Somwaru should resign from the Berbice Cricket Board

Dear Editor, In my 53 years of association with Berbice cricket, I have never heard of such depressingly shameful allegations involving the election of a President of the Berbice Cricket Board, when for the first time in its history an election of the Berbice Cricket Board was alleged to have been conducted by two paid Directors of Cricket West Indies and a resigned president of the Guyana Cricket Board.

Cricket in Berbice has been reduced to rubble

Dear Editor, With the events surrounding the debacle that was the elections of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB), cricket in Berbice has now been reduced to rubble because of the selfishness and unscrupulousness of a few who would do anything to control the game in the region. 

Barrels not brains

Dear Editor, Not so long ago the President commented that Guyana needs brains not barrels.

Piglet fraud

Dear Editor, We have been members of the Guyana Swine Producers Co-op Society Ltd for over two years.

Gaming Authority investigation has a place to start

Dear Editor, I acknowledge and indeed am grateful for Mr Roysdale Forde’s public recognition of the Gaming Authority’s obligations to keep confidential, information that has been submitted to it.

October 1992-May 2015 has been the best post-Independent period of our country

Dear Editor, If we accept that conflicts are concerned with the distribution of power; the confrontation of powers; the distribution of benefits and with satisfying basic human needs and interests, then one can anticipate what will follow when people are unhappy with who governs them and how they are governed, and when the government oppresses them and doesn’t respect or assist them to meet their basic needs.

Ramkarran was shown a lot of respect in Queens

Dear Editor, I write to augment the comments made in the two letters in SN (Oct 10) on Mr Ralph Ramkarran’s presentation in Queens on Oct 8 commemorating the 25th anniversary since the restoration of democratic elections in Guyana. 

There should be a phased reduction in corporation tax rates

Dear Editor, President Granger did not mention the phrase tax reform once in his 2015 manifesto message, while his prime ministerial candidate stated that his team “proposes to restructure the tax recovery system, not to oppress the wage earner, but to catch the tax dodger”. 

Statement was not carried by SN

Dear Editor, On October 6th, 2017 the African Cultural & Development Association released its annual statement on the African Holocaust/Maafa.

GuySuCo has a challenge in its partnership with GAWU

Dear Editor, The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc (GuySuCo) wishes to respond to Mr Seepaul Narine’s letter that was published in the Stabroek News on 7 October, titled ‘GuySuCo should join GAWU to face the challenges of the sugar industry together’.