Rice farmers polluting East Bank Essequibo roadway with mud

Dear Editor, During rice harvesting and rice land preparation times, we the residents and road users are put in a precarious situation of pollution along the East Bank Essequibo roadway, particularly from Vergenoegen to Orangestein.

Overpass height

Dear Editor. I was looking at the height notice on the Overpass by the Harbour   Bridge.

Well done Enmore GECOM staff!

Dear Editor, My observation of the manner in which submission of Candidates’ Lists and contingent documents relative to the upcoming Local Government elections were prepared and submitted to Returning Officers at three Registration Centres, forces me to conclude that our aspiring “Village Leaders” and their handlers  were terribly out of their depth.

Call me Kapong!

Dear Editor, As the indigenous peoples of Guyana are celebrating “Indigenous Heritage Month”, I believe it is most fitting to write this article about my cultural identity. 

It is paramount for us indigenous people to be grounded in our roots and to revisit our sources often

Dear Editor, The genesis of the so called western civilization which spread in the new world with the indoctrination of colonialism through conventional education to indigenous people and others, indoctrinated the masses to conceptualise us through the lens of a particular hegemony hence it labelled indigenous and other minority cultures as backward and primitive, their languages as dialects and their people as tribes.

City Hall CoI

Dear Editor, With the CoI into the management of City Hall set to begin does this signal the beginning of the end for the all powerful hierarchy of that establishment?

La Bonne Intention Estate compound remains the property of and operating Head Office of GuySuCo

Dear Editor, The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo) in response to the article in yesterday’s Stabroek News titled ‘John Dow tipped to be GuySuCo Chairman’, would like to clarify the following point in the article, ‘the LBI Estate is one of the four estates that has been put under the SPU for divestment and it is unclear why GuySuCo still claims the property’.

Some commercial banks rejecting upgraded driver’s licence as means of identification

Dear Editor, Following my previous letter regarding what seems to be a conflict between the Bank of Guyana (BOG) Supervision Guidelines and policies of some Commercial Banks on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) verification requirements for banking customers, I will further highlight the related implications on expended revenues by the State.

Authentic indigenous culture and pride

Dear Editor, An evolution is occurring in Indigenous culture that is more than ever being assimilated into mainstream culture, as we know it.

Stabroek wharf vendors have been dealt with in a high-handed manner

Dear Editor, Please permit me to inform and update citizens of the plight of vendors following the special meeting held by the city council on Monday, September  17, 2018 on the decision to relocate stall holders plying their trade at the Stabroek Market Wharf to a portion of reserve west of the Parliament Building.

Disgusted with reports on Childcare and Protection Agency

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter and trusting that it will be published in your newspaper for I am utterly disgusted with articles written on stories coming out of the Agency and this week-end was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. 

Not fair on children to be left in an institution indefinitely

Dear Editor, The Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency, Ann Greene, is correct in asserting that it is not fair on children to be left in an institution indefinitely by their parents `Distraught mom seeks to be reunited with sons adopted, taken to US’ (Sunday Stabroek September 16).

Could I ask GWI to be more customer-friendly please? 

Dear Editor,  I note that the Guyana Water Inc. (GWI) has been publishing a series of advertisements indicating that the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has approved changes in rates with effect from October 01, 2018.

Evergreen Nature Study Club is 21

Dear Editor, The Evergreen Nature Study Club was established in September 1997, Georgetown, and soon taken to Secondary and Primary Schools in other parts of the country with the aim of awakening the curiosity of the human mind emphasizing on natural science, geography, research techniques and tourism habits.

Glorious memories of the school boy stand

Dear Editor, While at Secondary School when it was cricket season we would get half days so we could go and enjoy watching the great West Indian team play at the famous Bourda Ground in Georgetown.

Serial falsifiers

Dear Editor, Guyanese do not have to watch television, or follow the tweeting flurries, or go to the expense of an American Airlines flight to the U.S.

Mayor of Linden has been a failure

Dear Editor, I read some articles about the recent APNU primaries in Linden and I wasn’t shocked to see some councillors were rejected by their constituency.

Peeing contests

Dear Editor, A perusal of the letter columns in the major newspapers indicate a majority of male letter writers.