Women’s groups should speak out for Varshnie Singh

Dear Editor, I am appalled that none of the women’s rights and child rights groups has condemned President Bharrat Jagdeo for withdrawing the vehicle of his former wife, Ms Varshnie Singh, and discriminating against children.

Electricity line detached since accident

Dear Editor, On 30th November around 07:05 am a vehicle came into contact with an electrical pole in the vicinity of Main and Fourth Streets, Patentia, West, West Bank Demerara.

This one can’t be settled

Dear Editor, Everyone in Guyana knows how the system works for the rich and politically connected as opposed to the poor and working class.

This buck stopped with Mr Hinds

Dear Editor, Over the past years or so I have had the opportunity of speaking to Mr Joseph O’Lall and of admiring his zeal and dedication to his job.

Community policing must be encouraged

Dear Editor, I wish to support and join with the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr Clement Rohee in his call for the formation of more community policing groups, since he acknowledged that there is a shortage of police officers and there will indeed be positive results in relation to crime with the input of Community Policing Groups.

The police responded to my report on my neighbours setting off firecrackers

Dear Editor, The Stabroek News editorial of November 11, 2007 captioned `Thunder King’ painted a dismal picture for both humans and animals during the upcoming Christmas Season.The newspaper’s editorial led off with “never mind peace and goodwill, this is the season of noise nuisance and danger, squibs, firecrackers and infernal “bombs”.

African Guyanese are not engaging their energies on the right issues

Dear Editor, Based on Mr. Ellis’ response in his letter captioned, “Breaking into the East Indian voting bloc is difficult because of their greater cultural cohesion”, it is clear in his mind that the PPP has done an outstanding job in ensuring continued victory.

It is sickening that male relatives frequently abuse young children

Dear Editor, As we recently observed the “Global Day for Prevention of Child Abuse” I wish to congratulate the Minister of Human Services, Ms Priya Manickchand on her effort to “Stamp it out” and save the children from the suffering of being abused.

No one is above the law, the minister should be charged

Dear Editor, I wish to refer to an article in SN 26/11/07 titled “Shooting incident involving minister settled out of court.” I am rather disappointed and perturbed at the manner in which this serious incident was dealt with by the Guyana Police Force.

This seems like a clear case of abuse

Dear Editor, In today’s Chronicle, it is reported that a 37-year-old man allegedly had “forced sex” with his daughter, who is a child.

Year end wage increases end up in businessmen’s pockets

Dear Editor, In his book The West On Trial Dr Cheddi Jagan referred to his childhood experience of visiting the exclusive manager’s compound at Christmas time when the estate manager’s wife would stand on a balcony from the manager’s mansion and throw down coins.

There should be a code of conduct for ministers

Dear Editor, Accountability is the foundation of responsible government. The Guyana Parliament on behalf of Guyanese people must have the capacity to hold ministers accountable for their behaviour and conduct as representatives of the people.

Waiting to meet the President

Dear Editor, The members and executive of the Pattensen Community development Council have been trying to have a meeting with His Excellency the President for some time without any success.

A community oriented TV station

Dear Editor, I congratulate the management of Dave’s Television Station (DTV-8) in Berbice for once again providing live coverage of New Amsterdam town day 2007, which was held over the last weekend.

No one seems to repair damaged street signs

Dear Editor, Travelling around George-town and along the coast, I had noticed a number of recently erected street signs that had been damaged or for some reason knocked down and weeks had passed and no one seemed to notice.