Documents required when sending parcel via Post Office

Dear Editor, The Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) wishes to acknowledge Mr. Roshan Khan’s (snr.) letter published in your newspaper on May 20, 2018 and captioned, `GPOC and other institutions should get together to solve proof of address problem’.

East Coast communities without water

Dear Editor, To date, for the past 24 hours, the residents and taxpayers in the Success, Chateau Margot and LBI  communities are without water usually supplied by Guyana Water Inc.

KN articles on GuySuCo spares, pricing erroneous

Dear Editor, The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo) is disappointed that the Kaieteur News has allowed itself to be used repeatedly by forces whose motives seem to be intended  to destabilize the Corporation, bring the management into disrepute and cause irreparable damage to the business.

Agriculture Road needs urgent repairs

Dear Editor, I wrote several letters about the deplorable state of Agriculture Road last year but it seems to be falling on deaf ears and this road continues to deteriorate daily.

Gratified with service from NAREI

Dear Editor, I am most heartened by my recent visit to the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) and I compliment the Ministry of Agriculture and the institute for the excellent staff and outstanding service at this institution.

A welcome initiative by the private sector

Dear Editor, The newspaper report that the Private Sector Commission (PSC) is trying to encourage the political parties to take more nationalistic, less narrow politically motivated initiatives for the development of our country is indeed music to the ears for Guyanese who are tired of bickering and back-biting and truly want to see us working together to address the problems of our nation.

Barbados PM’s plan to withdraw from CCJ not well thought out

Dear Editor, The statement made by Barbados Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart, who is the Leader of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) that Barbados will withdraw from the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as its final court is very unfortunate. 

Road works on Mother’s Day caused major inconvenience

Dear Editor, My family and dozens of other residents of Atlantic Gardens were thoroughly harassed when they were caught up in total traffic chaos on the East Coast Demerara highway on Mother’s Day at about 9:30 am simply because the persons responsible for road works do not give two hoots about commuters’ safety and convenience.

Guyana Goldfields invested US$150m before finding an ounce of gold

Dear Editor, It seems the political backlash of a terrible contract with Exxon is now spreading its ugly head on one of Guyana’s best managed, most accountable and transparent companies that provides more revenue to the country than sugar and indeed is the largest contributor to the Government of Guyana in terms of employment, taxes paid (corporate and payroll etc) and duties. 

Questions for Minister Patterson

Dear Editor, It is the private business of the Patterson family on how they deal with their personal situation with regards to an allegation of trafficking of a controlled drug (cocaine) against one of their members.

Animals roaming in Cotton Field gov’t compound

Dear Editor, On my recent visit to the National Communications Network Inc at the Cotton Field government compound, I noticed that this place has turned into a grazing ground for animals.

The tragedy of Cricket West Indies

Dear Editor, In every endeavour, whether it is politics, business, the military, the police, the church or  the university,  except West Indies cricket, the responsibility for performance failures rests on the shoulders of management.

Ramadan programme not being aired on time

Dear Editor,  ‘CIOG Ramadan Insights’ a 30 minutes programme produced and presented by CIOG is scheduled to be aired on the television station contracted at 4 am daily during this special Month.

Region Two RDC concerned at removal of some pedestrian crossings

Dear Editor, The Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region Two calls on the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and other relevant authorities to consider restoring some Pedestrian Crossings that were removed along the Essequibo Coast Public Road.

Senior GuySuCo managers upset at unprofessional behaviour of partner

Dear Editor, Yesterday morning some Senior Managers from GuySuCo requested an urgent meeting with the Acting Chief Executive to express their growing concerns, disgust and impatience with the less than honourable manner in which the management of the Corporation is being projected in certain sections of the media, particularly on some matters.

Overtures of accommodation

Dear Editor, This was one of the more popular themes of the morning devotional talks given by Mr Eustace Wilson, the Deputy Principal of my High School.

President must bring prison lawlessness to an end

Dear Editor, The Indian Action Committee (IAC) is outraged and deeply disturbed at the photographs published in the local media recording dangerous prisoners at the New Amsterdam Prison enjoying themselves and brandishing bottles of expensive foreign liquor while appearing to smoke cigarettes and marijuana.

Let good sense prevail on judicial appointments

Dear Editor, I have been following the circus with regards to the appointment of a Chancellor and Chief Justice for this country and I can only conclude that this country is doomed if this is what passes for good governance in this blighted land.

This sudden lovefest will only hold for a time

Dear Editor, Whenever I develop a rush of blood and think that there is nothing new under the sun to learn, I am sharply reminded of the folly of my ways and that I should know better. 

Hard to find a job

Dear Editor, In the year 2016 I graduated from secondary school gaining a few subjects except for the two that are compulsory and it has been very hard for me to find a job to support myself and to continue my education.

David Granger is what is needed

Dear Editor, The more I observe President David Granger, the more tantalizing he becomes; a more intriguing portrait of his figure emerges.

A fine example of no rancour

Dear Editor, I am currently visiting Toronto where Local Government Elections are about to be held.