How was the signing bonus calculated?

Dear Editor, In relation to the newest Ranger-1 well announced a few days ago, it was said in an SN article: “It has more than 230-ft of high-quality, oil bearing carbonate reservoir which is now being described as the single largest find in the (Stabroek) Block.

SN should reproduce parts of sugar industry CoI

Dear Editor, Having regard to the continuing references being made to the recommendations of the CoI into the sugar industry which is very topical again in view of the imminent widespread loss of employment of thousands of our fellow Guyanese, etc, etc, we, Mr Vibert Parvatan and I, would like to suggest that you seriously consider reproducing salient parts of the findings and recommendations of the CoI in your daily publications.

Patterson should be wary of getting Guyana involved in a gas project before many uncertainties are considered

Dear Editor, In response to a letter I wrote on natural gas development in Guyana (SN, Jan 3), Minister of Public Infrastructure (MPI), David Patterson claimed in a letter to Stabroek News on Jan 4, that I had presented a distorted perspective on the vision and use of natural gas for Guyana (‘Government engaged in studies for a gas pipeline as a means to complement use of renewable energy’).

The late Martin Boodhoo was among UG’s first batch of students

Dear Editor, On behalf of the now dormant University of Guyana Guild of Graduates, Ontario, please allow me to express deepest sympathy to the wife, children and relatives of Dr Martin Boodhoo, one of the most outstanding graduates of the University of Guyana (UG), who passed away on Christmas Day (December 25, 2017) in Manchester, England.

Region 6 purchased an obsolete bulldozer

Dear Editor, It does not bode well for Region Six when at the very first statutory meeting at the beginning of the new year the RDC council was taken by surprise by a deal which was exposed by RDC Councillor Mr Zamal Hussain.

Repairs to Stabroek Market wharf will be done by Public Infrastructure Ministry

Dear Editor, Please refer to an article which appeared in your issue of Friday, January 5, in the Business supplement captioned ‘Two years after roof collapse, Stabroek Wharf attests to City Hall’s propensity for empty promises.’ Just to be clear, the Stabroek Market wharf is a municipal facility owned and controlled by the Georgetown City Council. 

Sugar cane should be replaced with palm oil

Dear Editor, The sugar industry worldwide has seen its profitability decrease significantly. This has hampered Caribbean countries that have been heavily reliant on this commodity since the 17th century.

‘Social credit’ should be explored for the displaced sugar workers

Dear Editor, Having been a member of the Commission of Inquiry which made some specific recommendations for the sugar industry over two years ago, I have naturally been reluctant to make any public comment on the industry or its employees, or the increasing numbers of suggestions/recommendations being publicly offered by various concerned individuals and organizations.

Banks does not procure molasses from any source for the production of XM

Dear Editor, Reference is made to an article published on January 4th in Stabroek News captioned ‘DDL eying Enmore estate in bid to ensure molasses supply’ where it is reported on page 21 “Banks DIH officials said that the estate closures have no direct impact on their operations as they purchase molasses from Panama and they “are not as big on rum production as DDL.” Please be advised that Banks DIH Limited does not own or operate a distillery and does not procure molasses from any source whatsoever in the production of its world acclaimed Xtra Mature (XM rum).