Seawall concerns

Dear Editor, On Monday October 2, 2017 while walking with a friend on the seawall in the vicinity of the GTT cable and wireless network, we observed a fire on the northern side of the wall with the smoke crossing over the wall and the flame of the fire evident in the distance.

WPA GECOM position is betrayal of Rodney legacy

Dear Editor, The  position taken by the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) on the unilateral appointment by President Granger of a GECOM Chair is at best disappointing, and at worst a betrayal of the legacy of its founder leader, the late Dr.

Fair minded Guyanese of African descent must stand against this departure from the Carter Formula

Dear Editor,   It has not taken long for there to be the beginnings of what was to be feared consequent to our President Granger unilaterally appointing Justice James Patterson as Chairman of GECOM; contravening our Constitution in letter, in spirit and in the face of nearly twenty-five years of effective practice; jettisoning the ‘qualities’ he himself advocated to our Leader of the Opposition (LOP); and reneging on his earlier offer for the two sides to meet to discuss modalities of going forward if he again found difficulty in choosing someone from the third list provided by our LOP.

We citizens must talk to one another about a replacement for the Carter formula

Dear Editor, Charrandas Persaud, Attorney-at-law, in his letter  and  ACDA, the Pan African Group (Guyana) Branch, the All African Guyanese Association  and Concerned Citizens in the Diaspora in their letter, have given spirited and eloquent support for His Excellency David Arthur Granger, President of Guyana, in his appointment of retired Justice Patterson as the head of GECOM.

The PM’s wife visited

Dear Editor, I had a surprise visit two days ago after a long illness from the Prime Minister’s wife, Mrs Sita Nagamootoo.

Voice of ABC brings measure of comfort

Dear Editor, I would like to thank US Ambassador Perry Holloway for his statement on the impasse created by President Granger’s unilateral appointment of the chairman of GECOM.

Justice Cummings-Edwards had set a date for decision in Seafield farmers case, AG asked for additional time

Dear Editor, I refer to the news item `CJ to rule December 11 on Seafield farmers challenge’ (SN October 26th) and crave your indulgence to offer some clarification on certain issues contained therein which, as stated, seems to suggest some level of dereliction of duty on the part of the Honourable Chancellor of the Judiciary (ag) in her role as Chief Justice (ag) as she then was.

ICC should test unlimited review of DRS

Dear Editor, Someone on the Caribbean website referred to the name Ryan Hinds in what appeared to be a memorandum of failed West Indian international cricketers.

We have become blind to reason and human decency

Dear Editor, As someone who studies race, ethnicity and politics, I am aware of the insidiousness of ethno-racial feelings, particularly in relation to politics and political power.