I must down the pen

Dear Editor, As I close chapters in my life including my attempts to write poems and short stories, I wish to thank my favourite newspaper, Stabroek News, for accommodating my letters including wise decisions when not to publish submissions.

American position on Venezuela border controversy instructive

Dear Editor, The Americans have spoken.  I would hope that the established pantheon of Guyanese oil patriots is listening, and that they appreciate the full import of the finely calibrated language of our formidable northern Uncle on the thorny, long unsettled, heavily menacing border controversy. 

Dastardly behaviour at press conference

Dear Editor, It is hoped that it was not the ailing President that told the head table, which included the PM cum acting President among others  to issue a statement of apology to the media for the dastardly behaviour and display at the press conference.

Noisy security service in Prashad Nagar

Dear Editor, Secure Innovations & Concepts Inc. provides 24 hours security services to oil giant ExxonMobil’s rental premises at Prashad Nagar wreaking havoc to residents of a quiet neighbourhood with noise pollution.

Neither gov’t nor opposition has all the answers

Dear Editor Now that the Local Government Elections have been completed I believe that many Guyanese are finally wising-up and recognising that the governing APNU+AFC and the opposition PPP/C do not singularly have the solutions to all of Guyana’s problems.

President Granger’s Non Hodgkin Lymphoma

Dear Editor, Since Guyanese were informed of President Granger’s diagnosis, I’ve been inundated with calls and messages to provide a better understanding of what this means.

Looking forward to improved, professional service from DPI

Dear Editor, Please allow me to begin by wishing President Granger every bit of strength he needs to overcome his illness, and it is my sincere hope that nothing I state further will cause him upset should he read the online newspapers as he undergoes treatment in Cuba.

Constituency Five candidate grateful for support

Dear Editor, Kindly allow me space in your newspaper to express my gratitude to the South Liliendaal Progressive Development Group, well wishers and the 295 persons who voted and supported me as an Independent Candidate in the just concluded Local Government Elections for Constituency 5.

No fete to be held at LBI Estate Staff Club and Pool

Dear Editor, The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo) hereby informs the members of the public that contrary to the advertisement of a pool party, fete or other such event to be held at the La Bonne Intention (LBI) Estate Staff Club and pool on the 24th November, 2018, there will be no such event held on the said 24th November at the LBI Estate Staff Club and pool.

PPP/C has done well in extending its margin of victory

Dear Editor, The results of the recent Local Government Elections have confirmed what most Guyanese already know, namely, that the PPP remains the largest and the most popular political party in the country.

Lower oil prices is welcome news

Dear Editor, Guyanese may experience a decent Christmas after all.  After the barrenness of LGE (sounds like a barge, doesn’t it), there is some partial good news in the making. 

Oil multinationals have template for avoiding legal accountability

Dear Editor, Though this may be an obvious point to the analyst community, it is important that the wider Guyanese community understand that multinational companies such as Exxon register their investment vehicles in a low-corporation tax jurisdiction and not in the country where their headquarters are situated for a specific reason; to cap their financial exposure per project.

Key indicators point to downturn in economy

Dear Editor, Since taking up office in 2015, the government has failed miserably in managing the nation’s key traditional sectors of rice, sugar, bauxite and timber.