Uninformed international oil experts bamboozling Guyanese

Dear Editor, In Stabroek News dated November 4, 2018; Minister Winston Jordan exposed the oil experts, who were invited to Guyana via funding unknown, to pronounce on the Green Paper, Sovereign Wealth Fund/ National Resources Fund and suchlike.

Disgraceful behaviour by firemen

Dear Editor, I am so disappointed having learnt about the wholesale theft by ranks of the Guyana Fire Service of personal property belonging to the crew and passengers of the crash-landed Fly Jamaica aircraft at CJIA.

Local gov’t candidates not being given prominence at party meetings

Dear Editor, I was at a few meetings of both the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and  A Partnership for National Unity (APNU.) in Region # 2 within the Good Hope–Pomona Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC.) and I was surprised that names on the List of Candidates representing those parties at the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE)  were not announced even though a couple of those persons were at the meetings.

Windies cricketers definitely need help with mental element

Dear Editor, To me, at any rate, two of the most baffling things about the Caribbean region are  (1) the reluctance of so many countries to make the decision to complete the architecture of independence by voting for the CCJ as their top court to replace the English Privy Council, and (2) the reluctance of their cricket administrators and fans to accept the critical importance of mental preparation for  international cricket encounters.  

Remigrants also brave, courageous and patriotic

Dear Editor, “Courage [patriotism] doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage [patriotism] is that quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I’ll  try again tomorrow,” wrote Mary Anne Radmacher.

LED headlamps

Dear Editor, Occasionally, I listen to the Guyana Police Force’s Road Safety morning radio programmes on the Voice of Guyana.

Big blow to President Trump

Dear Editor, The Democratic Party has wrested control of the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections.

National Unity Monument needs restoration

Dear Editor, A commemorative symbol has been installed in front of Castellani House facing the Ministry of the Presidency to celebrate the 23rd Anniversary of the National Unity Monument on November 9th, 1995-2018.

Grenada and Antigua have voted against CCJ

Dear Editor, Both Grenada and Antigua and Barbuda on Tuesday voted in referenda against replacing the UK Privy Council with the Caribbean Court of Justice as their final court of appeal.

Govt suffered another court defeat

Dear Editor, The Government has lost another case. Reference is being made to the case where the court, last week, ruled that sugar workers must be paid their severance package.

Setting the record straight

Dear Editor, On November 1st, 2018 readers of Stabroek News were once again subjected to the ongoing diatribe of Commissioner Bibi Shadick in a letter captioned ‘Logistical details for election day look good on paper’, in which she vented her spleen on developments at the meeting of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), which took place on October 30th, 2018.

Taking over of Berbice Bridge is act of compulsory acquisition

Dear Editor, The breaking news that the government has taken possession of the Berbice River Bridge under the guise that they are acting “in the interest of public safety” must have shocked the conscience of every law-abiding citizen of this land. 

Ms Shadick’s reporting on GECOM meetings is unethical

Dear Editor, In recent times Ms Bibi Safora Shadick, one of GECOM’s Commissioners, has taken it upon herself to report weekly in the newspapers’ Letter Columns and other media, on the statutory meetings of GECOM.

Copyright is about livelihood

Dear Editor, I read the letter by Kumar Kowlessar, October 30, in Stabroek News `There are wider impacts to the proposal to implement copyright legislation’ and the Kaieteur News.

Berbice Bridge manoeuvring reeks of AFC election gimmickry

Dear Editor,   Earlier this month, Berbicians and the rest of Guyana woke up to the announcement that tolls for the Berbice Bridge would be hiked by almost 400 per cent and the effective date of the increase would be Election Day, November 12, 2018. 

Gov’t must demonstrate that BBCI was profiteering

Dear Editor, While I do not support the proposed toll increases by the Berbice Bridge Company Inc (BBCI)  with regards to the Berbice River Bridge I contend that the move by the PNCR-led APNU+AFC Government of President David Granger to take control of the Berbice Bridge is draconian.

Concerned at corporal punishment at Christ Church Secondary

Dear Editor, I am concerned after hearing of an incident at the Christ Church Secondary school last week, where a young student was beaten with a cane after the principal was told that he climbed over the school’s fence.

Diwali motorcade in Richmond Hill

Dear Editor, Richmond Hill, New York, came alive with a glittering Diwali motorcade Saturday evening that was organized by Guyanese and Trinidadian Hindus spearheaded by Latchmee Singh of East Bank Demerara.

Ministry would welcome audit of these road projects

Dear Editor, There is a saying “the eyes are useless if the mind is blind”, thus, I was not surprised to read a letter published in the Friday, November 2, 2018 edition of the Stabroek News, under the headline,`These road projects should be evaluated by Audit Office’, penned by Member of Parliament Juan Edghill.

A great editor

Dear Editor, Your editorial on the tenth anniversary of David’s death was spot on.

Good luck to all LGE contenders

Dear Editor,  I would like to take this opportunity to wish all those political parties contesting LGE on 12th November 2018 good luck in their endeavours.

Authoritarian ring

Dear Editor, That ‘shut up’ remark and to bluntly refuse to offer an apology has an authoritarian/dictatorial ring about it.

Pensioners should not have to wait long periods for pensions, public assistance

Dear Editor, Can the Ministry of Social Protection kindly advise the Old Age Pensioners both Old Age and National Insurance Scheme (NIS), also those persons who receive Public Assistance as to what time on the day when their pension is due they can report to the Post Office and other areas that same is payable?

Security provided to all mayors

Dear Editor, The City Constabulary department is responsible for securing the Council’s assets which includes security to all buildings including; Markets, Daycare, Health Centres and all other assets that are the properties of the council.