Antigua and Grenada set for referendum on CCJ

Dear Editor, Antigua and Barbuda, and Grenada are to hold referenda on the same day – November 6 – to decide whether or not to accept the Caribbean Court of Appeal (CCJ) as their final court.

Rookatooks a big opportunity for Guyanese musicians

Dear Editor, I believe Guyanese musicians are missing an opportunity teeming with potential to catapult Guyanese music and musicians onto the regional and international stage and establish a money making industry for themselves and Guyana.

Poor GTT response to erratic DSL service

Dear Editor,  It seems we have become so inured to inefficiencies in Guyana that the current erratic DSL internet service in Georgetown is simply accepted as “normal”. 

WPA’s Ogunseye lacks credibility

Dear Editor, I respond to a critique of my views on the WPA by Tacuma Ogunseye in the Stabroek News edition of August 31.

City Hall employees are walking on egg shells

Dear Editor, It is well known that nepotism, cronyism and favouritism have had adverse effects on an organization’s atmosphere wherever it exists, and at the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown it is no different.

Ministry of Education/GTU negotiators need to attend negotiation classes

Dear Editor, I have been following the stand-off between the Ministry of Education and the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) and based upon what has been taking place, I believe, and I might be wrong, that there is a need for the majority of the negotiators to attend negotiation classes, and also for them to familiarize themselves with a published text entitled Negotiating 101 by Peter Sander.

Teachers demand of 40% is not realistic

Dear Editor, Having given more than a handful of years as a teacher in the local environment, I think I am in a fair position to offer a few thoughts on the current threatening wage situation. 

The image of the Police Force is ebbing

Dear Editor, Of late a lot of negative news is appearing on the front pages of our daily papers about crimes allegedly committed by members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), especially the recently enlisted officers.  

Kissoon’s attack on the WPA lacks objectivity

Dear Editor, I write this letter in response to one of Freddie Kissoon’s expressed opinions that was published in the Friday, August 24, 2018 edition of the Kaieteur News (KN), under the caption, “Clive Thomas can damage his credibility”.

Questions of government policy making keep piling up

Dear Editor, Conflicting statements emanating from the Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue and the Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs about fraud in the re-migrant concession scheme are a source of much confusion.

Lyte must lead teachers cause from own inner convictions

Dear Editor, Mark Lyte must lead the cause of Guyana’s teachers from his own inner convictions and not allow himself to be the feed ego of the same now opposition creature whom his colleagues think he believes in, and who was also present in the Customs protest in the 90s.

Not all of these audits were forensic

Dear Editor, Over the past three years there have been lots of writings and discussions on 50 plus forensic audits which were done by reputable Accounting/Auditing Firms and Individual Auditors.

Twenty dollars not 20%

Dear Editor, I write with reference to the editorial in the Tuesday, August 28, 2018 edition of Stabroek News titled `Minibus service standards should be set and regulated by the authorities.’ The editorial noted an increase of 20% in minibus fares.

Preliminary Promotions List for teachers published

Dear Editor, I note Earl John’s excellent, excellent contribution in Stabroek News of Tuesday, August 28, 2018: `Teachers wage dispute should move directly to arbitration.’ I have no wish to make a major public contribution on this controversy at this stage. 

Oil & gas considerations relegating gold sector

Dear Editor, While the national conversation on Guyana’s emerging oil & gas sector has demonstrated our collective commitment to an accountable process, emerging policies and discussions have lacked an inter-industry policy development framework.

Teachers wage dispute should move directly to arbitration

Dear Editor, One simply could not help reflecting on the wanton comment, by the Ministry of Education to the effect that increases granted to Guyana Teachers’ Union would be (automatically) applied to Public Servants!

Naïve Politikles

Dear Editor, Politkles? Was never sure about the name of the cartoon, sorry about that, however most are reasonable satire.

Carib Beer must go beyond public apology for ad

Dear Editor, The Caribbean Voice (TCV) ( joins with other NGOs and Women’s Rights Organizations in calling upon Carib Beer to go beyond a public apology in expressing their contrition for the awful ad that was both offensive and insensitive to women and gender based violence victims and activists in Guyana and the rest of the Caribbean.

Alcohol abuse crisis must be made an elections issue

Dear Editor, Please permit me to make a little contribution in relation to the topical issue of alcohol abuse in the society and my  impulse to being proactive on the subject has been recently recharged having  heard the Opposition Leader complaining about alcohol usage in Parliament, an editorial in one  of the leading dailies, Caitlin Vieira’s the Psychologist and You (Sunday 19th and Sunday 26th August 2018) and now a definitive study reported by AFP (Paris, France)  done by lead researcher Max Griswald at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle, Washington.  

Gobin Harbhajan being targeted

Dear Editor, I have read with keen interest and saw the Evening News and I am convinced that the malicious and vitriolic attack on Mr Gobin Harbhajan is meant to silence him in his fight against corruption perpetrated by officials and other members of the Alliance for Change (AFC).

Callous treatment by midwife at Kumaka Hospital

Dear Editor, As a concerned resident of Moruca. I would like to make those in authority at the regional and national level in the Ministry of Public Health aware of an act of gross neglect and blatant disregard to the code of ethics that encompass the nursing profession.

Problems with GTT landlines

Dear Editor, I have seen a report in the Stabroek News, August 22nd concerning telecommunications matters reporting the CEO, Mr.

Minister of Finance should not bring Deposit Insurance Act into operation until appropriate rate of premium has been actuarially determined

Dear Editor, A recent report of the World Bank discloses that the “hinterland areas, where only 9.6 percent of the total population resided, housed 64 percent of the Guyanese population with acute deprivation in health, education and standard of living.” The report also referred to latest poverty estimates which show that poverty in Guyana is deepest in the rural interior regions at 73.5 percent.