Guyanese Americans should vote in NY poll

Dear Editor, I am appealing to Guyanese and other Caribbean Americans to come out to vote tomorrow as well as to become involved in the political campaign; their participation may very well determine the outcome of several close electoral contests in New York and around the country that will impact on their future.

Urgent action needed for overall development of WI cricket

Dear Editor,   I have read and listened to the myriad of exchanges between the parties (WICB, WIPA, BCCI & the WI squad) and the subsequent editorials and other articles from leading media houses and cricket experts and their respective apportionment of blame towards the respective parties.

Opposition needs to press for the return to Parliament and let the PPP face its destiny there

Dear Editor,   I read former Clerk of the National Assembly Frank Narain’s letter (“Clerk of the National Assembly has acted impartially…”  SN – November 1, 2014) and I am disappointed, at best, on the degree to which the writer missed the opportunity to tie his commentary on precedent to the current context of the situation upon which he chose to write.

It was unfair to make a comparison of taxes on the salvaged vehicle with others

Dear Editor, I noted in your newspaper, an article published on October 27, 2014 captioned `GRA Head says bought salvaged Prado at auction’, for which a similar article was previously carried by another newspaper captioned `Auditor General should investigate Sattaur’s vehicle…GRA boss imports Prado for $1.5M’.

Terrible and dangerous contradictions

Dear Editor, Very few people can put up with folks who think the world about themselves and very little-if any of others; folks who foolishly think the world spins for them alone.

Navin had a full and fruitful life

Dear Editor, To Cde Indra, the children and the rest of the family, we the close comrades and friends of Navin express our collective deep grief and sense of loss by celebrating the life of this extraordinary human being, Cde Navin Chandarpal.

A case for the Speaker’s powers?

Dear Editor, I am not an attorney, a constitutional expert, a politician or a current or former member of the National Assembly and therefore do not seek to pronounce on matters of the Assembly.

Cde Navin was able to re-energize the PYO

Dear Editor, It was with profound sadness that I received the news of the untimely death of Navin Chandarpal, a veteran politician, science teacher and lecturer.

Kudos to the Reliance police

Dear Editor, I applaud the police ranks of the Reliance Police Station at East Canje for responding in less than ten minutes to a break-and-enter reported in the wee hours of Wednesday.

Navin was a great raconteur

Dear Editor, I shall miss my friend Navin Chandarpal. A night in his company at the Everest was always a night full of laughter.