A high stakes political drama

Dear Editor, Amidst the clashing swirls of words, there is this disinterested watching of the high stakes political drama unfolding.

GT&T’s Sasha set a standard all by herself

Dear Editor, Every time the accumulated weight of living in this society burdens the mind and causes the soul to cringe, something positive happens out of nowhere; someone steps forward and gives hope.

Was Smith an assassin?

Dear Editor, The Commissioners at the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry, and Counsel Pilgrim are arguing from the position that Sgt Gregory Smith was a “murderer,” meaning the assassin of Dr Walter Rodney.

Sending engineers to the US to study Gulf Coast defences is a waste of public funds

Dear Editor, It has been reported that four engineers from the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) are being sent by Minister Benn to the United States of America for a technical working visit to understand processes and hydro-dynamics as well as to get some cross fertilization ideas with respect to sea and river defence construction now being undertaken along the Gulf Coast by the US Army Corps of Engineers with the help of Dutch consultants.

The new Management Committee should review the housing and care of the national art collection

Dear Editor, I write in response to some of the issues which have come to the fore in the light of your reporter’s article of May 25, your editorial of May 29, and Ms Bissember’s lengthy diatribe in the letter columns (June 26) concerning my damaged paintings in the National Collection and, by extension, the critical state of the National Collection, in general.

GT&T pole threatening to fall on electric wire

Dear Editor, On Sunday, June 29, I informed GT&T via phone number 0488 that a telephone pole implanted at the corner of Fourth and Main Streets, Patentia West, is leaning and threatening to fall.

Crazy Stop signs

Dear Editor, My good friend and ex-Chief Labour Officer, Mr Mohammed Akeel, has written about the Corentyne Highway Stop signs before, but to date it appears that the powers-that-be have not taken note or are reluctant to take corrective action.

Albion did a good job hosting awards ceremony

Dear Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Albion Cricket Club for doing an excellent job in hosting its 2013 presentation of the award ceremony.