Not time yet for third party

Dear Editor, Once again, there reigns excitement and optimism in some quarters that a third party(ies) would enter the political fray and be the game-changer and difference maker. 

A word to Guyanese writers

Dear Editor, As a writer myself, I would naively assume that writers are best at writing, while leaving the politicking to politicians.

ICC should give it more thought

Dear Editor, If the International Cricket Council officials find there is a need to clamp down on player participation in domestic T20 leagues, something is wrong.

City worried about many broken roads

Dear Editor, The Mayor and City Council continues to express worry about the condition of many of its roads in different sections of the city.

Ramson has a bone to pick with Jagdeo, Nandlall and Ali

Dear Editor, When I first saw the video of my friend and colleague, Charles Ramson Jr declaring his intention to contest for the PPP Presidential Candidate, I was very disappointed in the choice of words used to justify his candidacy.

There should be a national donation website

Dear Editor, I was in Guyana last week for two ‘back to back’ events; a donation of books, equipment and supplies to the University of Guyana Library on Thursday June 21 and a Full Court sitting on Friday June 22, to honour the memory of my late father Judge Mohamed Shahabuddeen, O.E., S.C.

La Penitence Market should be torn down and rebuilt

Dear Editor, For these August holidays, parents can save themselves a bundle that they would have had to spend taking their children to fancy zoos overseas, or on a safari in some exotic foreign land, to enjoy a vast array of wildlife and nature, by just taking them to visit the La Penitence Market in Georgetown.

GuySuCo should accede to workers justifiable requests

Dear Editor, The GAWU was disappointed to see the comments of GuySuCo’s Corporate Communications Manager, Ms Audreyanna Thomas in the June 28, 2018 Stabroek News relative to a picketing exercise by workers and pensioners of Uitvlugt Estate on June 27, 2018.

As Director, Mr Duncan was involved in discussions about the Chronicle GM position, he is unqualified for the job

Dear Editor, While I consider myself ethically constrained, though not obligated, to refrain from detailed public commentary on issues involving professional positions I hold or held, it would be irresponsible if I, as a former director on the Board of Guyana National Newspapers Limited (GNNL) were not to correct on record claims made by Sherod Duncan in your article, ‘Duncan denies being given preference as Guyana Chronicle GM’ (SN – June 28, 2018) For the purposes of brevity, I will dismiss areas where he was merely economical with the truth. 

Ramson Jr would be a poor choice

Dear Editor, Please allow me space in your letter column to comment on an article I saw in the Kaieteur News yesterday titled ‘Ramson signals desire to be PPPC presidential candidate’.

PPP ‘grey beards’ should step aside

Dear Editor, With the CCJ judgment, the time is long overdue for all the PPP ‘grey beards’ to retreat to their seaside villas and become newspaper letter writers!

These two policemen acted professionally

Dear Editor, I wish to thank Inspector Isaac and Sergeant Henry of the Anna Regina police station for acting on my complaint expeditiously early on Monday, June 25, 2018.