Tenuous assertions

Dear Editor, Abu Bakr continues to make logically tenuous and intellectually treacherous assertions on the Walter Rodney affair.

Pier’s concern about the implementation of the Interactive Radio Instruction Programme needs to be addressed

Dear Editor, In the July 4 edition of the Stabroek News, there was a letter by Mr Daniel Pier captioned: ‘Decline in NGSA maths results this year could be related to factors affecting the Interactive Radio Instruction Programme.’ In consequence of my involvement in the development of this programme to the extent that the Grade 3 Teachers’ Manuals (Terms 1-3) acknowledge me as the writer, I wish to state that Mr Pier’s concern needs to be addressed urgently, especially in the area of training of teachers to implement both the audio and post-audio components of the programme.

Break the anvil of PPP, PNC witchcraft politics

Dear Editor, Any person with an iota of common sense will agree that if you ask, request or beg someone a favour or for something they have in their possession that may be rightfully yours and he/she finds excuses on more than one occasion not to grant it, then maybe that person has no intention of yielding positively to that request.

Manickchand was misguided by her own PPP comrades

Dear Editor, At the reception held at the US Ambassador’s residence to reflect on the 238th Independence anniversary of the United States of America, the Guyana government’s message read by Minister of Education and acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Manickchand, whom this country’s youths depend on for educational guidance, was misguided by her own PPP comrades.

The assault on Vanessa Kissoon is an assault on the youth leadership of the party

Dear Editor, Over the last week I deliberately restrained myself from commenting on or seeking additional information on the Ms Vanessa Kissoon and General Secretary Oscar Clarke debacle, since I took comfort from the reassuring comments of my friend Mr Christopher Jones’s missive to me in the Stabroek News of February 15, 2014 captioned ‘The PNCR has several forums where arms of the party can vent dissatisfaction.’ Additionally, when I learnt of the incident a few hours after it occurred, my first reaction was that maybe both parties are suffering from office fatigue and as a result, tempers flared.

The people can take back their consent

Dear Editor, Government is there for a purpose. Therefore, when a government no longer serves its purpose, it is time for the citizens to make changes that will benefit them.

Much behind the Manickchand Manoeuvre

Dear Editor, As the disgust fades-like everything else-over the recent Manickchand Manoeuvre at the Independence Day reception, it is timely to examine what prompted the premeditated histrionics.

Is there a plan for Area Q, Turkeyen roads?

Dear Editor, I am a resident of Area Q, Turkeyen; a community that is contiguous to the Caricom Secretariat and located to the west of the University of Guyana access road, south of the Railway Embankment Road.

We spend half of our life waiting

Dear Editor, Elizabeth Taylor said, “It is strange that the years teach us patience; that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.” And the Bible said, “those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength.” In this country, we spend half of our life waiting.