linden needs an elected mayor

Dear Editor, I find it quite strange, as the festive season is almost upon us, that the town council at Linden would seek to demolish the stalls of the struggling small businesses.

Ms Taylor has not received justice

Dear Editor, I read in Stabroek News on 07.10.27 about the dismissal in the case of the Ministry of Labour vs Cab’s Hardware and General Store.

The venue is not ideal

Dear Editor, The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) will be holding consultations with the Afro Guyanese community on November 15 and 16 to address our perceived needs.

Remembrance Day is a colonial hangover

Dear Editor, It is noteworthy that on Sunday (Nov 11, 2007), President Jagdeo joined acting Prime Minister Clement Rohee, other government officials, members of the disciplined forces, the Scouts’ Association, the diplomatic corps and veteran soldiers in laying wreaths at the Remembrance Day monument site, the Cenotaph.

Mr Burke describes his party as a catastrophic failure

Dear Editor, At last, we have an honest assessment of the PNCR. Many people knew from the start what this party truly represents; though Mr Rickford Burke would have you think the many characteristics he describes in his letter captioned “The PNC is on the brink of irrelevance, I call on Robert Corbin to resign” (07.11.11) are all recent occurrences.

Two of these were wanted men

Dear Editor, I refer to Mr Tacuma Ogunseye’s letter captioned “The situation that African Guyanese are confronted with requires a political response” (07.11.

The use of alcohol is a substantial contributor to child abuse

Dear Editor, Several organizations have dealt with the appalling problem of child abuse at length, most notably the World Health Organization in concert with the International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN).

Culture is not a static condition, it responds dynamically to new factors

Dear Editor, Recent letter writers, including the accomplish- ed Harold Bascom (13/11/07), on the matter of Guyanese culture being eroded by foreign influences or behaviours, while understandable, appear to be missing an essential point: culture is not a static condition; it is a dynamic one.

Mr Persaud’s Power Point presentation was a rehash of a booklet given to those present

Dear Editor, In his letter captioned “This investment promotion seminar was valuable and Minister Persaud’s presentation was very informative” (07.11.08) Mr Wesley Kirton wrote: “…from the feedback I got at the conclusion of the forum, a majority of the participants were satisfied with the information which Agri-culture Minister Robert Persaud shared…”.