Tangled web

Dear Editor, There is not a day that goes by as we open the pages of the newspapers when there isn’t an item to tickle our funny bones. 

We need to disentangle business from politics

Dear Editor, Many persons know that I hold a view that Guyana has the potential to become the Singapore of South America, however, on our way there, we have to make some fundamental changes.

Music to the ears of cricket fans

Dear Editor, The announcement that the ICC would grant international status to a match to be played in England on May 31 between the Rest of the World and the West Indies, the reigning champions of the shortest form of the game (20 overs), to raise funds to restore cricket grounds in Dominica and Anguilla destroyed by recent hurricanes, will be music to the ears of most fans, because it will generate much interest (both live and on TV), and more importantly, major revenue.

What is happening in the sugar industry as it falls into disrepair?

Dear Editor, When the Trinidad sugar industry was in its death throes, and closure was imminent, I remember a good friend of mine, who was in a senior management position at Caroni to the end, telling me about the chaos which overtook that industry as controls slackened and were lost.

The Korean Women’s Ice Hockey team will be remembered

Dear Editor, The Winter Olympics in South Korea will be remembered for the joint Women’s Ice Hockey team comprising host country South Korea together with North Korea, and although it failed to medal, it turned out to be a win-win outcome for the two arch enemies.

Stoppage of water last Saturday at Cotton Tree was an isolated case

Dear Editor, In response to a letter published in your newspaper on Sunday, February 11, 2018 captioned ‘No explanation for daily water cut-off at Cotton Tree’ by Mr Harry Gill, I would like to rebut the allegations regarding the general water situation in Region 5 and water stoppages at the Cotton Water Treatment Plant over the last two years.

Thanks to staff of Dr Balwant Singh’s Hospital

Dear Editor, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Dr Madhu  Singh and the staff of the Dr Balwant Singh’s Hospital for taking care of me during my 3-day hospitalisation at the institution.

Fake news has always been here

Dear Editor, According to local chatter, another foreign phenomenon has arrived and taken hold of the nation’s attention. 

Earlier letter was intended as encouragement

Dear Editor, I refer to Mr E B John’s letter in yesterday’s edition of SN (Feb 13) captioned ‘National Personnel Officers Association started ‘Breakfast Sessions’, which made reference to mine of the  February 3.