The Harding case is not an isolated one

Dear Editor, After reading the horror story about Colwyn Harding I was almost strangled by my own anger. It took a while for it to wear off, then I said to myself here we go again, the words of Barrington Braithwaite ringing aloud and deafening: “Damaged goods” in Guyana Police Force; “The system has captured unbalanced personalities and created soulless mass murders out of them… this is only the tip of the iceberg from what I have learnt about the disturbed personalities and troubled backgrounds of some members of these groups.” Editor, it is evident, palpably so, that the GPF is riddled with aggressive, unbalanced personalities.

Suicide is a major problem in Guyana

Dear Editor, One of life’s great truisms may be that happy people do not kill themselves. In Guyana our suicide rate is astronomically high and deserves attention and action, though both have been inexplicably absent from the powers that be.

Alana Seebarran should be on a stamp

Dear Editor, Whenever Guyana is represented with its Golden Arrowhead flying among world flags, it gives me great joy. One person who represented Guyana with distinction is none other than Miss Alana Seebarran, Miss India Worldwide 2012.

VAT refund has still not arrived

Dear Editor, I would first like to congratulate you on the tremendous work you are doing at your respective posts and it is my wish that nothing but continued success is granted to you and the companies you represent.

Extraordinary congress of the GFF was unconstitutional

Dear Editor, I am not one of those persons who would say it’s good that the entire executive of the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA) was suspended following an extraordinary congress called by the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) on Friday, January 17, 2014 at the GFF Secretariat in contravention of Article 27 of the constitution. 

Not in keeping with the Hippocratic Oath

Dear Editor, For five years to date, as Registrar of the University of Guyana, I have ensured that our Health Sciences graduates (medical doctors, dentists and nurses) were allowed to take their professional oaths, publicly, at the university’s convocation ceremony.

Maturity and youth were fired up for the benefit of all the residents of East La Penitence

Dear Editor, I am profoundly grateful to you for publishing a letter sent by me.  It appeared in your Thursday January 9 issue, captioned ‘There should be value for money from the clean-up groups of East La Penitence funded by the government.’ Please be informed that the letter generated much interest and abundant energy from one of the groups therein mentioned. 

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