This ad is not conducive to literacy

Dear Editor, The negative and positive effects of open and direct advertisements are well known but very often the dangers of the concealed or deceptive advertisement which carries subliminal or hidden messages go unnoticed.

Willing to serve our motherland

Dear Editor, It is gratifying to know that there are still noble sons of Guyana who are willing to serve our motherland.

The principal enemy is the victimhood syndrome

Dear Editor, Come On, People: On the Path from Victims to Victors is an absolutely inspiring and amazing book that must be read by all, irrespective of race and culture.

Pollsters must be strictly professional

Dear Editor, I was reading a letter on October 11, 2007 by the self proclaimed political pollster, Vishnu Bisram and couldn’t help drawing the conclusion that he is unable to separate his ethnic identity from his professional work.

A preview of disaster

Dear Editor, During the last two or three years, the world has been afforded a preview of the environmental collapse predicted to occur in the not so distant future.

The decline of community-based grounds

Dear Editor, I refer to the article by Mr Troy Peters in Stabroek News on Sunday September 30th 2007 captioned “Grounds zero” and wish to bring to your attention, the condition of the Uitvlugt Community Development Centre Ground and the Leonora Park ground.

Cement imports ensure a competitive price

Dear Editor, In Wednesday’s issue of SN (10/10/07), TCL Guyana Inc. implied in its Cementing Partnerships advertisement that the Government of Guyana (GoG) should re-implement the Common External Tariff (CET) with respect to cement imported to Guyana from outside of Caricom countries.

Guyana could be a leader in climate-friendly development

Dear Editor, The twin phenomena of Global Warming and Climate Change offer a unique opportunity for a developing country like Guyana to lead the way in terms of different, climate- friendly approaches to spatial and urban development.

Breed alone does not make a dog vicious, it’s the way they’re treated

Dear Editor, Please allow me to express my indignation at the incident involving a jogger and two free roaming, ferocious dogs (please note I say “dogs” because any dog regardless of breed can be ferocious and may bite); and to extend my sympathy and wish a speedy and full recovery to the injured jogger.

Stabroek News must run its business properly

Dear Editor, It is embarrassing to see that the Stabroek News will be staging a protest at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal, for the Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting on Monday.

These disciplinary procedures should not be pursued

Dear Editor, I refer to the article dated 2nd October 2007 captioned “PNCR level 11 misconduct charges against Mc Allister.” I believe this is a step to repress and stigmatize party members who are perceived not to be looking through the same eyes as Mr.

The authorities should deal with this furniture manufacturer

Dear Editor, For over one year residents of Lusignan West, East Coast, Demerara, have been writing letters about the discomfort they are going through because of the noise and dust emanating from furniture manufacturers in that area.

Promoting a horrific awareness of dangerous driving

Dear Editor, In an effort to create a horrific awareness of Road Safety, a philanthropist is about to launch competitions designed specifically for drivers of mini buses and motor cycle/scooters who constantly breach Chapter 51:02 of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act.

I acted on behalf of the council

Dear Editor, Thank you for the coverage you have so aptly given about the wanton destruction of the potable/portable water situation at Salbora, the irresponsible destruction of a main access road and the loss of millions of dollars.

The Bible is homophobic

Dear Editor, I read with great interest a letter to you by Members of SASOD-Guyana captioned “Buju Banton is an unrepentant homophobe”.

The National Gallery still leaks

Dear Editor, I am tempted to salute the response to my letter captioned “The National Gallery monitors, repairs and maintains both works and building on an ongoing basis” (07.09.21).

Flour and cheese should not be subject to VAT

Dear Editor, It was surprising to learn from a letter in the ‘Chronicle’ headed “Speaking on issues affecting all poor women”, that some food items carried VAT.

Won’t be there to cover protest

Dear Editor, I am out of the country at this time, and so would not be in place to give coverage of your public protest at the Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting.

Women have to stand up and demand respect

Dear Editor, It is so sad that Sharmillah Narine thinks it is okay for women to be called names and have horrible things said to them whilst they are walking on the streets.


Dear Editor, It is sad to see such a horrific accident on the Linden Highway causing many lost lives.

Workers must be advised on safety procedures

Dear Editor, I thank the Honourable Manzoor Nadir,Minister of Labour,for providing a response to my letter captioned “Lack of information causes accident” (KN 07.10.09).