Tourism Authority negotiated lower figures with both marketing companies

Dear Editor, In response to the Stabroek News article entitled `Firms hired through restrictive tendering for tourism drive in North America, Germany’ published on September 6th, 2018, the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) would like to correct the inaccurate contracted amounts mentioned in the article.  

Questions for Minister Gaskin on Esso’s pre-contract costs

Dear Editor, I have 13 questions for Business Minister Dominic Gaskin on Exxon’s Esso’s pre-contract costs 1.By the end of which year does the Minister expect to honour the US$4.4 Billion Pre-Contract Costs claim, referred to by the Public and Government Affairs Officer; Ms.

Summary dismissal of GNNL Finance Controller was perverse

Dear Editor,  In January 2018, the Government of Guyana passed the so-called “Whistle-blower” Law because they want to be associated with the philosophy of “combating corruption by encouraging and facilitating disclosures of improper conduct” from the public sector and private sector officers. 

Providence Housing Scheme neglected

Dear Editor, In 2015, I was of the impression that Guyanese would have experienced the “Good Life” when the APNU+AFC came to power following general elections.

Teachers and their leaders must be commended for standing their ground

Dear Editor, The decision by the government to step back from its earlier announced position, that the  Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) must call off the strike and agree to conciliation before arbitration, is a victory for the union’s leadership and its members.

What happened to the missing steel?

Dear Editor,  I would like to reference an unresolved matter that was raised by the Stabroek News in July 2016 under a new item captioned “Gov’t still awaiting word from Health Ministry on BK $800M steel claims”.

Optimistic about prospects for Skeldon sugar estate

Dear Editor, There is no doubt in my mind that there can be a brighter future for sugar production at Skeldon Estate; what is also becoming a source of increasing encouragement is the recent expansion and enhancement of Skeldon Estate Senior Staff Compound as a recreation and tourism site being run commercially as another income-generating operation which is already attracting increasing usage by residents in the community as well as an increasing number of visitors including foreigners and Guyanese emigrants who return  to the area for various family affairs and who are attracted to the upscale facilities including boarding, lodgings and recreational.

Grateful for West Bank Demerara road works

Dear Editor, I am thankful that the Government of Guyana through its responsible Region 3 units is addressing the years of poor condition of the West Bank Public Road.

A basket without a bottom to fetch oil

Dear Editor, I thought it was made clear in the oil contract our government secretly signed that there are no taxes to collect from ExxonMobil, but only from the shore-based EEPGL.

Bad experience at CPL game

Dear Editor, I purchased six tickets for the CPL game for the 8th of September 2018 for the Guyana stadium.

PUC Complaints Department to the rescue after GPL shines then dims

Dear Editor, Recently, on a Saturday afternoon, two utility poles, one on the northern side and the other on the southern side of our home broke at their bases, bursting some power and telephone lines and disrupting service to several homes in the neighbourhood.

Law school feasibility study

Dear Editor, It was reported in one of the dailies that the Council of Legal Education ( CLE ) was concerned that the feasibility study to set up the proposed Law School did not satisfy the Quality Assurance that is required.

Urgent need for biographies of our hidden heroes

Dear Editor,  The  September 5 editorial in Stabroek News on Stanley E. Brock (1936-2018), who made an important contribution to the development of cattle ranching in the Rupununi when he was a Manager at the Dadanawa Ranch for 15 years (1953-1968) shows the need for someone or a team of persons to compile a “Biographical  Dictionary of Guyanese” to preserve and showcase the contributions made by significant figures, both living and deceased. 

Gold Board has no record of realizing a loss of $47 billion to any company

Dear Editor, With reference to the Guyana Times article of September 6, 2018 headlined ‘Lost $47B Gold Board revenues could have cushioned sugar industry – Jagdeo’, the Guyana Gold Board has no record of realizing a loss of $47 billion to any company during any recent financial period as was reported in said article.

Reports on stray catchers unit were not accurate

Dear Editor, The Ministry of Public Security hereby responds to reports appearing in some sections of the media (Kaieteur News 06-09-2018), (News Room 06-09-2018) of the alleged assault on a woman and a teen by the operatives of the Stray Catcher Unit of the Ministry of Public Security.

However arbitration turns out, it may be a Pyrrhic victory of sorts

Dear Editor, When numbers are so far apart (ranging from 40% to the single digits), there is usually little hope that the increasingly adversarial parties would compromise to find common ground, and binding arbitration is the only accepted route. 

No mention of bandmaster Clement Nichols

Dear Editor, My attention was drawn to an article in the Monday, September 3, 2018 edition of the Guyana Chronicle headlined: ‘Bringing joy through music – celebrating 160 years of the Guyana Police Force Band’s legacy.’ As I perused the article, I searched over and over again for any mention of the name Clement Edwards Nathaniel Nichols and what transpired during his tenure as Bandmaster of the British Guiana Police Force Military Band.

Humans should adore a divinity that is Truth

Dear Editor, In a letter published in SN on September 5 and written by Tacuma Ogunseye we are enjoined to reject self-hate and to return to the ancestral goddesses that we have abandoned.

Disconcerting statement on report of high level task force on teachers wages

Dear Editor, For those who have had substantial experience on either side of the Industrial Relations platform it continues to be puzzling to observe the confusion of views being expressed, again by both sides, on what process is now applicable in the brouhaha between the Ministry of Education and the Guyana Teachers’ Union That either party is sufficiently informed about the relevant legislation and the provisions of normal Collective Agreements, is barely evident, and in some instances mostly tentative.

GTU has been very flexible

Dear Editor, There are many teachers in Guyana who are teachers by day but have started to do the odd jobs on the weekend and at nights to make ends meet. 

Honorary UG doctorates a bad idea

Dear Editor, I write in support of the position taken by Dr. Mark Kirton regarding the award of Honorary Doctorates by the University of Guyana.