Poor postal service at Grove

Dear Editor, Since last year September to present, our Grove Post Office on the East Bank Demerara has been having a serious problem delivering the mails and utility bills on time.

No diversions, give us local gov’t elections

Dear Editor, In relation to the current catastrophe facing our cities and municipalities across the country, and in particular the one in Georgetown, we hear and see prescriptions being applied to the sick patient that include a combination of informal recommendations and formal policy approaches by citizens, interests groups and political policy makers.

The Nigam concert and false consciousness

Dear Editor, For those who intently follow Bollywood movies and music, which might possibly be half of the native Indo-Guyanese population, the song Kal Ho Na Ho is hauntingly melodious.

A rare mother

Dear Editor, Most people tell me that my wife `do me’ (work obeah on me) because of the way I love and treat her.

These girls are being brutalized by their stepfather

Dear Editor, As far as I can recall, speaking against wrongs would sometimes get me into problems which ended up with me being assaulted and being admitted at the hospital once, charged and hauled before the Court once, making enemies and almost getting into fights.

Prosecution by police in the magistrates’ courts rife with problems

Dear Editor,   Please allow me space in your column to offer my views on a statement made by His Excellency, President Donald Ramotar on the poor rate of conviction of persons charged (SN, April 25, 2014 ‘Ramotar raps cops over poor conviction rate’) It would seem as though His Excellency is surprised at the dismal rate of conviction.

I am donating to Messrs Elvis and Griffith

Dear Editor, Having read the various news reports on the situation involving both Samuel Elvis and Alex Griffith, I am touched and concerned about the horrific circumstances that joined them in that they have suffered serious injuries at the hands of experienced police officers in circumstances that do require a full, fair and impartial investigation.

Bureau of Statistics should open its books on these dubious figures

Dear Editor,   Mr. Christopher Ram’s letter titled `Stats Bureau should be doing far more to explain questionable GDP numbers’ (SN, May 8, 2014) highlights some critical questions about the determination of important national statistical markers and information.