What constitutes a constitutional crisis?

Dear Editor, The issue of a constitutional crisis is being hurled around by political leaders without a comprehensive, detailed fleshed-out position and meaning. 

Time to evict Rusal and find a new investor

Dear Editor, At this  critical stage, it is vital that the Government takes swift pre-emptive action against Rusal as the Company has now embarked on a Stalinist ‘scorched earth policy’ as  indicated  by the disassembling of three huge trucks to  be taken out of the country.

It is time that Jamaica decriminalises abortion

Dear Editor, We, the undersigned social justice and women’s organisations and individual advocates, note the parliamentary consultations on the law on abortion in Jamaica.

Dysfunction, nonchalance in supervising of sugar industry

Dear Editor, The article appearing in SN of Tuesday 5 February, speaks to some fundamental deficits in what are normal organisational relationships, but albeit not inconsistent with governance structures known to us citizens.

Breach in Providence river defence sealed

Dear Editor, During the spring tide a section of the earthen embankment was breached at Providence, East Bank Demerara along the Demerara River which resulted in localized flooding.

Separate talks with company and union

Dear Editor, Vowing not to give one inch, well several feet were given by meeting separately with the company and union in the ongoing industrial saga.

A plain language constitution is needed

Dear Editor, I notice that the erudite and seasoned presence of Dr. David Hinds has taken to the media to raise that very specific issue, which I have been pounding, in my little way, for a while now. 

Charrandass Persaud has traded duty and honour

Dear Editor, In 1998, I was a Member of Parliament and found myself at odds with the policies of the party/government of the day, the PPP; I resigned from Parliament and from the PPP and publicly denounced the lack of democracy in the PPP and their governmental misdirection in developing  Guyana’s economy, among other major mistakes (coalition politics, decentralism of the bureaucracy, making sure to make the private sector the real engine of growth – which the PPP disagreed with).

Football needs a shot in the arm

Dear Editor, Football in totality needs a shot in the arm. The three essential components of football are Administration (the most important), Coaching and Refereeing.

Unfounded attack on reputation of Captain Liverpool

Dear Editor, With reference to Kaieteur News’ article dated 24/02/2019 – ‘Pilot’s recklessness caused crash’- the bereft family members wish to highlight the harmful presumption of this article and question the motive of the source of this unfounded attack on the illustrious reputation of Captain Liverpool.

Training held for linesmen from ports

Dear Editor, The Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) facilitated a training session for Linesmen from several port facilities.

In 2001 and 2006, it was GECOM that advised the Jagdeo gov’t to delay elections

Dear Editor, The letter by Gail Teixeira, “GECOM has no authority to state it is unable to hold elections prior to date being announced, President knowingly causing constitutional crisis” (SN: 1/3/ 2019), is highly disingenuous, especially from someone who has been in public life as long as the Honourable Member of Parliament has.

The public needs to hear from Irfaan Ali

Dear Editor, On the 19th January, 2019, the People’s Progressive Party selected Irfaan Ali as its presidential candidate for the upcoming National and Regional Elections.