It is the walk not talk that makes the critical difference

Dear Editor, The Caribbean Voice (TCV) notes Ms Annie Baliram’s missive captioned ‘I have advanced a fundamental hypothesis on suicide’ in Stabroek News of September 11 in response to our corrections to inaccuracies and oversights in her original letter on suicide in Guyana.

We need to move forward

Dear Editor, Guyana is a relatively young country that needs a lot of healing and reconciliation.

Holder keeps making fundamental captaincy mistakes

Dear Editor While fans around the world were thrilled to the high heavens by the Windies victory against England in the second Test match of the current tour, I join in the chorus that one tree does not a forest make.

SN should revoke metered parking report

Dear Editor, We reference your article in the Stabroek News issue of Friday, September, 8 2017 under the caption ‘Council votes 13 to 12 for metered parking with revised contract’.

We should demand we be privy to the oil and gas contract

Dear Editor, I would like to add my voice to those of many others, including Christopher Ram, Dr Troy Thomas of the Transparency Institute, the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI), and editors and columnists of our various media, calling for the immediate release of the oil and gas contract.

The umpire discharged his duty as required

Dear Editor, I refer to a letter written in your newspaper on September 8, 2017 by Robin Singh captioned ‘Umpire’s behaviour was completely misguided’.

September 11 continues to cast a dark shadow

Dear Editor, September 11 marked seventeen years since that fateful day when over two thousand persons perished following the destruction of the World Trade Center at the hands of terrorists.

We cannot escape responsibility for our future

Dear Editor, If there is anything that Guyanese have learnt over our brief post-independence period, it is that economic policies very often have a prolonged impact, and policy reversals can be extremely painful and socially destructive. 

Passage attributed to me was not mine

Dear Editor, Your reporting in yesterday’s page 15 of SN (‘New party not solution to country’s problems –Ramkarran’) quoted a passage from my Sunday column (‘A bleak prognosis?’) which it attributed to me but which was not mine and did not represent my views.

Region Two contractors not directed to project sites, paid in timely fashion

Dear Editor, This letter follows a public angry outburst by a contractor and the revelation that contractors with more than 25 million in capital projects, have not been directed to their project sites to commence work as at September 2, 2017, more than one month after the contracts have been signed.

KFC drive-through causing congestion on Eping Avenue

Dear Editor, I write to draw the attention of your readers to an active nuisance that has been created by the KFC fast food franchise outlet at Vlissengcn Road and Eping Avenue, Bel Air Park.