Noise abuse on Sheriff Street

Dear Editor,   As I continue to battle for my health where noise abuse continues to be the order of the day on both Sheriff and Seaforth Streets, I wish to expose two recent acts of this cruelty.

It is easier to get a visa from the US Embassy than service from GPL

Dear Editor, I would like to publicly compliment the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) which, under its present CEO, Mr Bharat Dindyal has brought light to places in Guyana that had for so long been in darkness, and for trying to bring relief and excellent management to a most corrupt and difficult utility.

Marijuana prohibition is indefensible

Dear Editor,   Regarding your thoughtful June 14 editorial, the move to decriminalize marijuana in Jamaica will definitely be worth watching.

Musical medley for the presidency

Dear Editor,   I look around, and despite the clamour, perhaps because of it, I am prompted to ask: whither the presidency today?

‘A man’s respect for law and order is in precise relationship to his paycheck’

Dear Editor, Not so long on the programme ‘Broadcast to schools’ I heard the good doctor in his role as teacher in one of his lessons dealing with our national symbols – the pledge and anthem –imploring students to cultivate certain things in their character and then exercise these in order to be considered good citizens.

Linden once had quality roads

Dear Editor, Well known and boisterous political personality and host of the TV programme ‘Under the Microscope’ Mr Ian Halls is never weary of telling ad nauseam which roads are the responsibility of the local authority and which of the central government.

‘Error in article’

Dear Editor, I would like to point out an error in the article about me in the June 13 Stabroek News, on page 14.

A tragedy of errors

Dear Editor, It is indeed heartening to hear the evaluation by the Head of State, which equates the current condition of the Mayor and City Council to a ‘disaster,’ albeit, if not appearing to do so, distancing the administration from any negative contribution to the situation.

More on proofing errors

Dear Editor, I followed a letter about proofreading and what it entails (‘Too many proofreading errors’ SN, June 11).

Unfamiliar with day-to-day politicking?

Dear Editor, I refer to a letter by Mr Gokarran Sukdeo in SN of June 14, headlined, ‘Green and the PPP are the problem not the solution.’ He wrote the following of Dolly Hassan: “I always admired her writings – always refreshingly interjected with creative metaphors and images…Dolly admitted she was not conversant with the day-to-day politicking in Guyana… she still cherishes the memories of the indomitable Cheddi Jagan and what was then the PPP.” First, I confess that before the letters in the press came out on the Opposition Leader’s visit to Richmond Hill, I didn’t know who Dr Dolly Hassan was.

Who is preaching division and who unity?

Dear Editor, It is encouraging to see Guyanese in the mainstream and social media, expressing concern about the terrible effects of Guyana’s ethnic-political divide.

We are in serious trouble

Dear Editor, There have been expressions of concern over the apparent freedom of Mr Gates, witness in the Walter Rodney COI, while a resident of the penal system.

Dog was killing goat

Dear Editor, On Sunday, June 1, the Kaieteur News published an article captioned ‘Man shoots policeman’s dog.’ That article was completely misleading and did not give a true picture of what took place.

‘Expressions of Interest’ and the state newspaper

Dear Editor,   It is not an exceptional practice. One is therefore pleased to learn of the public enquiry into the ‘Expressions of Interest’ (and versions thereof) exclusively enjoyed by the Guyana Chronicle in particular; and the feigned unawareness of this insulation (described bluntly in other media as discrimination) of responsive and responsible officials.

No police brutality

Dear Editor, The Guyana Police Force is responding to an article published in the Guyana Times on Friday, June 13, 2014 under the heading ‘Anna Regina man accuses Policeman of brutality.’ The article dealt with the allegation that Orlando Khandai of Anna Regina Housing Scheme, Essequibo Coast, was beaten with a piece of wood by a policeman at a liquor restaurant at Cotton Field, Essequibo Coast, on Wednesday June 11.