Dangerous lamp posts on Levi Dam

Dear Editor, I would appreciate if you can publish this picture so that the authorities can rectify this situation before life and property are affected.

Not happy with Region Seven REO

Dear Editor, The Regional Executive Officer, Mr. Roderick Edinboro, who was removed from Region 5 and not accepted in Region 10 was somehow sent to our region (Cuyuni/Mazaruni) to much unhappiness of our community.

Room for cost reduction at Berbice Bridge

Dear Editor, While the relevant authorities are reportedly looking at the finances of the Berbice River Bridge, I wish to humbly suggest that they also take a hard look at the potential for cost reductions in the routine operation and maintenance of the bridge.

Questions about HDM drug deal still have to be answered

Dear Editor, I wish to respond to the article in yesterday’s Stabroek News `Lawrence, PS defend drugs contract’ It would appear that the Minister and her Permanent Secretary, are seeking to exonerate themselves and have created gaps and have caused more questions to arise.

NIS invites Ismay Lake to visit office

Dear Editor, The Monday, July 16 edition of the Stabroek News published a letter captioned `Ismay Lake is seeking help in her just case for NIS survivor’s benefit’.

New era of diplomacy

Dear Editor, We are so much embroiled with our domestic politics that we sometimes lose focus on some of the bigger issues playing out at the regional and international level.

Tax matters are to be confidential

Dear Editor, The front page of yesterday’s Stabroek News features a banner headline concerning the tax affairs of Guyana Stores Ltd.

Mr Benn’s ethnic conundrum

Dear Editor, I see that we, the Guyanese people have at last found ourselves where we deserve to be – in an ethnic conundrum.

No ulterior motive in call to nationalize Berbice Bridge

Dear Editor, As a concerned Berbician and Guyanese and having noted indications in the media about the probability of a rate increase for the use of the Berbice River Bridge, I made a simple suggestion that our National Government (emphasis our National Government!) should consider “nationalizing the Berbice River Bridge” and so forestall any increase on the bridge-toll, having regard to the hardship the current toll presents and furthermore, having regard to the matter of national equality in that the Berbice Bridge toll is already 20 times the ‘national’ Demerara Bridge toll.

Structural factors must be recognised in correlation between ethnicity and occupation

Dear Editor, After reading Ralph Ramkarran’s column in the Stabroek News (SN, June 10, 2018) which attempts to explain the ethnic distribution of GECOM’s staff, I attempted to challenge his claim that the apparent correlation of ethnicity and occupation in Guyana could be explained by the historical preferences of the various ethnic groups.

Rose Hall deserves more of these lamps

Dear Editor, The Township of Rose Hall might be Guyana’s smallest township but we are without doubt one of the fastest developing areas in the county.

Severe penalties needed for smuggling contraband into jails

Dear Editor, What is happening at the Lusignan Prison? This penal institution is supposed to be a place of detention, discipline, correction and rehabilitation where prisoners are kept out of trouble, but it seems that it has become a hotbed for criminal activity, especially smuggling.

Alarmed at number of newborn deaths at GPHC

Dear Editor, I, like the rest of Guyana I hope, am alarmed by the number of newborn deaths at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GHPC) for the year 2107 and the past decade, as reported in your newspaper of 13th July 2018 article entitled “119 newborn deaths in last year at GPHC”.

In six elections PPP/C had five presidents and there was diversity

Dear Editor, Stabroek News’ ‘Politikles’ yesterday warrants a comment; first off because it seemingly conveys the view that there has not been diversity in the past choices for presidents by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C).  

A bold step by Shuman

Dear Editor, I recently wrote a letter to your newspaper which you published under the heading  `Time for the Indigenous people to shake up the status quo’ in which I called on my Amerindian brothers and sisters to form their own party so as to empower themselves and have a say in the affairs of this country.

No attempt made to reconstitute Judicial Service Commission

Dear Editor, It is common knowledge that our constitutional structure embraces the doctrine of Separation of Powers, which divides governmental functions of the State into three main branches, namely, the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary.

Nationalize Berbice Bridge

Dear Editor, Why is Berbice being so severely discriminated against? Our national government seems comfortable with building, maintaining and subsidizing the operation of a new Demerara River Bridge (reportedly, in addition to the existing Demerara River Bridge); commuters pay the paltry sum of $100 for a car to use the bridge while the same commuter, who pays the same taxes to the Government, has to pay virtually twenty times more to cross the Berbice River Bridge…..and now there are moves afoot to add insult to injury by a substantial increase in the fees to cross the Berbice Bridge.

The contention that Jagdeo is unbeatable is erroneous

Dear Editor, In an effort to maintain political objectivity I chose to write this letter sometime after the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on the issue of Presidential term limits in the Guyana Constitution, to avoid becoming a victim to the obvious sensational atmosphere that the ruling engendered.    

No more Sweet Broom tea

Dear Editor, I have noted with increasing concern the behaviour of Junior Minister Simona Broomes.

Vital infrastructure should not be in private hands

Dear Editor, Important and major infrastructural works such as roads, bridges, harbours as well as water supply and electricity generation should not, in my view,  be put in the hands of private individuals or companies.