No charge recommended in incident with minister

Dear Editor, Relative to a press release sent out on July 09, 2018, “Incident involving a Minister of the Government, her driver and two security guards at a popular established business parking lot at Providence, East Bank Demerara”.

American world leadership has gone to the dogs

Dear Editor, The world needs leadership.  For close to a century America filled that role, sometimes wisely and admirably, other times less than thoughtfully and constructively. 

We will continue to report allegations of rape and abuse to the media with the hope they will investigate, publicize, and liaise with police

Dear Editor, On July 24th, Voices Against Violence (the collection of organizations and entities that spearhead the Annual National Anti-Violence Candlelight Vigil to mark World Suicide Prevention Day, to be held on September 9th this year) sent an email to media across Guyana, with a link to a Facebook post alleging rape by a Route #42 mini bus driver.

Ejection of city councillor by Mayor Green a troubling development

Dear Editor, The ejection of PPP/C Councillor Mr. Khame Sharma by Mayor Patricia Green at a statutory meeting of the City Council raises some important questions regarding the state of governance, not only in the City of Georgetown but the country as a whole.

Hector Broomes, Gilibeth Rodriguez to be charged with assault

Dear Editor, An online article published by Citizens’ Report on July 23, 2018 under the caption `Minister threatens Commander with dismissal after son assaults girlfriend’ was vehemently denied by the Commander, Senior Superintendent Kevin Adonis.

Name a GuySuCo board and bring this charade to an end

Dear Editor, The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) cannot help but once again express concern that the Government’s largest enterprise – the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc (GuySuCo) – has been operating without a Board of Directors for several months.

Aircraft released after documents authenticated

Dear Editor, Further to my Press Release dated July 09, 2018 `Pilots and Aircraft detained’, please be apprised that the investigation was completed and submitted for legal advice, which was obtained. 

Guyana Prize for Literature is easily fixable

Dear Editor, Considering my public position, I often find myself constrained from making public commentary on a variety of issues, particularly those concerning arts and culture. 

Perhaps it is time Minister Sharma opens his mind to the possibility there are no criminal cases of any substance

Dear Editor, Articles such as `Minister Sharma laments SOCU sloth’ in SN (2018-07-23) and, `Sharma annoyed by SOCU’s performance with forensic audits’ in GC of 2018-07-17 are the latest in about two years of weekly and sometimes daily haranguing declarations and denouncements by many members of our Cabinet and Government members in Parliament, committing to jail the members and administrators of the past PPP/C administration.

There are pervasive reports of police shakedowns

Dear Editor, Your newspaper reported  police commissioner Mr David Ramnarine as saying that there has been a `Significant drop in complaints against cops – Ramnarine’  (SN Jul 19). 

Reason for transfer flimsy

Dear Editor,  In the matter of the transferred inspector it had to be questioned if the inspector apologised why was he still transferred?

APNU+AFC vote against Labour Ministry motion will go down as day of infamy for Guyana

Dear Editor, The defeat of the Motion, by the votes of the APNU+AFC in the National Assembly on Friday 20th July, which called for the renaming of the Ministry of Social Protection to that of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection is an assault on workers who made it possible for those who today sit in the hallowed halls of Parliament.

National Resource Fund Act will be culmination of lessons learnt by resource-rich countries over the past 100 years

Dear Editor, We note with disappointment the article in the New York Times by Clifford Krauss entitled `The $20 Billion Question’ We do not wish to address the laughably simplistic and selective description of our country as a land where children go to school in canoes, the lack of historical context and the author’s deficit of understanding and sensitivity towards Guyana; nor his blanket claim that “the civil service is corrupt,” which is an insult to the majority of hardworking and honest public servants.  

Inhumane transporting of animals

Dear Editor, Once again, I am bringing to the attention of Government authorities the unforgiveable abuse to Guyana’s wildlife; as related to me by a Facebook friend.

Hypocrisy of KN

Dear Editor, Kaieteur News (KN) in its Wednesday, July 18, 2018 edition carried a letter written by Mr Baldeo Mathura captioned `An ever-present Bharrat Jagdeo is creating a headache for his critics’.

There were errors, omissions in Mr Hosein’s account of the National Gallery at 25

Dear Editor, It was a strange experience for me to read Mr. Alim Hosein’s account of ‘the National Gallery at 25’ (SN Sunday May 27), having been the primary agent, for seventeen and a half of those twenty five years, tasked with the gallery’s engagement with the Guyanese public, by virtue of my duties and responsibilities as its Director and Curator.

Recommendations to tackle crime wave

Dear Editor, A crime wave continues to engulf Guyana. With each passing day, the Government’s stagnant position becomes more lamentable.

Clogged drains at Non Pareil, no sign of NDC

Dear Editor,  reside at Non Pareil on the East Coast of Demerara and dutifully pay my rates and taxes at the beginning of each year and I would expect to receive services from the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), but unfortunately, they have not visited my area for the year 2018.

Minister Broomes has a Kellawan Lall problem

Dear Editor, The Working Peoples Alliance Overseas Associates have viewed with much discomfort the video recording of the incident involving Minister Simona Broomes and her driver in the parking lot of the New Thriving Restaurant.

Local gov’t elections allotted $1.2b

Dear Editor, The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has noted several reports in the Media that the Commission was allocated 2.9 billion dollars for the conduct of Local Government Elections.

City should mount street names

Dear Editor, Could the Mayor & City Council include in its forthcoming Anniversary celebratory programme a project for mounting signs of street names in the several areas of Greater Georgetown where streets are agonisingly unidentified?

GuySuCo’s attitude to workers is a major problem

Dear Editor, The GAWU noted the remarks of GuySuCo’s Corporate Communications Manager, Ms Audreyanna Thomas as is reported in the Guyana Times article titled `Albion Estate has 600 vacancies after 3000 workers dismissed’ which was published on July 19, 2018.